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9 Best Strains of Marijuana for Anxiety


Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health condition among US adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA. Every year, more than 40 million adults in the US experience an anxiety attack. And even with the disorder being highly treatable, only 36.9% of people dealing with anxiety get medical help.

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Patients with depression are also more likely to develop other psychiatric disorders. Therefore, you must find a solution as soon as possible.

The good news is that there are several methods proven to combat anxiety successfully. But before that, first understand what anxiety is, the symptoms, and possible treatments.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is your body’s response to stress, dangers, and unfamiliar situations. It affects the body and mind and results in uneasiness, dread, worry, and nervousness. Patients with anxiety often end up developing depression if not treated.

Anxiety manifests as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, specific phobia, separation anxiety, and major depressive disorder.

What Are Some of the Symptoms of Anxiety?

Issues of life, work, and relationships contribute considerably to anxiety-related problems. However, constant exposure to stressful conditions results in repeated anxiety episodes, resulting in feelings of fear and terror. Some of the first signs of anxiety include:

  • Having a sense of panic, doom, and impending danger
  • Heavy breathing, sweating and trembling
  • Having an increased heartbeat
  • Feeling nervous, tense, and restless
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Feeling weak and tired
  • Having a problem concentrating

How Do You Know You Have Anxiety?

Symptoms of anxiety often interfere with your daily activities. Only a licensed mental health professional can correctly diagnose anxiety. And the diagnosis should not be taken lightly, as a progressed state could result in depression and other psychiatric conditions.



Anxiety is a feeling of unease.

Treatment of Anxiety

Over time, the medical industry has made tremendous progress when treating anxiety. Today, the standard pharmaceutical drugs used in treating anxiety disorders include anti-anxiety medications, beta-blockers, and anti-depressants.

  • Anti-Anxiety Medication

These are pharmaceutical drugs that reduce the symptoms of anxiety. They help reduce the feelings of extreme worry and fear, as well as reduce panic attacks. And although they have many benefits in treating generalized anxiety disorders, they have some significant drawbacks.

For instance, when taken for a long time, you are bound to develop tolerance to these drugs. Also, you could create a dependence on these drugs.

  • Anti-Depressants

Since anxiety conditions could result in depression, you are likely to find anti-depressants as part of your prescription. These medicines help you control moods and stress, which lowers the chances of having a panic attack.

Once you are on anti-depressants, you have to consult your physician before you stop taking them, lest you experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

  • Beta-Blockers

Although these are common for treating hypertension, they also help anxiety patients who experience increased heart rate during panic attacks. Also, they help you deal with the trembling, shaking, and blushing.

However, this medication has severe effects when interacting with certain substances, such as caffeine, herbal supplements, and other over-the-counter drugs.

Other treatments include psychotherapy, among them cognitive behavioral therapy, which trains you to handle difficult situations, the way to think and react to these conditions.

However, recent research is acknowledging the effects of marijuana in the treatment of anxiety. Scientists are reporting cases where marijuana can help calm a subject down, which relieves the symptoms of anxiety.

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So, let’s find out which are the best weed strains for anxiety when using medical marijuana treatment:

  • Granddaddy Purple
  • White Widow
  • Jack Herer
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Northern Lights
  • Durban Poison
  • Cannatonic
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Master Kush

1. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant strain with about 80% Indica content. It has a fruitful taste, and its quick-growing flowers are rich in THC, and it is a favorite among many users.

This strain is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. It has an average of 17-20% THC concentration, with CBD being lower than 1%. Granddaddy Purple took the best features from its parent strains.

It has a piney undertone, which manifests as a candy, grape, and strawberry taste. Some even describe it to be peppery and herbal.


Granddaddy Purple grows both indoors and outdoors, but it thrives in areas with controlled climate conditions. That means you keep a keen eye on humidity levels, temperatures, and airflow. For this reason, it becomes a tricky strain to grow as a beginner. The strain produces compact, short plants with small intermodal spacing.

During flowering, the leaves turn purple, blueish, and orange-ish. When grown outside, you can expect to harvest in late September or early October. Indoor growers can prepare for a harvest in about 65 days.


Granddaddy Purple

Common Usages of Granddaddy Purple

Impact on Anxiety

The top reported impact of Granddaddy Purple include inducing a relaxed, euphoric, and sleepy feeling. Simply put, this strain of marijuana helps you relax completely, which leaves you in bliss.

