9 Best CBD Oils for Vaping That Are a Must – Have in 2021!


2020 has been a tricky year with a bunch of things going on. There have been revolutions, protests, a worldwide pandemic, and crisis. And while you are looking forward to having a new start when you crossover to 2021, you should do it to the fullest.

One way to make sure you have a blast when kicking off the New Year is to try new stuff. Go out and explore or try out some of the best CBD oils recommended for vaping. And according to weed experts, these vapes are to die for.

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While vaping is an effective way to consume cannabis, hundreds of vape oils are on the market. This can make your choice harder, and you could end up with some low-quality oil. However, we have prepared a list of the best CBD oils for vaping that you can try out in 2021.

If you are new to marijuana, we have the complete guide for you. Keep reading to find out more:

What Is CBD?

There has been a rise in the circulation of CBD across the US. This is mainly due to the legalization of medical marijuana, but you might have no clear idea what it is yet.

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical extract derived from marijuana plants belonging to Sativa species. It occurs naturally in these plants. CBD has a relaxing and calming effect when consumed, unlike THC, which makes you high.

Since CBD is not a psychoactive component, you do not experience feelings of euphoria nor feel sedated.

Now, What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a cannabis extract. The oil can then be infused into other products that you can use, such as edibles, creams, capsules, and tinctures. In this case, we will be discussing the CBD oil infused into vape edibles.

The making of CBD oil involves extracting CBD from cannabis plants and diluting the extract with a carrier oil. These carrier oils can be either hemp or coconut-based.

Primarily, CBD oil is gaining traction in the medical and wellness industry for helping relieve the symptoms of certain health conditions. These include:

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing depression and anxiety
  • Alleviating cancer-related symptoms
  • Neuroprotective properties to help people with neurological disorders
  • Treating acne
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Antipsychotic effects

Some studies show that it is also good for the health of the heart.



Ways to Consume CBD


Now, let’s take a look at 9 of the best CBD oils for Vaping to come 2021:

1. Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquids

These CBD oils may not be actual bombs, but their variety of flavors will definitely blow you away. The sweet-flavored CBD oil variety is enjoyable to use.

But the best part about these CBD oils is that they’re made from pure CBD. That means there’s no trace of THC in the hemp extract used as the carrier oil. In return, they make the tastiest CBD oil there is in the market today.

Hemp Bombs comprise 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% glycol mix, which is safe because it is FDA-approved.

The unique taste and flavors in Hemp Bomb, along with high-quality content, earn it a spot among the best CBD oil for vaping you can try out in 2021.

Hemp Bomb Flavors

Hemp Bomb packs a lot of traditional flavors. The main categories include coffee, fruity, dessert, and menthol flavors. These include:

  • Roasted Colombian Coffee
  • Crushed Pineapple Paradise
  • Arctic Spearmint Blast
  • Sweet Mango Seduction
  • Whipped Marshmallow Dream

These flavors provide a pleasant way to relieve your body, making it a top selection in this category of best CBD oil for vaping. Also, if you are looking to make things more fun, you can try to mix two or more flavors and savor the goodness of Hemp Bombs.

Why Is Hemp Bomb Special?

While it packs some rich flavors to it, this is not enough to make a cut into our list of 9 of the best CBD oils for vaping. However, Hemp Bomb has other qualities that place it at the top of our list.

One major reason why you should go for the Hemp Bomb is that it is a safe option. The company attests to use of Scandinavian hemp, one of the few hemp extracts tested and rigorously treated to provide its form’s finest product.

With the strict rules applying to both the CBD and the hemp carrier-oil extraction, the vaping oil is indeed safe to use.

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Customer Reviews

Clients who bought the Hemp Bomb to try out became regular customers because of its impressive range of flavors. In fact, some have rated it as the best and premium quality CBD juices (a term referring to CBD oils for vaping). And these statuses are backed up by the high quality and potency of the Hemp Bomb CBD E-liquids.

