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5 Tidbits to Get Legal Medical Marijuana in NYC

For a long time, the use of marijuana in NYC {New York City} was illegal. Thankfully, this was overturned on June 19, 2014, when the state legalized marijuana for medical use, and all penalties associated with it in the past were removed. You are now considered eligible to legally use marijuana if you have a medical condition that the state has qualified to be managed by the drug.

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The article below will discuss the conditions that can be managed using marijuana. It will also consider other laws that govern the use of medical marijuana in NYC, whether or not you qualify to get the drug, and how you can access legal weed in the state. From the article, you will also get advice from some of the leading medical marijuana doctors on what you should know when getting a recommendation for the drug.

New York’S Laws on Medical Marijuana

The laws of New York on the use of medical marijuana are routinely evaluated by lawmakers so that people who can benefit from the drug can use it. For instance, in 2017, legislators added PTSD to the list of conditions that could be managed by medical marijuana. In 2018, they approved the use of medical marijuana for the management of pain and it can be used in place of opioids. Here are some tidbits on the laws governing medical marijuana in NYC:

1. Laws Regarding Methods of Consumption

Smoking weed in NYC is illegal. This is the case even if you have approval for consuming marijuana for medical reasons. The most popular options for marijuana consumption among approved patients in NYC are vaping and as oils. Edibles are not legal options for medical marijuana use in the state. Here are some of the approved forms of medical cannabis:

  • Ground Plant Preparations
  • Topicals
  • Oils for Vaporization
  • Measured Liquids for Oral Use
  • Solids like Lozenges, Tablets, and Capsules
  • Transdermal Patches


Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana treats more than 20 diseases.


2. Laws Regarding Possession of Weed

Patients in NYC are allowed to keep a one-month supply of their approved dosage of medical cannabis. Also, the healthcare practitioner that dispenses marijuana should include the information below on a patient’s certificate:

  • The method of administration.
  • Limitations on the use of cannabis products.
  • The authorized marijuana brand.
  • The approved form of cannabis.

You are not allowed to transport your medical marijuana and its products outside NYC.

3. Laws Regarding Proof of New York Residency

If you want to be part of the medical marijuana program in New York, you should prove your residency in the state. Here are the documents that can prove your NYC residency:

  • Your NYC non-driver identity card.
  • The ID number from your NYC driver’s license.
  • A copy of your government-issued ID detailing your address in New York and your name.
  • A copy of your current lease or other documents that prove your residency in New York State.

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  • Any other documents approved by DOH that contain enough information proving your residency in NYC.
  • A utility bill copy within the preceding two months that proves your residency. The bill should have your address and name.
  • A hospital or utility bill, lease, or other document permitted by the department of health for temporary residents getting treatment in NYC for a condition that qualifies for medical cannabis use.

You can go through Assembly Bill 6357 for more information on the laws governing medical marijuana in New York.

The Eligible Conditions for the Use of Medical Cannabis

If you suffer from any of the qualifying conditions for the use of medical cannabis in New York, a certified physician will issue you with a medical marijuana card. Some of the diseases for which medical cannabis can be given for New York residents include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Parkinsonism
  • Epilepsy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Arthritis

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  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Spinal cord damage associated with intractable spasticity
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Lupus
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • ALS {Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis}

Some complicating conditions for which a physician might also prescribe medical cannabis include:

  • Opioid use disorder
  • Cachexia also called wasting syndrome
  • Severe or long-standing pain
  • Persistent or debilitating muscle spasms
  • Seizures

Your Options For Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in NYC

There are two alternatives for getting a medical marijuana card for NYC residents. These include traditional and online methods. The traditional option requires you to first book an appointment with an approved doctor then have a session with him/her to assess your eligibility for the card. This means you should be prepared for the hassle of getting out of the house to visit the physician’s office and trying to beat the New York traffic. You can, however, get a medical marijuana card without going through this by simply signing up for it online. Here are tidbits on what both options involve so that you can make an informed choice on which method works best for you.



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1. The Traditional Method

With the traditional method, you might take a longer time to get your medical marijuana card compared to when you use the online option. After booking your appointment, you will go down to the doctor’s office for an evaluation of whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the drug. The evaluation often includes medical tests and interviews. If your condition is among those on the eligible list for medical cannabis, you will get your card.