The effect is powerful enough to make you forget about the things triggering your anxiety episodes. And for this reason, Granddaddy is considered to be among the best strain for anxiety.

If you are experiencing physical symptoms related to anxiety, such as shivering, then this strain of cannabis is the best for you. It helps alleviate both mental and physical conditions, making it suitable to battle anxiety.

2. White Widow

White Widow s a hybrid strain with 40% Indica and 60% Sativa. It originates from a cross between two landrace strains; Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica strains.

The flowers of White Widow deliver a strong, complex, and long-lasting cedar and blueberry flavor with a peppery undertone. It contains about 18.76% THC and 0.1% CBD. The effects of this marijuana strain start with an explosive buzz and a relaxing haze, which translates to a happy and euphoric feeling.

Growth of White Widow

White Widow thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. They grow into short plants with green leaves. At maturity, you notice white crystal covered buds. On average, it takes about 56-63 days for full-grown flowers to be ready for harvest.

At the end of these 63 days, your plants will be relatively rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. And since it does not need a controlled climate to grow, it makes for a perfect species to try out as a beginner marijuana farmer.

For an outdoor farmer, you can expect to start harvesting your marijuana from late September to mid-October when growing in mild temperate conditions.

Impact on Anxiety

Typically, White Widow elicits a happy, relaxed, and euphoric feeling. The THC compound helps in relieving pain and uplifting mood. Also, the cerebral effects experienced from the consumption of White Widow help combat the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

You can use White Widow if you are looking for fast relief from symptoms of anxiety. And the best part: it has a lower likelihood of developing dependence or create tolerance-related problems.

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How Does It Work?

Anxiety triggers result in a reduced level of serotonin in your body. As a result, you experience more severe symptoms and could easily breakdown. However, the cannabinoids contained in White Widow prompt the favorable production of serotonin in your body, which in turn uplifts your mood, and helps you relax and leave the anxious state.

The THC in this strain also plays a massive role in relaxing your brain, which in effect calms your nerves. This, in addition to the low risk of addiction, makes White Widow one of the best strains of marijuana to use when treating anxiety.

3. Jack Herer

This Sativa-dominant strain contains about 55% Sativa concentration. Discovered by the famous marijuana activist and author of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ Jack Herer in 1850, the Jack Herer is a cross between Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5.

Jack Herer is a marijuana strain preferred among users for improving appetite and reducing stress and anxiety. The consumption results in happy, uplifted, and creative effects.

It is also famous for its crème-brulee taste, herbal undertones (including pine, woody, and earthy), and its short flowering period.

Growth of Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a marijuana strain that grows considerably tall. Phenotype flowers in this plant develop in 50-70 days. It produces large round leaves and dense buds, which have a sticky, sugary coating.

This strain of marijuana is impressively resistant to mold and pests. It is also one of the low-maintenance strains to grow, making it the best choice to grow if you are just getting into the business.

However, this high yielding plant will require you to do things right to get an excellent harvest.

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Impact on Anxiety

Anxiety leads to tension and feeling downcast. This is where Jack Herer comes in. Using Jack Herer results in bursts of energy and creativity, along with uplifting and relaxing effects, which help alleviate anxiety symptoms.

A few puffs of Jack Herer results in a boost in cerebral activities, and you become more alert. The flow of artistic energy, euphoria, happiness, and creativity also leads to extreme pleasure, which helps you forget about your anxiety trigger.

For these reasons, Jack Herer is a preferred strain among patients dealing with concentration-deficit disorders such as ADHD, depression, chronic stress, pain, and PTSD.

4. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a marijuana strain appreciated by many patients due to its cerebral effects, which lead to uplifting vibes. Owing to its relaxing effects and rich taste, with undertones of berry, blueberry, and citrus, this strain lists among the best strains for anxiety.

Amnesia Haze is an elaborate cross between Southeast Asian, Afghani, Haze, and Hawaiian landrace strains. This Sativa-dominant strain contains about 80% Sativa, with intense earthy tones. The combination of all these flavors makes it a favorite among many users.

Growth of Amnesia Haze

The plants of Amnesia Haze borrow their height, production, and large buds from their dominant Sativa parents. These plants do well, both indoors and outdoors. The flowering period takes about 84 to 91 days, after which you can harvest large buds.