Many customers also prefer to use Hemp Bombs because they are legal to use across many US states. The variety of flavors and therapeutic benefits you can gain from vaping Hemp Bomb are other reasons users keep falling in love with this product.

If you are worried about finding the size you need, then you are in luck. Hemp Bomb comes in different quantities, including 60 and 120ml bottles.

The dosage is available in 75, 250, 300, 1000, and 2000 to 4000mgs.


There are many reasons why you can appreciate Hemp Bomb being in the market. Some of these reasons include:

  • A wide potency range offer
  • Hemp Bomb comes in a wide range of flavors
  • The hemp base used when making Hemp Bomb is American-grown
  • The products undergo intense lab testing and research to make sure you only have safe and high-quality products
  • These CBD oils for vaping are FDA-approved, hence are safe for use
  • You can use them sublingually (by placing the oil under the tongue), or you can vape them


Despite being the best and most favored vaping oil among clients, the Hemp Bomb has a few drawbacks. These include:

  • The Hemp bombs are more expensive when compared to the traditional CBD oils.
  • There is no interaction between Hemp bombs and other cannabinoids, making it hard to mix and match.


Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquids


2. Savage CBD

Since the launch of Savage CBD, the company has dedicated its resources to offering top-quality, lab-tested, and easily accessible CBD oils at affordable prices.

They use CO2 extraction techniques, thus preserving the purity of CBD and avoiding solvent-based THC.  Savage CBD also avails their lab outcomes publicly if you wish to analyze the content of your CBD oil.

The organization is a member of the National Hemp Association, the US Hemp Roundtable, and the Hemp Industries Association.

Each assortment is carefully allocated, and they employ the natural purest and hemp-derived CBD components. Savage CBD draws satisfaction from providing commodities that promote your well-being.

Savage CBD Flavors

Satisfactorily, this is among the many reasons why Savage CBD made it to the list of best CBD oil for vaping. They have products at low prices, but they certainly have a wide range of flavors that will surely make you wish to utilize them all.

These include:

  • Fiji Melon
  • Kiwi Dragon Berry
  • Straw Nanners
  • Mango
  • Coconut
  • Orange juice
  • Frosting

The varieties do not end there; they have a flavor called Driven, which is a mixture of candied blueberry with bitter razzmatazz. Whatever you have in mind, you will probably find it from Savage CBD.

Why Is Savage CBD Special?

Savage CBD is special because of how and where they get their CBD. They use CBD recluse that is procured from typical natural – grown hemp plants.

Savage CBD produces THC-free vaping oil, so you do not have to worry about getting high.

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Consumer Reviews

The organization was formed in 2017 and began producing CBD vape oil as its primary product. Later on, they panned out with a wide spectrum of products, but their consumers have remained faithful to them due to the distinctive reputation of their CBD vape oils.

Savage CBD is straightforward with its clients and does not allow for false vows. Any disclaimers whatsoever are posted on their website to promote transparency with both their active and new clients.


Below are reasons to go for Savage CBD oils:

  • They give some nice discounts and sales all year round on their commodities
  • Savage CBD allows their clients to be 100% honest to assess their products
  • They offer free shipping in the US


Talking of transparency, below are a few shortcomings that you must know when using their products

  • They do not have a good compensation policy
  • No refunds, swaps, or returns are approved without previous approval by Savage Enterprises
  • Any open commodity cannot be refunded. Only damaged products are eligible for refunds


Savage CBD

Savage CBD uses CO2 extraction techniques.


3. Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a Colorado-based company renowned for its love and passion for CBD products. At the helm of their production is local organic hemp, from which they extract carrier oils to dilute CBD from marijuana.

In the making of their CBD oil, Pure Hemp Botanical uses a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

And as earlier mentioned, Pure Hemp Botanical uses local, organic hemp plants to make their hemp extract. The company even shares information on the requirements they have for hemp, including growth with no insecticides and pesticides.

