20 Promising Marijuana News Blogs to Keep You Updated

20 Promising Marijuana News Blogs to Keep You Updated

Marijuana is a composite element from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant. Rich in the psychoactive THC and other cannabis components, marijuana helps to soothe several health conditions symptoms while offering a relaxing sensation to the user.
Since 1937, there have been strict restrictions on the use and distribution of cannabis within the US. The story has slightly changed for the past five decades, with different states legalizing medical marijuana. Nonetheless, the transition has encountered many contradictory information and myths that pull down the progress process.
Either way, the cannabis industry is rapidly catching up, and now, you can easily access medical marijuana, cultivate and sell it within the set regulations. While the industry is still in its baby stages, scientists and lawmakers are working hand in hand to get valid evidence on the importance of cannabis.


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Below is a list of 20 emerging cannabis blogs that would keep you updated on the latest marijuana trends.




This is a top-rated destination that helps users find more information about marijuana, cannabis strains, and products. At Leafy, you can also buy your favorite hemp product from licensed and legal suppliers… Read more


Green CulturED

The company was founded in 2012 to connect the marijuana industry with the latest eLearning solutions. Here, marijuana entrepreneurs obtain tools and strategies that empower them to become experts in growing… Read more


Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Medical Marijuana Program Connection shares the latest cannabis news, business information, strain review, and other essential data. The platform provides an advanced social network program for the marijuana community… Read more


Marijuana Business Daily

Marijuana Business Daily is a leading news information center for medical marijuana and the retail industry. The most positive aspect of the site is that they bring together different professionals to network… Read more

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Cannabis.net concentrates on connecting by offering an integrated media platform that supports the budding cannabis industry. In the process, they offer an all-inclusive platform to educate, locate, entertain,.. Read more


Real Cannabis Entrepreneur

The primary purpose of creating this platform was to offer investors, business owners, and business opportunity seekers an entry point to the cannabis industry. Before its inauguration, there were few or no guidelines… Read more



Veriheal’s primary mission is to give personalized cannabis education to different parts of the world. The team works closely with medical providers and ensures that patients receive safe, discreet, and quality care… Read more


The Joint Blog

For close to a decade, Joint Blog has been creating helpful cannabis content. Initially, they started as a non-complicated blog to assist, inform, and educate the masses about cannabis. Years down the line,.. Read more

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Stoner Days

A couple of years back, the term stoner was disregarded and avoided in public. With more cannabis information coming up, the stoner is now a common word in the cannabis world. The storyline goes way back to the 90s… Read more


Cannabis Culture

This is a magazine that talks about marijuana and hemp products and targets the audience worldwide. Cannabis Culture is recognized as an optimum source of marijuana information due to the high journalistic standards portrayed… Read more


Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis offers the highest quality cannabis seeds in Europe. From the time they opened shop more than 15 years ago, they have emerged as one of the most prestigious cannabis platforms. The head office is in Barcelona city Spain,.. Read more



Portside is a website that makes it easy for people to steer around legalized marijuana. It comes with a cannabis dispensary directory, legal information, 420 lodging information, marijuana-related events, and activities… Read more

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Your Weed Coupons

Getting the best quality of marijuana is not an easy affair as first-rated buds, seeds, or glass comes at a very high price. The high costs affect the market, even in the already legalized marijuana states like California… Read more


Marijuana World News

Here, the site seeks to provide relevant and updated marijuana news to the world. Marijuana World News takes time to compile the latest and valid news about the latest trends and reviews about medicinal marijuana… Read more


I Love Growing Marijuana

It was launched in 2012 to reach out to the audience and share more information about cannabis. The site was an instant hit, especially with people eager to find where to buy the best cannabis seeds. After that,.. Read more


National Cannabis Industry Association

NCIA was founded based on increasing the numbers of marijuana users. They promote the legitimate cannabis industry’s growth by working with a favorable social, economic, and legal environment. The platform works… Read more

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Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Dispensary is the first B2B cannabis publication that concentrates on the retail and ancillary business segment of the legal cannabis market. The site started in November 2017 as a print publication and website… Read more


Emerald Zoo

Emerald Zoo is a varied assortment of cannabis and nature experts. Each of them comes with decades of experience to develop the most talented cannabis team in the country. They share about the up-and-coming cannabis product,.. Read more



The blog is a proud cannabis advocate site that informs and educates the masses on the various benefits of using medicinal marijuana. Mary has more than 40.4 followers, a very active Twitter member, with rising numbers each… Read more



CaNNiLIVE is another online sensation that offers information about the use of cannabis for various health ailments. Some of the popular information they share is about the relief from PTSD, addictions, and pain relief… Read more

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With immense competition surrounding the cannabis industry, hordes of business people are hoping to cash in the budding market. As the world embraces digitized marketing strategies more, businesses need to adopt the latest avenues to compete with others within the industry. The industry promises a surge of business opportunities and gratifying experience from medicinal cannabis.

Blogs provide an instant way of reaching out to the market and receiving instant feedback from the audience. Additionally, they educate and inform the market on their unique selling points that may easily convert prospects to ready customers.

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