Accepted documents as ID for MMJ Card in NY

If you realize that your health condition requires a medical marijuana treatment, you are looking for an opportunity to consume medical cannabis legally. With MDBerry, it is easy to find the most optimal mmj solution for your state of health.

Taking simple steps with our service, you will receive your medical weed card without any problems. The essential requirement for you is to prove that you are a resident of New York.

To become a legal medical cannabis patient, you need to provide one of the following document:

  • Valid New York State ID Card or NYS Driver’s License ID number;
  • Valid Passport or Out of State ID with proof of NY residency (utility bill, lease, car or voter registration);
  • Valid Passport or Out of State ID with temporary DMV form;
  • Expired NYS ID with temporary DMV form;
  • Valid Government-issued ID;
  • Valid Resident Card for NYS;
  • Temporary DMV form with any photo ID;
  • Military Card with proof of residency.

Birth Certificates are not accepted.

Any alternative IDs to the above-mentioned list must be Government issued. 

To become a medical marijuana patient in the state of New York, you have to be its resident. Non-residents applying for a marijuana card online or in-person please call us (888) 578-6704.


  • To become a medical cannabis patient in the state of NY, you must have a valid NY ID as proof of residency. Otherwise, a passport or other photo ids, such as bank statement, utility bill, or rental agreement are acceptable;
  • It is recommended (but not required) to have medical records from the primary care physician or a referral letter for medical cannabis treatment;
  • To speak to a marijuana doctor via telehealth, please click here;
  • Get your medical marijuana certification from a licensed MMJ Doctor and become a legal medical cannabis patient in New York;
  • Purchase from any marijuana dispensary in NY state legally.