In terms of concentration, they maintain an appropriate 500mg CBD-content.

Despite their local and organic hemp use, Pure Hemp Botanical does not go deep into testing their products to verify the quality and purity.

How Is Pure Hemp Botanical Special?

One factor that stands out from Pure Hemp Botanical is their attempt to go green, even in the production of CBD oil for vaping. They do so by discouraging the use of chemicals in the growth of hemp.

Pure Hemp Botanical also uses green packaging material, rather than using plastic bags or other plastic material.

If you enjoy the occasional feeling of euphoria when vaping, then Pure Hemp Botanical is a good choice for your CBD oil. This is because their oil has up to 0.3% THC content in them.

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Customer Reviews

Most users who bought from Pure Hemp Botanical reported an appreciation for their organic nature. This is especially in their packaging material that comprises plant-based ingredients, leaving no carbon footprint behind.

Also, the herbal essence in their CBD oil comes to life due to the use of glycerin.

Finally, Pure Hemp Botanical has a pretty easy return policy. You can exchange a dissatisfying product for another within 14 days after your purchase or delivery.


Pure Hemp Botanical must be doing something right to earn a spot among 9 of the best CBD oil for vaping. Some of their attractive features include:

  • Organic ingredients-all plant-based
  • The product is reported to be very effective
  • If you are interested in the lab testing for the product, they include a batch tool you can use to search for the results
  • They include many money-saving promotions


Well, nothing is perfect. Some of the drawbacks associated with Pure Hemp Botanical include:

  • If you live outside the US, you cannot use their products because they do not offer international shipping
  • Their lack of lab testing raises questions on the purity of hemp extracts used
  • The many flavors and options for CBD oil can be confusing to some clients


Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a Colorado-based company.


4. CBD Distillery

CBD Distillery is among America’s best and trusted oil companies. It is a famous CBD producer and has fulfilled millions of its customers’ desires. It is placed in this record of having the best there is in CBD vape oils because of the genuineness of their hemp-derived CBD commodities.

CBD distillery is also an advocate of CBD and has been steering the #CBDMOVEMENT that provides manageable access to CBD. It also trains people with the aim of breaking abstractions about CBD and its commodities.

Range of Flavors

They deliver some fruity and good flavors such as:

  • Grape
  • Strawberry-lemonade
  • Terpene/hemp flavored
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Lavender-vanilla

Special Attributes

CBD Distillery is approved by the U.S. Hemp Authority, implying that it satisfies the stringent rules scrutinizing ingredients, labeling, and Drug Administration (FDA), which earns it special characteristics.

CBD Distillery’s founding company has also been certified by toxicologists and has a membership to the National Hemp Association and the U.S Hemp Roundtable, the hemp commerce’s main grassroots company.

These industrial credentials are an obvious sign of reliance and that what you are purchasing has been assessed and approved.

Customer Reviews

CBD Distillery’s naming of its commodities certainly states what you are buying in terms of cumulative CBD content and serving size, leaving no room for doubt.

Consumers are convinced by their last rebranding. They also work on the goal of keeping up the transparent profile and eliminating the stigma surrounding marijuana in society.

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Advantages are our thing, below are some of the greatly adored advantages;

  • CBD Distillery has a self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) reputation by the FDA safety protocols
  • CBD Distillery has a broad spectrum of cheap products
  • They have high-quality commodities approved by the US Hemp Authority
  • They offer transparency in their labeling
  • Allows for the third party in each product to allow for maximum high-quality output


Some notable shortcomings of this organization are:

  • Delivery does not include military camps.
  • They give a $500 limit for which each order must conform.  i.e., for those who want to pay for larger quantities at once.
  • Their website is not easy to navigate through.
  • It is only GMP certified and not USDA.


CBD Distillery

CBD Distillery famous CBD producer.


