2 health benefits of Marijuana by 15 Marijuana consumers


Marijuana predates modern medicine for several centuries. This wonder plant provides several benefits that its users are grateful for. Marijuana has more medicinal value than some of the drugs that the FDA approves. It’s a natural remedy for various ailments. Unlike other types of medicine, this herb has never caused death. It’s one of the effective medications that doctors prefer due to its pain relief properties.

Medical marijuana is extracted from the versatile cannabis plant. It generally exists in the form of dried leaves or stems. It offers several benefits to the human body. Apart from pain relief, medical marijuana has countless other health advantages.

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Medical Marijuana Benefits

Medical Cannabis Benefits

1- Matthew Morgan

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The two biggest health benefits I’ve noticed from using cannabis are much better sleep , lower anxiety and gradual alcohol withdrawal.

  1. 1# For years I suffered from anxiety and insomnia.  I’ve tried a dozen different synthetic pharmaceuticals to try and combat my issues with not much luck and crazy side effects.
  2. 2# Cannabis has offered me a natural, non-habit forming alternative and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I don’t ever see myself not using cannabis for the remainder of my years.  I also consume much less alcohol since I started using cannabis which is a huge bonus. I would say cannabis has improved my life in many ways and I couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing plant.
Muscle Relaxant

Medical Marijuana Sleep

2- Michele Ross

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The biggest health benefits I have seen from using cannabis daily is it works as a muscle relaxant and good sleep.

  1. 1# One of the biggest health benefits I have seen from using cannabis daily is a reduction in severe muscle spasms from fibromyalgia, to the point where they were happening 10 times a day to once every two months if that. At first I was smoking cannabis, eating cannabis, and using cannabis topicals to control the spasms, but now that my muscles have recovered, I only eat cannabis edibles at night to control the muscle spasms and it works!
  2. 2# Another benefit of using cannabis edibles before I go to sleep is getting 8 hours of solid sleep where I don’t wake up 10 times a night. It’s amazing to feel refreshed when I wake up instead of a zombie.

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Cannabis Medicine

Cannabis for Mental health

3- Tom Bourlet

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Cannabis works wonders when taken before bed and also it ease the anxiety.

  1. 1# Cannabis works wonders when taken before bed, allowing me to easily drift off without any issues. It completely removes any stress from the day I’ve had and allows my mind to relax.
  2. 2# Cannabis has helped to ease any anxiety I have, whether that’s before making a presentation or handling a call with a new client.
Medical Marijuana Benefits

Cure Sleep and Hangover with Medical Marijuana

4- Victor Angelo

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2 great things I’ve experienced using marijuana is it helps with sleep issues and gives no as such hangovers

  1. 1# Sleep aid instead of pills
  2. 2# No morning after side effects or hangover.

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Medical Marijuana Strains

5- Tim Maly

The main 2 health benefits I’ve experienced from cannabis; its ability to help with depression, as well as appetite.

  1. 1# It’s not an end-all-be-all cure, but when I interact with THC I become more present in my surroundings and inner headspace. It can be quite beneficial to relax the mind, in my opinion.
  2. 2# As for my appetite, it has never been a huge problem for me. When I smoke though, I am able to really eat as much as I need to. I’d constantly be missing meals otherwise, and it literally was the munchies that forced me to get some meals in.
  1. These are not the most revolutionary traits of cannabis, but in my day to day life play a healthy role. Everyone’s relationship with the plant is unique, and there’s something beautiful to be said for that.
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Cannabis healing ability

6- Rachael Madori

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The health benefits I’ve experienced using cannabis are first and foremost it helps with my mood swings and It helps me with my creativity and focus.

  1. 1# I have Bipolar 1 Disorder which makes every day very unpredictable when it comes to my mood and capabilities to function normally in society. Cannabis has enabled me to catch episodes before they become severe and find healthy mental exercises during said episodes. In tune with his, it has made me more empathic and understanding of others emotions.
  2. 2# I’m an artist as well as a professional Sommelier in New York City and managing stress is key. The ability cannabis has to cure anxiety and keep your mind in a creative flow has drastically improved my work/life balance.

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Medical Marijuana Benefits

Mental Health with Medical Marijuana

7- David Bearman

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As you are aware the ECS is the largest neurotransmitter system in the human body and is central to homeostasis. It does regulate the immune system and modulates the speed of neurotransmission. The list of health benefits is extensive so narrowing it down to two is very difficult. The two I’d pick are:

  1. 1# Anti-anxiety and antidepressant benefits for mental health.
  2. 2# Anti-inflammatory effect for good joint health, and its use as a sleep aid.

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Weed for Mental Health

8- Ryan Paul Papke

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Two experienced benefits of Marijuana for me are it helped me with my depression and the actual joy of being happy.

