Reduce Symptoms of Autism

Can Medical Marijuana Help Reduce Symptoms of Autism?


Medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms of both autism and Asperger’s disorders. These conditions adversely impact a subject’s social skills, nonverbal expressions, and unvarying behavior, and thus, can impede your quality of life.

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Medical marijuana can provide reprieve for primary symptoms of the conditions, including anxiety and tics. Read on to learn how medicinal cannabis is a potent remedy for autism/Asperger’s symptoms.

Is Medical Marijuana Beneficial in the Treatment of Autism?

According to research conducted on children struggling with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), cannabidiol oil (CBD) is a potent treatment option in the management of autism.

Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate medical marijuana may offer a solution to curbing incidences of rage outbursts, seizures along with temper tantrums associated with patients struggling with autism. Marijuana, among other cannabis derivatives like concentrates and tinctures, offers considerable promise in the management of erratic behavior. Once a subject uses medical cannabis prescriptions for the treatment of autism symptoms, the compounds induce a sense of relaxation besides boosting their concentration. Simply put, medical marijuana can be beneficial in behavioral modification and hence safeguard the health and safety of subjects struggling with autism.

Use of Medical Marijuana in the Treatment of Autism Symptoms

Aside from helping in the management of seizures, medical hemp can also resolve communication issues, as well as curb the tendency to self-harm along with sleep disorders, among other concerns.  Most subjects using prescription marijuana for the treatment of autism symptoms observe improvements at the very least, one of ASD’s main symptoms. As such, you’re likely to see favorable developments, involving repetitive behaviors, social interactions, and language. In many instances, medical marijuana will also be useful in bringing about food acceptance, rectifying sensory challenges, seizures, sleep, and feeding concerns—starkly evident in subjects.


Autism Causes and Risk Factors

Autism Causes and Risk Factors


Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis for Autism

A subject should be mindful of their health when taking medical cannabis for autism. It’d, therefore, be best to avoid smoking it. Since there are numerous ways you can take cannabis, let’s look at some excellent alternatives:

  • Vaping–this mode of intake delivers almost instantaneous outcomes while also protecting your lungs from the hard impacts of smoking
  • Sprays—marijuana sprays come in a range of flavors and easy-to-carry packages

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  • Tinctures—most of these alcohol-based extracts avail many possibilities, including blending with smoothies, other beverages, and food
  • Juices—prepare your fruit juice and add raw pot leaves into the mix—drink this wherever and whenever convenient
  • Edibles—cook or bake your edibles, including cupcakes and brownies. Regardless of your surroundings, these treats are always discrete to eat

Each method described above can be beneficial to a subject focusing on health concerns. Besides eliminating smoke, these methods enable an individual to try out different approaches of taking medical marijuana so they can settle on the ideal way for them.


Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis for Autism

Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis for Autism


Best Marijuana Strains for Autism

You’re likely to come across several marijuana strains for autism available in cannabis dispensaries—each with unique qualities. To help you settle on what fits best for you, reach out to a well-versed bud-tender or your medical cannabis physician. Even so, here’s some basic information.

1. Use of Marijuana in the Treatment of Seizures

Seizures are perhaps one of the most worrying concerns of autism. As an alternative form of medication, these medical marijuana strains may be beneficial to your condition. 

  • Grapefruit Kush: this hybrid strain blends the attributes of Grapefruit and the potency of BC Kush. As a result, this marijuana form has a distinctive fruity taste packed with the ability to treat seizures and manage muscle spasms.
  • Black bubba: as an Indica strain, this form comprises of both Black Russian and Bubba Kush. It blends fruit and pine notes and should be consumed in the evening before you settle down to rest. Black Bubba combines relaxation with a sedative effect.

2. Marijuana for Relaxation and Boosting Communication

In the context of an autism spectrum, a subject is likely to experience communication challenges alongside an inability to relax. Fortunately, the following marijuana strains can offer relief for such concerns.

  • Chocolope: this Sativa dominant strain has an energizing effect that uplifts and induces bliss. Start with a relatively small dosage to gauge the reaction since this strain can, in some instances, cause anxiety. But in most cases, this marijuana form provides symptom relief, mostly when you use it correctly.

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  • Blue Dream: this strain list among the most popular marijuana forms in the world. Because it offers a smooth, blended experience, it’s excellent for day time use. After taking this strain, it elicits a feeling of relaxation, creativity, and happiness. 

In a nutshell, medical marijuana is beneficial in the treatment of autism symptoms, more so when you feel traditional medications aren’t working for you.

Getting Medical Cannabis for Autism

If you need medical marijuana for an autistic condition, the first step entails talking to your physician to obtain a recommendation. Next, you need to establish if your state laws permit the use of marijuana for the treatment of autism symptoms. At MDBerry, we will link you to a certified marijuana doctor to help diagnose your condition as well as assist you in applying for a medical marijuana card to facilitate treatment. Take the next step, and regain control of your health. Call us at +1(844) 939-1267 today!

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