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Where Can We Buy Medical Marijuana Legally in New York?


New York is one of the thirty states that have revamped their laws regarding marijuana possession, consumption, and sale. Although the Federal Government still has marijuana on the list of Schedule 1 drugs that are considered illegal, it has, by default, given the states the ability to make cannabis legal for medical purposes. While some have taken this liberty one step further and made recreational use legal as well, New York has not changed those laws at this time –  although the review is currently pending. So far, residents of New York can buy Medical Marijuana legally.

If you want to buy any type of medical weed in New York, you have to become a legal marijuana user and get an official certification issued by the state as well MMJ card.

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1. What are the Weed Laws of New York?


History of Marijuana Law in New York

  • The Compassionate Care act was signed in 2014 by Governor Cuomo.
  • It was designed to regulate the manufacture, sale, and use of medical marijuana.
  • Under the law, the Department of Health was tasked to certify providers and dispensers as well as ensuring specific requirements were met.
  • At the time the bill was drafted, certain diseases and chronic conditions were determined to benefit the most from cannabis treatment.
  • Although the list was considered incomplete by many physicians and patients, thousands benefited from its passage.


Medical Marijuana

California legalized marijuana in 1996.


Conditions Qualifying for Medical Marijuana Treatment

  • The New York Department of Health is continuously studying other conditions and their response to marijuana treatment to expand the list.
  • Patients that suffer from chronic or debilitating illnesses that are not currently on the approved list should consult with their physician and the Department of Health to ensure they have the most up to date list.
  • At present, the qualifying conditions include various diseases that cause pain and significantly lower patients’ quality of life. These conditions can make you qualified for the use of medical cannabis.
  • In July 2018, medical marijuana was approved for use as a pain-relieving opioid substitute in the hopes that it would help curb the horrific impact of the opioid epidemic.
  • Once patients have received their medical marijuana card, they are eligible to purchase products from a dispensary in New York.
  • The medical professional must include specific information on the prescription, including the brand and form of marijuana to be used, the consumption method, and any other limitations the prescriber deems necessary.

Depending on the type of condition a patient has, doctors prescribe the dose of marijuana. At MDBerry, we have state-licensed doctors who are available 24/7.

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Medical Marijuana Rules and Regulations

  • In New York, patients can only purchase a thirty-day supply of their medication.
  • The law strictly prohibits patients from smoking cannabis, although access to the dried flowers that are typically used to prepare joints or smoked in bongs was not banned.
  • There are only four forms of medical use that have been approved in the state; oral (sublingual) oil drops, capsules, topicals, and vaporization.
  • Cultivating or growing marijuana for personal use is forbidden regardless if you possess a valid medical marijuana card.
  • Consumption of medical marijuana through vaporization in public places is strictly prohibited.
  • Individuals who have been prescribed cannabis should understand that driving under the influence laws will extend to them as well.
  • Operation of any vehicle or large machinery while under the influence of marijuana can result in punishment similar to DUIs involving alcohol if a patient is found violating those laws.
  • New York does not recognize MMJ cards made in other states as legal in its own – violators will be subject to both federal and state laws regarding unlawful marijuana possession or use.
Qualifying Conditions in New York

Qualifying Conditions in New York


2. Can Medical Marijuana be bought from any Dispensary?


Weed Dispensaries in New York

  • Local cannabis dispensaries registered with the New York State Department of Health are the only place where you canbuy legal marijuana in New York.
  • When the Compassionate Care Act was first passed, the law provided for only five organizations that could each operate four dispensaries throughout the state; however, the number has increased since.
  • The authorized branch must have only TCH marijuana or only CBD marijuana or a hybrid of both.

Steps Taken to Ensure Legality

  • Each dispensary is licensed for two years at a time.
  • Each dispensary is subject to reporting requirements with the Department as well as specific record-keeping policies.
  • Failure to adhere to the applicable state laws will result in termination of the business’s registration by the Commissioner.
  • The authorizing branch of the Department of Health in New York has taken measures to ensure that each registered organization can produce its own brand of medical marijuana products once prior approval has been met.
  • Pricing of products for medical marijuana use must be approved by the Commissioner – which will only be decreased for MMJ cardholders.
  • While registered organizations may decrease the price for qualified patients, they cannot increase pricing unless the Commissioner has consented.
  • Individuals are encouraged to contact the organizations directly to discuss any reduction programs offered.

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3. How to Buy Legal Marijuana Online in New York?


Medical Marijuana Legal Patients

  • To be eligible to buy weed online anduse it for medical purposes, patients must be a legal resident of New York.
  • You must be over the age of 18. However, if the patient is under 18, a parent or legal guardian can complete the application as a designated caregiver.
  • You must have one of the diseases or conditions on the approved list.
  • The physician who is being consulted must be a state-licensed and approved MMJ doctor.
  • The patient must be examined either in person or by way of telehealth technology before certifying documentation is provided.
  • Once the medical professional has provided the necessary documentation, patients must register online with the Medical Marijuana Program.
  • Patients wishing to exercise their right to obtain a medical marijuana card must pay a non-refundable application fee of $50.00.
  • If all documentation is approved and authorized, a medical marijuana card will be sent to the address provided online.



If you want to become a legal, medical cannabis user, apply for the certification at MDBerry. It takes only four simple steps to apply. No need to wait in the line for the appointment – chat with our licensed doctors online and get your certification right away:


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