Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions in California

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Both medical and recreational marijuana are now legal in the state of California. While anyone over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis without an id card, there are perks to having an MMIC such as being able to purchase medical marijuana at the ages of 18 and 19, being able to designate a caregiver to purchase medical marijuana for you if you are under 18, being exempted from taxes when purchasing medical marijuana, and better access to high CBD strains of marijuana from medical dispensaries. 

California Medical Marijuana Conditions 

There are certain medical conditions that a patient needs to have verified by a licensed physician before they can apply for an MMIC. 

Qualifying Conditions

Currently Non-Qualifying

How to Get Medical Marijuana in California 

To obtain marijuana in the state of California, the only condition is to be 21 years of age. However, many patients who use marijuana to treat chronic health conditions decide to get an MMIC for the benefits listed above. Not only does a card exempt them from paying taxes and lets younger patients legally purchase marijuana, but it also protects patients and caregivers from arrest and penalties. To buy medical marijuana in the state, you need an MMIC and then you can legally purchase it at any licensed dispensary

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Qualification in California

To get an MMIC in California, a patient must first get a letter of recommendation from a licensed physician. They can do this either in person or via a telehealth platform such as that offered at MDBerry. The physician will verify that the condition a patient is experiencing fits into the qualifications and will also find out more about the patient’s health history. If it’s determined that medical marijuana is a good treatment option, the recommendation letter will be issued. The patient then needs to apply in person at the health department in the county in which they reside. They need to bring the letter of recommendation, a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, a photo that was taken at the program office in the county, and proof of residency. 

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Are you ready to treat your qualifying condition with marijuana and want to avoid sales tax and find the best selection of medical marijuana for your needs? Get in touch with one of the MDBerry licensed physicians today to start the process.

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