For an outdoor grower, you can expect to harvest your marijuana in mid-September or October.

However, growing Amnesia Haze is quite the task. You need to provide Mediterranean and sunny conditions, which are considerably harder to replicate, for it to grow. These plants are also sensitive to both pests and bugs, which makes it a challenge to grow them outside.


Amnesia Haze

Typical Effects of Amnesia Haze

Impact on Anxiety

Amnesia Haze is known for its powerful high buzz. A few puffs or consumption of the strain results in a smooth mellow buzz, which increases your focus and attention, uplifts your mood, and creates bursts of energy. All these factors contribute to it being one of the best marijuana strains to use when dealing with anxiety.

Amnesia Haze also causes an improvement in moods due to its intense cerebral high. From the bursts of energy you get, you can complete tasks while focusing better, and you stand to gain some benefit from this strain, either mentally or physically.

The Amnesia Haze is the perfect balance of cannabinoids. That means that besides creating a happy, euphoric, and uplifted effect in your body, it also improves your social interactions. Also, it promotes physical activities, driven with inspiration, rather than being forgetful.

All these reasons are why Amnesia Haze is a good choice for someone trying to use medical marijuana strains to combat anxiety and other mood disorders.

5. Northern Lights

Are you looking for the perfect bliss, high and relaxing feeling? If so, then Northern Lights, one of the original Indica strains, will do it for you. This pure Indica strain combines blissful and euphoric effects and fast flowering rates, making it a personal favorite among many users.

Cannabinoids found in the Northern Lights are good muscle relaxers and also calm the mind. So, if you face stressful conditions that make your mind race, this is the strain to take.

Northern lights have a taste that most people define as the combination of candy, piney, earthy, and flowery. A simple waft of the Northern Lights rewards you with an intense aroma of sweet and spicy herbal smells.

You can also feel the citrus undertones when you ingest or smoke this strain.

Growing Northern Lights

Northern Lights do well both indoors and outdoors. Since it is relatively easy to grow, it is suitable for beginners looking to start growing their own marijuana.

The plants are of average height and flower in about 45-50 days. You can harvest fully grown buds early or mid-October. Once they are fully developed, you will notice dense and resinous flowers. The leaves turn to a dark green color.

Their high resistance to bugs, pests, mold, and powdery mildew makes it a favorable choice for growing outside. Also, the Northern Lights is not sensitive to climatic change.

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Impact on Anxiety

If you are looking to uplift your moods, ease the stress and feel relaxed, or even go to sleep smoothly, then Northern Lights is one of the marijuana strains for you.

Taking this strain of marijuana leaves you relaxed and sleepy. It is also famous for inducing happiness among users, which helps you ride off your nervousness and worry resulting from anxiety symptoms.

Northern Lights have a thought-provoking effect. And since it is sedative in nature, you are advised against using it when traveling, driving, or even at work. In short, this is the best strain for anxiety and sleeping disorders to use in the evening. It will help you get through stressful situations in a calm and collected manner, thus alleviating anxiety symptoms.

6. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain that descends from the port city of Durban in South Africa. The first phenotypes of this plant were discovered in the late 1970s, and it contains about 16-21.5% THC.

Despite being a pure Sativa strain, Durban Poison produces dense and compact buds, a characteristic specific to landrace Indica strains. Besides, it also has conical and elongated leaves, a property typical Sativa strains.

The high THC levels in Durban Poison result in a happy, uplifted, and energetic feeling. Due to this reason, Durban Poison is a favored strain among anxiety patients looking to alleviate their symptoms relatively quickly.

Growth of Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a highly vegetative plant. And that being said, you must grow it in a place with enough room. So, when cultivating it in an indoor garden, take note of the spacing between the plants. Make sure you create space for the side branches.

When grown outside, that is when you let the plant reach its maximum size. And regardless of where you grow it, you need to offer enough support for the dense buds produced by Durban Poison.

Durban Poison flowers in about 14-16 weeks, which means an outdoor grower can get their harvest from mid-September to October.

If you are a beginner looking to start growing your weed to treat anxiety, then Durban Poison is an excellent strain, to begin with. It is relatively simple to cultivate and often gives high yields. Furthermore, Durban Poison is resistant to bugs, pests, mildew, and mold. Legally grow your own weed for anxiety treatment.