5. Harmony CBD

If you are in the market looking for anything related to CBD, then Harmony CBD is likely to pop up in your results. They strive to increase access to CBD products to people across the US besides providing high-quality cannabinoids that restore balance to the human body.

The vast collection of products offered by Harmony CBD will restore your overall well-being and help you with symptoms of depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and complex trauma.

Harmony CBD is also renowned for its wide selection of flavors in its CBD oil. However, if you are a fan of fruity flavors in your vape, then Harmony CBD should be your company of choice.

The range of flavors offered includes strawberry, mint, mango, and lemon.

Why Is Harmony CBD Special?

A good understanding of the basic working of CBD in the human body is the driving force towards making quality and effective products. Harmony CBD understands this, and that is why they excel in the market.

Along with their products being unique and flavorful, they also target your well-being. These products have been reported to aid in alleviating symptoms of many health conditions and maintaining a healthy balance.

Since they also use OG Kush, you get to experience a touch of earthy flavors with long-lasting effects and healing properties.

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Customer Reviews

Exceptional taste, positive effects on anxiety, and full range flavor variety are what most customers recall after their interaction with Harmony CBD. And for these reasons, Harmony CBD finds itself among the top 9 manufacturers of the best CBD oil for vaping.


Harmony CBD does stand out among many companies in the CBD industry. Not only are they focused on the general well-being of their target audience, but also on providing a wide variety of products for their customers.

Other reasons why they are favored to include:

  • They have an elaborate process to verify the quality of the products they release to the market
  • Their products are pure CBD
  • Multiple products that can work together for your good
  • Harmony CBD is an American hemp-based company—it uses local hemp in the production of CBD oils
  • Finally, they offer a wide variety of flavors with excellent tastes


  • If you do not use vape products, then Harmony CBD is not the company for you


Harmony CBD

Harmony CBD products are effective for PTSD.


6. Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD appears on this list due to its unique, high-quality products. Their remarkable ability to make sure that CBD products are distinctive and well-distributed throughout the country is the reason they are among our top picks for the best CBD oil for vaping.

Ignite CBD has got the Best Potency Award for their outstanding technology used to make their vapes, i.e., the  250mg pen dispenses 1-2 mg of CBD per puff. Isn’t that commendable?

Variety of Flavors

Their flavors also earn a space in your bucket-list and include:

  • Spearmint
  • Tangerine
  • Tropical fruit
  • Lavender
  • Blood orange
  • Apple berry
  • Pink chill

Special Characteristics

The technology in use during formulation administers a more precise quantity of CBD for you.

An outstanding feature of all main hype for Ignite is that they hold both disposable and reusable vape tools.

Customer Reviews

Consumers praise the immediate impact they get after a couple of gusts. Also, there have been positive responses on the strong impact vaping CBD from Ignite has on conditions such as anxiety and stress.

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CBD ignite was not designed to disappoint. Why say so? Below are some reasons why:

  • They have high-end quality commodities
  • The products act promptly and have a long-lasting impact on your mental ailments
  • THC-free products
  • High-quality packaging and product delivery


Drawbacks that set Ignite a little back:

  • Different dosing data for specific products.
  • They have a restricted product chain.


Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD is the Best Potency Awarded company.


7. CBDfx CBD Vape Juice

CBDfx CBD Vape Juice is a company known for the production of pocket-friendly CBD oil. They are affordable and produce a good variety of flavors and quality, making them a trusted brand in the US. And if you are worried about the psychoactive effects of CBD oil, then you will be pleased to know that CBDfx CBD Vape Juice product lists non-detectable levels of THC.

In terms of lab testing, CBDfx CBD Vape Juice is invested in ensuring that they only deliver their products as advertised. They also test for their products’ potency, making it a stronghold for them because you can find CBD oil of varying concentrations from CBDfx CBD Vape Juice.

CBDfx CBD Vape Juice mixes their US-made hemp extract with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to make their CBD oil.

