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New York’s Illegal Weed Market – The Black Market


Since the passing of the Compassionate Care Act in 2014 legalizing medical marijuana in New York, many people have a misconception that the illicit drug trade has lost its grip on cannabis users. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are several reasons illegal cannabis will remain a multi-billion-dollar industry in America, but the underlying cause is always money.

The rules governing whether or not someone is approved to use medical marijuana are stringent. Though many have tried to seek approval, some do not meet the minimum requirements.  There are also some who cannot afford the high prices of legal marijuana even though they are approved for a medical marijuana card. However, several dispensaries offer discounts on medical marijuana provided you have an MMJ card.

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While it is true that dispensaries cannot place a line-item charge on a customer’s receipt to cover the 7% tax levied by the states, buyers still foot the bill due to the cost associated with purchasing marijuana. In essence, the consumer is paying the tax though it may not look like it. After all, businesses must make a profit; therefore, in their minds passing the burden onto the customer makes sense.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what the reason is; many patients choose to purchase their “weed” the old-fashioned way; from the local drug dealer. Not only is black market weed is cheaper, but the marijuana user also doesn’t have to worry about limitations on the amount purchased. As long as you’re able to pay, the dealer will sell it to you.

Black Market Weed Cultivation in New York


Black Weed Market in New York

Facts about Marijuana Scandal


  • Across the nation, black market weed cultivation is still a thriving business despite the fact that more than two dozen states have legalized medical marijuana and almost a dozen extended legality to recreational cannabis for adults.
  • New York is no exception as in 2017, approximately 4,500 illegal plants were destroyed, 60 people were arrested, and 42 weapons were seized.
  • Interestingly, many of these illicit marijuana growths were not found in someone’s basement. Instead, they were located on public use lands.
  • Criminal organizations have the infrastructure to undercut legal marijuana production and still make enough of a profit for it to be worth the risks.
  • Unfortunately for the consumer, unlawful manufacturing often means products that have questionable safety concerns, not to mention the disregard of the damage they do to the environment. To say that illegal growers are less than concerned about the toxic waste discharged into our environment is an understatement.

So, what does all this mean for the citizens of New York? More taxes, of course!


The burden to pay for marijuana eradication on

  • public use lands
  • prosecution of those responsible
  • environmental clean-ups, and
  • law enforcement measures, among many others, will fall squarely on the shoulders of the taxpayers.

The cost of illegal marijuana does not just hurt the businesses that run legal production companies; they’re here to stay – it hurts the average American. Our bodies require and work best on a certain dosage of marijuana. Furthermore, the quality of marijuana sold in-state registered dispensaries is higher. A patient has to see a state-licensed marijuana doctor to be prescribed a dose.

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How is Weed Market Distributed in New York?

Many wonder how illegal weed is disbursed around the state. How does it move from the unlawful growth in the woods to the local “pushers” on the street? The answer may surprise you. The same average American who foots the bill for the eradication does the criminal’s work for them, without even knowing it in the following ways:

  • There will always be unscrupulous individuals who transport marijuana from one area to another hidden in the panels of their vehicles – especially in unsuspecting companies.
  • The ability for illegal production to quickly move from one area of the country only influences additional growths.

Again, if we look at it from a business perspective, as sales rise, so does production. It’s the law of supply and demand. Laws will become more stringent as time will pass, and marijuana legalization progresses further. However, those possessing a medical marijuana card will be protected by the law.

What Does the General Public Think About Marijuana users?


Black Weed Market in New York

Weed Scams in New York


Following are the thoughts that the general public has when thinking about marijuana and its users:

  • The demand for marijuana is at an all-time high.
  • No longer does the stigma of stoned-out pot-heads come to mind when the average person thinks about pot.
  • Many people have changed their view after learning the medicinal properties of cannabis.

What are the Weed Laws in New York?

Following are the laws and regulations that one must follow if they are consuming marijuana:

  • New York has decriminalized marijuana for medical use.
  • Medical Marijuana may only be used if diagnosed with a qualifying condition.
  • In 2018, the state allowed people suffering from opioid withdrawals to be treated with medical marijuana.
  • One cannot use another state’s MMJ card in New York.

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Although medical marijuana has been approved in other states as well as New York, on a federal level, cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 Class Drug making it illegal. This complicated issue has inspired those who promote the drug’s medicinal benefits to lobby Congress and the FDA to change the statutes. Unfortunately, even if cannabis or marijuana products are legalized nationwide, whether it be for medical use only or as a recreational drug, black market marijuana doesn’t appear to be vanishing anytime soon.

For more information regarding the Compassionate Care Act or the legal requirements to obtain a medical marijuana card, visit the state’s website at the Department of Health.

Remember, to make responsible decisions and abide by the law. Only patients with an MMJ card have the authority to receive medical marijuana treatment.

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