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Medical Marijuana For Arthritis

Current population samples indicate that 54 million people in the US have some form of arthritis. Pain, joint stiffness, and decreased movement are all common arthritis-related complaints. Because of the widespread discomfort, many people stop moving. In turn, this weakens the surrounding muscles and can contribute to other severe conditions like obesity and diabetes. The best treatment for arthritis is one that helps to encourage the movement of the inflamed area.

If you’re wondering, “Can medical marijuana help with arthritis pain?” the answer is yes.

Marijuana Pain Relief For Arthritis Patients

A 2017 study found that marijuana can decrease joint inflammation and can also serve as a protectant for nerve endings, suggesting that future pain can be diminished with long-term use. For this reason, many experts can agree that medical marijuana is good for arthritis pain.

A study published in the journal Rheumatology reports that the use of medical cannabis to decrease inflammation can be achieved through the activation of the body’s existing cannabinoid receptors. Because medical weed affects the body’s immune system, most advocates encourage its use for autoimmune-related conditions like arthritis.

As stated, arthritis causes inflammation of the joints. The inflamed area gets red, and it becomes a source of pain when it is moved. In an older adult with arthritis, an X-ray examination of the inflamed area will show a loss of connective tissue and cartilage within the affected joint. In many cases of advanced arthritis, joints can become malformed as the disease progresses, causing claw-like hands and swollen joints that make movement and activity even more difficult. In these advanced cases, the simple act of getting out of bed or walking to the bathroom can cause agony.

It’s essential that you understand how it helps treat the condition. It helps to put an end to the primary inflammation. It also helps to remove the pain associated with the joint. Once you’re out of pain, then you can begin to resume normal activities. Since medical cannabis is a natural relaxer, it’s easy to see how marijuana can offer pain relief for arthritis.

Arthritis pain can develop almost anywhere on the body. No matter your level of activity, you can be at risk for developing arthritis. Fortunately, it’s one of the most treatable conditions. Authorized doctors like those on our team can prescribe a medical marijuana card for people who suffer from this condition if it is approved by your state. When you’re seeking treatment for arthritis, you don’t want to pay a high price to be free from pain. Conventional therapies like opioid medications are habit-forming and can lead to other serious health conditions. This is one of the reasons why medical marijuana is such a promising treatment for arthritis.


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