Impact on Anxiety

A few puffs of this citrus-undertone marijuana strain deliver a rich combination of a fruity, herbal, minty, spicy, woody, and earthy taste to your pallets. Soon, you start to experience the energizing, happy, and uplifting effects caused by the Durban Poison.

How Does It Work?

Patients dealing with anxiety are reported to have low levels of serotonin in their bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter compound found in your digestive system, blood platelets, and throughout the central nervous system. It helps maintain a stable mood, happiness, and feelings of well-being. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain communicate with the rest of the body.

Serotonin is also helpful in managing bodily actions such as ingestion, sleeping, and digestion.

The use of marijuana favorably impacts your body’s endocannabinoid system. Consumption of Durban Poison activates serotonin’s production, a neurotransmitter responsible for your moods, in the body. Once the production is of sufficient levels, you feel happy, and your spirits are elevated.

Effects of Durban Poison

Durban Poison leaves you energetic and happy. The bursts of energy you get help you get back to work, while the soothing effects help you clear your mind, relax and stay focused. If you are in an overdrive mode due to anxiety, with your mind racing through all kinds of bad scenarios, then Durban Poison is the best strain to lower your anxiousness and help you calm down.

Durban Poison has even been considered as a happy pill. This is because its use results in better moods, which in effect work to manage your anxiety.

7. Cannatonic

Cannatonic began as a perfect combination of Sativa and Indica strains, with equal amounts of CBD and THC. However, further crossbreeding resulted in a marijuana strain with a higher CBD than THC content. Now, it contains about 3-6% THC while having 6-11% CBD concentration.

This marijuana strain was developed to help in treating various conditions. For instance, due to its low THC content, it results in a more focused and calm buzz, which can treat patients with ADHD.

Cannatonic is rich in terpenes, which contribute to its unique and exceptional flavors. Terpenes such as myrcene and limonene work together to deliver the therapeutic effects that make Cannatonic one of the best strains for anxiety.



Common Usages of Cannatonic

Origin of Cannatonic

Cannatonic descends from G13 Haze and MK Ultra. However, according to the breeder Resin Seeds in Spain, Cannatonic originated from New York Diesel and Queen Mother (Reina Madre). And it takes the best properties from both parents. That is, it borrows its mind calming and numbing properties from the MK Ultra, while it derives its euphoric effects from G13 Haze.

How to Grow Cannatonic

Cannatonic is one of the best choices of marijuana strains for treating anxiety. Being a top-notch plant, it requires about 9-10 weeks for its flowering period.

However, you cannot compare its resistance to mold and mildew to strains like Durban Poison. Therefore, you need to grow it in a controlled humidity and temperature setting.

Airflow is crucial when growing Cannatonic. And with the options, it becomes easier to plant this marijuana strain indoors, where you can control the factors. However, when grown outside, the plants are usually ready for harvesting by early October.

Since this plant is susceptible to mold and mildew, you should grow it indoors. However, keep an eye on the levels of humidity and temperatures to ensure productive growth.

With all these factors considered, it is not that simple to grow Cannatonic. Hence, it is not a good strain for beginners as it can easily frustrate you.

Appearance and Taste

One look at Cannatonic and you will notice some popping green and red pistils on the plump buds. This strain is famous for its piney, earthy, citrusy, and sour flavors. And while they deliver the perfect description of tangy sweetness in your mouth, they can also be a little too much for new users.

Impact on Anxiety

Cannatonic is famous for its rugged yet relaxing effects on the body. These effects take action almost immediately after consumption. For these reasons, Cannatonic is one of the best strains for anxiety.

The CBD content induces a focused state that keeps you relaxed and feeling ok, while the low THC gives you a euphoric high. In short, Cannatonic lets you forget about your worries as you ride the high, which in effect is how you alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.

So, if you are dealing with anxiety, and you need to calm down and experience a soothing effect, Cannatonic is the best marijuana strain for you while relaxing your body and mind.

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8. Girl Scout Cookies

This Indica-dominant strain was first grown in California back in 2012. The award-winning GSC strain contains about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.

This strain is famous for its tight intermodal structure and spear-shaped leaves. GSC results in soothing and calming effects, which most anxiety patients are looking for in a marijuana plant.

GSC is a hybrid strain that originates from Durban Poison and OG Kush. Taking the best from both parents, GSC climbed to the top class marijuana strain, where you experience full-body relaxation and a cerebral high that makes you forget all about your troubles.