In terms of usage, their packaging is vape-friendly. The plastic bottle packaging comes with a narrow opening for easy pouring of the oil into the vape tank.

Flavors of CBDfx CBD Vape Juice

There are about 9 distinct flavors produced by CBDfx CBD Vape Juice. These include:

  • Blue raspberry
  • Fruity cereal
  • Rainbow candy
  • Strawberry milk
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Wild Watermelon
  • Pineapple express
  • Platinum rose and
  • OG Kush

CBDfx CBD Vape Juice beats other CBD oil producers by eliminating the tangy after-taste left in your mouth after vaping. Instead, their products are reported to leave a sweet, fruity, and juicy taste. That is why the Blue Raspberry flavored is such a favorite among consumers.

Also, the wide variety allows you to choose your flavor according to your needs.

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What Makes CBDfx CBD Vape Juice Special?

If you have thought about it, you will understand why CBDfx CBD Vape Juice made it to the best CBD oil list for vaping shortly.

  • First, they only provide CBD oil with no trace of THC, meaning you have no euphoric feelings.
  • Secondly, the company utilizes third-party labs to test their products, which increases the legitimacy of their claims to offer pure CBD products.
  • CBDfx CBD Vape Juice also offers a wide range of products that allow you to choose depending on your needs.
  • Finally, CBDfx CBD Vape Juice uses the CO2 extraction method. This means that all the terpenes found in marijuana remain effective and pure for your use.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have had an interaction with CBDfx CBD Vape Juice have reported a lot of positive feedback.

While some appreciated the variety of concentration offered, ranging from 60 to 1500mg CBD content, others were quite pleased with the packaging. CBDfx CBD Vape Juice offers both 10ml and 30ml CBD oil containers rich in CBD vape additives.

The product is also easy to use with a vape, and you get to choose the CBD content you prefer in your vaping oil.


  • CBDfx CBD Vape Juice has an incredible customer care service
  • Their vapor oils pass the cGMP certified tests
  • You get to choose the concentration of CBD you want in your oil depending on your preference
  • CBDfx CBD Vape Juice offers CBD oils that act immediately
  • They also include some quality additives that make their products among the best CBD oil in the market


Even with all the good attached to CBDfx CBD Vape Juice, it has some drawbacks. These include:

  • The step by step outline of their CBD oil production is unclear
  • They offer limited information on the type of hemp they use for their carrier oils
  • Soil tests for CBDfx CBD Vape Juice are considered irregular, meaning you have bits and pieces of information about how they grow their hemp.



CBDfx is known for pocket-friendly CBD oil.


8. CBD Vape Shot

The firm uses a unique CO2 extraction procedure in its certified labs and selects only the 100% natural GMO-free hemp plants. CBD Vape Shot retails in 2ml bottles of concentrated Cannabidiol.

  • You also get to choose the CBD concentration you want from 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg.
  • You can consider adding several drops to your vape tank or the whole 2ml bottle to 50ml of e-liquid.
  • CBD Vape Shot delivers a modest solution to those who seek a bioavailable CBD vape e-liquid

CBD Vape Shot Flavors

CBD Vape Shot has a bundle of different flavors to make the CBD occasion as satisfactory and memorable as possible. These include:

  • Menthol
  • Custard
  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Tobacco
  • Blackcurrant
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry

What Makes CBD Vape Shot Special?

CBD Vape Shot offers affordable prices. Including their discounts, you can find any product you want without denting your wallet.

Also, they have a selection of flavors, which means you get to choose whatever CBD oil you want, depending on your preference.

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Customer Review

Most customers express their satisfaction with Vape Shot due to their quick delivery services. This is their best and highly commendable feature along with the easy to use mechanism. Consumers who request their deliveries just before the holidays still obtain their commodities as they care enormously for their customers and believe in transparency.