  1. 1# Depression: When I was 16, my family had a house fire.  Most of our house and all items within it were destroyed.  I was so devastated. All I wanted to do was smoke weed.  I did, and never really thought of it again.  My depression was relieved.
  2. 2# Joy of Being Happy: I have received the joy of being so happy while high on weed that I actually cried.  Two times I was so elated and joyous that I was overwhelmed with benevolence that I cried happy tears.  It has been said one can have life changing spiritual experiences with the use of this herb.  I recommend the use of cannabis as a religious sacrament as long as, of course it is used responsibly and taken seriously.
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Back Pain and Mental health

9- Parker Beck

Cannabis has helped alleviate my back pain, mood swings and is a great sleep aid.

  1. 1# Cannabis has helped alleviate my back pain that I have dealt with for over 10 years. Generic medications like Advil have never quite helped and I want to avoid stronger pain killer medications.
  2. 2# 2020 has been a pretty rough year for everyone and being stuck in quarantine can do quite a number on an individuals mental health. I have found that using and consuming cannabis has helped put me in a better mood and gives me a fuller night of sleep.

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Menstrual Pain

Medical Marijuana for Pain

10- Nah Brisa

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The main benefits marijuana brought to my life was control of depression and helped me a lot with menstrual cramps by reducing my terrible pains.

  1. 1# The main benefit that marijuana brought to my life, without a doubt, was the control of depression. I come from a difficult family history, I grew up watching my mother and sister attempt their own lives and for a long time I believed that my use of the plant was purely recreational. Until I lost my sister to this disease and finally understood that, if it weren’t for cannabis and the revolution it caused in my life, most likely I would still be stuck in this cycle reproducing these same self-destructive behaviors.
  1. The ability it gives me to reevaluate and reframe the worst moments of my life as opportunities for learning and, for better or worse, part of my story. Had it not been for cannabis, today I know that perhaps I had not broken this family depressive cycle.
  1. 2# Another very positive point for me is the control of menstrual cramps. It’s amazing how many days that only a good joint is able to reduce the terrible pains that plague me and so many other women. In addition to being effective, marijuana has proven itself to be an arguably safer alternative than the infamous and not at all harmless ibuprofen in the treatment and control of colic.
  1. All of this without counting on the fundamental role that the plant has been playing in the control of negative emotions and anxiety crises that came with the coronavirus pandemic, which made some countries decree the sale of marijuana as an essential service.

And it is essential indeed!!”


CBD-infused products

11- Lauren Melnick

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Marijuana helped me with insomnia and I’ve experienced it also helped me with my acne issues.

  1. 1# I started smoking the herb about a year ago to help with my insomnia. It’s been the only thing that knocks me out and keeps me on a regular sleeping schedule.
  2. 2# Another health benefit is that it helps with my acne. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life. Since smoking and using a CBD-infused moisturiser, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my skin. My breakouts aren’t nearly as bad (I only get two a month close to my period) and my skin isn’t as oily anymore.

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Inflammation Stress

Cannabis for Health

12- Abraham Viilegas

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I think cannabis have helped people with pain relief and anxiety.

  1. 1# Cannabis provides people with two main points of relief – pain related to inflammation, and stress.
  2. 2# Many who consume cannabis for medical, wellness or recreational purposes tend to experience the benefits of pain and stress relief, even when they don’t realize it.
  1. As a result, there are an endless amount of ways to use cannabis, whether it be as a lotion, vape, flower, tablet, edible, and more.
Cannabis Mental Health


13- Chelsea Hunt-Rivera

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The major two health benefits of marijuana are it treats certain mental and neurological disorders and the other it has the ability to manage physical changes.

  1. 1# Medical Marijuana treats some neurological and mental disorders like anxiety, severe epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and PTSD. This is because Marijuana is said to be a recommendable muscle relaxant, reducing tremors, stress, and positively affecting the limbic system.
  1. Because of these advantages, the body system generally is relaxed, and improves a patient’s energy and sleep quality.
  1. 2# Another benefit, Marijuana is prescribed as treatment to manage physical changes like weight loss, diaphragm spasms, and feeling of nausea, and is used as a treatment for glaucoma, an eye defect that damages the optic nerve.
  1. It is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties that alleviates the pain of patients suffering from infections, pain and wasting syndrome associated with HIV, irritable bowel syndrome, and contributes even in lessening Cancer treatment’s side effects.

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Chronic Pain

Marijuana for Health

14- John Frigo

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Marijuana has a host of health benefits from relieving chronic pain, to treating depression, helping to regulate seizures, sleep issues, alcohol withdrawal, alleviating anxiety and ton of other benefits.

  1. 1# I use marijuana to help me sleep, to ease anxiety, and tension and pain from working out or even sitting at my desk for long periods of time and getting that tension in your neck and shoulders.
  2. 2# Another kind of ancillary benefit to marijuana is many people are replacing alcohol with marijuana in regards to what they decide to imbibe with socially. I have a number of friends and colleagues who were previously big drinkers and who switched over to marijuana as a social lubricant or what they use to relax. Marijuana doesn’t have calories like alcohol, its not bad for your liver like alcohol and it doesn’t give you a hangover.
Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Health

15- Dustin Robinson

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I’ve experienced marijuana helps as a muscle relaxant and has anti-inflammatory properties

  1. 1# Reduced muscle soreness
  2. 2# Reduced inflammation


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