Cannabis cancer treatment

The Cancer Healing Properties of Cannabis


The Cannabis Sativa plant grows wild in tropical and warm climates. It is also cultivated commercially across the globe for its medicinal properties as well as for some recreational purposes. The plant goes by a number of names, including pot, grass, marijuana, hash, hemp, hash, and dozens of other names.

Marijuana is the name most people know this product, but scientists have identified its biological components, which are called cannabis. The cannabinoids are best studied as two chemicals called THC and CBD. These different compounds found in marijuana will have different reactions to the human body.

THC is able to cause a ‘high’ and is known to help relieve nausea, pain, reduce inflammation, and acts as an antioxidant. CBD is found to treat seizures, reduces paranoia and anxiety, and will counteract the ‘high’ caused by THC.



How Cannabis Affects Cancer Treatment Symptoms


Cannabis for cancer

Cannabis and cancer


Medical cannabis is proving to ease some of the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatments. Cannabis can offer cancer patients:

  • Ease vomiting and nausea- Studies show cannabis is able to ease the side effects suffered by chemotherapy patients. The FDA has approved human-made cannabinoids, such as Syndros, Cesamet, and Marinol, to treat symptoms as well. Chemotherapy is a widely used treatment against cancer, but it comes with severe side effects. Nausea and vomiting are two of the main ones, which cannabis can help you control.
  • Pain relief- When smoked, cannabis can ease the pain related to cancer. It binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain along with other parts of your body. Cannabis will ease inflammation, which can also reduce your pain levels.
  • Nerve pain- Neuropathy, is what occurs as numbness, pain, or weakness when nerve damage occurs during chemotherapy treatments. Cannabis has been reported to help this type of nerve pain.
  • Weight loss or appetite loss– The FDA approved Dronabinol, which has shown to help people suffering appetite or weight loss in AIDS patients. It is also showing effective for cancer patients experiencing these same symptoms.

Is Cannabis a Safe Treatment for Cancer Symptoms?

Cannabis is now considered legal for medical uses in the U.S.; however, many healthcare providers have not gone through education to prescribe it. There is also little standardization with cannabis. If you go to the counter in a pharmacy to buy a pain reliever, you know what you’re getting. But cannabis has many strains, and they are not regulated, therefore vary from dispensary to dispensary.

Without standardization, you want to make sure you use a reliable provider, such as MD Berry. But even though standardization is not in place, cannabis has many positive effects. It is a safe product as severe or adverse outcomes are almost non-existent. Strains of cannabis will also vary in their potency and specific effects, so a qualified physician with education on cannabis benefits should be consulted.


Cannabis safety

Cannabis and its safety


Cannabis will safely ease your loss of appetite, pain, insomnia, and nausea. It is one drug rather than several than can also help you with any nerve pain you are experiencing.



How Cannabis Works with Cancer Treatment Symptoms

It will be challenging to research success stories on how well cannabis works with cancer treatment symptoms. This product has a long history of prohibition, and studies pertaining to its use are limited. Studies regarding its use in cancer treatment symptoms are small or have been done on animals.

You should not discount cannabis for working against cancer treatment symptoms. It is perhaps not a cure-all, but it has the potential to work against a number of unrelated ailments. One clinical medicine and oncologist professor in San Francisco states the effectiveness of cannabis is evident as humans have cannabinoid receptors throughout their bodies.

Recently a group of scientists did release a report showing THC and other cannabinoids are showing evidence of killing certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Their report also showed it slowed down the growth of specific cancer cells in their laboratory tests.

Another belief found through recent studies is the CBD will latch onto the CB2 receptors found in your immune system. The CBD then tells these receptors if there are invaders in your body, such as cancer cells. Once the CBD binds with the CB2 receptor, it helps your endocannabinoid system to signal an antitumorigenic warning. This warning results in inhibiting the reproduction of cancer cells, tumor development, or metastasis.

There have been a few clinical studies on how cannabinoids treat cancer in humans, and more are planned. While cannabis is showing, it works to relieve cancer treatment symptoms; it is still not a proven fact to cure or control cancer.

If you know someone is suffering from cancer treatment symptoms or you are suffering, contact MDBerry. Our licensed physicians are dedicated to helping those who qualify to find the relief they deserve.



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