Their response team also works diligently by handling all complaints positively to improve the customer experience.


The most commendable advantages of the CBD vape shot include:

  • A 30 second time-lapse to feel the effect
  • THC Free
  • Great flavor
  • They have creative and essential ways to help in CBD vaping consumption


  • If vaping is not your thing, don’t attempt since it can be relatively uncomfortable for beginners.


CBD Vape Shot

CBD Vape Shot uses a CO2 extraction procedure.


9. Koi CBD Vape Oil

If you have been to websites looking for the best CBD oil for vaping, then you must have come across Koi CBD Vape Oil’. Koi gets such high reviews for their CBD oil because they provide unique flavors, high-quality products, and the best of all; they use all organic and American-made hemp in their production.

Say you walk into a clinic and have no idea what to get. Well, Koi makes your process of selection easier. They use color-coding to differentiate their flavors, and if that does not work for you, you can put your palates to the test.

Even with all the unique tastes and flavors offered by Koi, you can choose to go with no flavor and get their flavorless option, which they named White Koi.

Now, how do you get Koi CBD vape oil? The answer is simple: look for your local vendor. And if you are worried that they may be fraudulent, there is no need to. Since its opening in 2015, Koi has put in place a rigorous vendor verification process. This ensures that you get your products as they were in the factory and at affordable prices.

Koi’s range of flavors include:

  • Vanilla caramel custard
  • Strawberry milkshake
  • Watermelon green apple
  • Blue raspberry dragon
  • Hemp-flavored
  • Pink lemonade
  • Tropical Popsicle

With this variety of uniquely crafted vape oil, Koi earned a top spot for having the market’s best flavors.

What Makes Koi CBD Vape Oil Special?

There are many reasons why Koi got into our list of the best CBD oil for vaping, but the most prominent one of them all is their high-quality CBD oil that you can enjoy all day long.

And unlike other companies with patchy production processes, you can easily follow through with what Koi does.

  • First, they use organic hemp, free of pesticides, and insecticides.
  • Secondly, they use a solventless extraction method, meaning that all the weed plant’s good parts remain in the extract. And since this is a major step in the production process, you can be assured that they only extract cannabidiol. That means that their products are free of any THC.
  • Finally, through the application of VG/PG blends, you can enjoy a smooth and tasty puff delivered by Koi.



Koi CBD uses organic hemp.


Customer Review

Most clients who use Koi CBD Vape Oil report favorable feedback, most of which banks on the fact that these products are purely CBD and are insecticide-free.

Also, Koi avails various CBD concentrations in its products, ranging from 100mg to 1000mgs.

The best feature included in the packaging of Koi CBD Vape Oil is the child-proof seal in the bottle. Also, Koi offers a veteran’s discount, and you can buy other CBD products from them.


Some of the reasons why Koi made it into the list include:

  • Koi offers competitive prices and discounts.
  • They also employ third party testing—which makes their data more trusted.
  • You can easily follow the production process employed by Koi, from the seed to the CBD oil in your local store.
  • Koi also offers a wide range of products, including CBD for pets.
  • Finally, Koi is a member of the California Hemp Council, US Hemp Roundtable, and Hemp Industries Association.


Despite doing so well in establishing a trustworthy position in the CBD oil market, there are some drawbacks attached to Koi. These include:

  • Limited customer service, which is only available between Monday and Friday 9 am to 5 pm
  • Their wellness shots, which contain 25mg of CBD, are relatively expensive

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Bottom Line

We all could use something good in 2021 after the year we’ve had in 2020. And the best way to do so for people using cannabis for medical reasons is to find a nice, high-quality, effective, and flavorful product to add to your list.

If you are focused on the relaxing and calming effects of weed, then the above-mentioned CBD oil for vaping is the best to try out. Whether you are a first time user or a regular, you cannot go wrong with these CBD oil brands.

However, follow a prescription and avoid overdosing as this is harmful to your health.

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