Growth of Girl Scout Cookies

There are different phenotypes of GSC, which have different appearances and effects. These include the Thin Mint and Platinum GSC. Both do well inside and outside. When grown outdoors, you need to expose your plants to enough sunlight, airflow, and warmth, better described as the Mediterranean climate.

When grown indoors, Girl Scout Cookies takes about 7-9 weeks to mature, while an outdoor harvest is usually ready by mid-October. It flowers moderately compared to other marijuana plants.

Growing GSC is not challenging or straightforward, per se. So, it might be a little tricky if it is the first time you are growing marijuana. Instead, you should have some experience up your sleeves before deciding to grow the Girl Scout Cookies.

When fully grown, you notice some fiery and bright purple leaves, with a layer of orange hairs.

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Chemical Composition of GSC

By crossing two famous marijuana strains, GSC packs one of the highest THC content ever recorded in cannabis. It contains about 26-28% THC, with about 1% CBD.

And as the name suggests, GSC has a reserved taste, which is almost similar to cookies. A waft of the flowers delivers a sweet and earthy aroma. As you open the green and purple-hued buds, the smell intensifies.

The taste is no different, as a puff of GSC leaves your mouth with a dessert-like taste. GSC is not only rewarding to your eyes but also a treat to your palates.

Impact on Anxiety

As mentioned before, GSC contains very high THC content. And being a combination of both Sativa and Indica strains, it delivers an uplifting and relaxing sensation that helps you deal with anxiety.

The high THC content takes you to a euphoric place. GSC encapsulates your body with very minimal effort. When taken in good measure, you will find yourself giggling with happiness soon after taking this strain.

GSC also stimulates serotonin production, which in turn uplifts your moods, helps with sleeping disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more.

9. Master Kush

Master Kush or MK is a famous Indica strain with about 80-90% Indica content. This strain grew in popularity due to its potential in treating chronic pain and inspiring creativity.

MK contains about 14-22% THC content and almost no CBD. This chemical composition results in elevated moods, happiness, euphoria, and relaxation.

Master Kush is believed to have originated from two Indica landrace strains, Hindu Kush and Skunk #1. Taking MK delivers various flavors, ranging from earthy to piney, with lemon and flowery undertones. The delightful aroma of this strain is also quite pleasant to enjoy.

Growth of Master Kush

MK thrives in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It takes an average of 8-10 weeks to flower, and you can harvest in late September or early October.

Being resistant to mold, mildew, fungi, and pests makes MK the perfect marijuana strain for beginners. This low maintenance and substantial harvest plant does well in hot, tropical-like climates.


Master Kush

Typical Effects of Master Kush

Impact on Anxiety

Of all marijuana strains recommended by marijuana doctors, MK takes the first place for treating anxiety-related disorders.

It has quite a unique combination of sedative and focus-inducing properties. i.e., while it helps you relax and forget about your worries, it also plays a role in helping you complete your daily tasks.

The first stage of the effects is an uplifting buzz that relaxes your body while keeping you active.

The cannabinoids in MK also activate serotonin production, which uplifts your moods and counteracts the symptoms of anxiety.

Since MK only induces a relaxed feeling with no blank minds, it is suitable to use when looking for inspiration. It causes mental stimulation, which is what patients dealing with anxiety disorders need.

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When you have tried traditional medicine, and nothing seems to be working for you, or you end up with some severe side-effects, you can switch up your treatment for anxiety and try one of the marijuana strains mentioned above.

And although there are over 700 strains of marijuana, we have discussed the top 9 that are the best strains for anxiety.

Besides, they do not work on anxiety alone. As mentioned, other strains will help relieve chronic pain, eating disorders, sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and attention-deficit disorders.

When making your choice, it is always vital that you consult with your doctor first. Remember, it could be a fatal mistake when you mix some traditional mediation with marijuana-based treatments.

With a medical marijuana card, you can start growing your marijuana to treat anxiety and other psychiatric disorders that could develop.

However, remember that too much of everything is poisonous. Ensure you only take a sufficient amount of marijuana to treat your anxiety, lest you suffer severe effects.

Also, do not use marijuana when driving. Wait till the effects subside before you get back on the road to avoid accidents. Look out for side effects like chronic coughing, dry eyes, and cottonmouth.

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