2. The Online Method

With this route, you will first need a physician to certify you. The certification generally calls for you to fill a form then have a diagnostic meeting with the doctor. During your session, you can convey as much information on your condition to the physician. If he/she is satisfied that the use of medical marijuana will benefit you, you will get your prescription. The prescription heralds the start of the processing of your medical marijuana card. The online application option is the better option for those who cannot travel to a doctor’s office because of their illness. It ensures that they also can get medical marijuana to manage their condition.


After getting certified by a physician through the traditional or online method, you will also have to be registered in the medical marijuana data management system. For your registration on this system, here are the steps you can follow:

  • After certification, log into New York State website. Those without an the account should click on the ‘don’t have an account?’ icon for them to first create an ID.
  • Click on the icon labeled ‘health applications’ then on the ‘medical marijuana data management system’ button to register.

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  • Following the introduction of the Compassionate Care Act, you will now pay a $50 fee for your application. However, currently, the department is waiving this application fee for patients and caregivers because of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • You can designate a maximum of two people as your caregivers in the registration process. Once your registration is processed, your designated caregivers should follow the above steps to also register into the medical marijuana data management system.

The Issuance of Your Medical Marijuana Card

After the approval of your registration, you will wait for some time to get your card in the mail. Even so, you will get a temporary medical cannabis card through your account on After the approval of your application for a medical marijuana card, the temporary card will be available for download in your email. You can use this temporary card together with your government-issued photo ID to access medical marijuana while waiting for your actual card. You might be wondering what all the fuss about a medical marijuana card is about. Now that you have registered for it, below is the importance of getting your card:

The card will prove you are allowed to possess marijuana to manage a medical condition. Do not forget that marijuana possession is not legal in NYC. Your medical marijuana card is essential when you are carrying marijuana products so that you can prove to authorities that it is not for recreational use. Without the card, you can be charged by state authorities for the illegal possession of marijuana. The fine for possession of 25g of weed or less in NYC is $100. You can also get jailed if you are found with more than 25g of marijuana without your card. Even with the card, ensure you only possess the allowed legal limit of weed. Surpassing this amount might attract charges even if you have a medical marijuana card.


Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card


You are allowed to purchase your recommended medical cannabis product when you have your card. The products are purchased from the dispensing facilities of organizations approved by the New York authorities. Without your registry ID card and certifications, the dispensing facility will not sell you the approved medical cannabis products you need.

Renewing a Medical Marijuana Card

Your medical marijuana card is only valid for a specified period. You will need to renew it as needed for you to access the drug and enjoy its benefits. NYC has specific laws that should be followed for the renewal of your medical cannabis card. Here are tidbits on the two main steps of the renewal process.

1. Consult a Certified Medical Marijuana Physician

You will follow a similar process to that of getting a medical marijuana card the first time around when renewing your card. The process starts with the filling out of a medical marijuana form with questions about the condition you need the drug to manage. When filling out the form, ensure you have your valid NYC identification card with you.

Use telehealth video to talk to a certified medical marijuana healthcare practitioner, the best of which you will find on our site. During this call, you will discuss the specifics of your medical condition. The discussion is meant to evaluate whether or not you still need medical marijuana and its impact on your life. If you are still an ideal candidate for the medical cannabis recommendation, your card’s renewal process will move to the next step.

2. Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Once the healthcare practitioner that you have talked to qualifies you for a medical cannabis card renewal, the qualified healthcare staff on our site will help you to submit your application. The application, in this case, is sent to the New York State Department of Health that will then immediately give you a recommendation letter.

You will receive a temporary medical marijuana card within 2-3 days after getting your recommendation letter. The card is sent via email and you can download it and use it before getting your permanent card in the mail. Your recommendation letter and actual certification are normally sent within a week after your registration.

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As these tidbits have proved, the renewal process of your medical marijuana card is quite easy and something you should consider starting on right away if your card is almost expiring.


When you uphold the state laws of NYC, you can purchase and consume cannabis without fear of legal penalties, provided you have a medical marijuana card. The first step in getting your card is obtaining a prescription for the drug from a certified physician.

The physician will consider your medical condition to see if the medical cannabis will help manage it then check if it is included in the allowed conditions by the NYC state laws. If your condition is listed under the allowed ones for the use of medical marijuana, the physician will give you a prescription.

You can use the prescription to get your medical marijuana card. With the card, you can buy the required dose of cannabis from a certified dispensary. You are also allowed to carry as much marijuana as the law allows and consume the drug without a run-in with authorities.

Remember to keep an eye on the expiration date of your medical marijuana card. Renew the card before its expiry date.

Now that you know how to get a medical marijuana card as well as its essence, it is time to click here and get yours right away.

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