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5 Ways of How Cannabis Improves Women’s Health


As a woman, your health plays a risk card in every stage of your life.


You naturally give you up to care for others, including your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, with this trend, female health issues surge while others are mother nature induced as you will read later below. Treating some of them is a pain and expensive leave alone, many not relating.

However, recent studies indicate Cannabidiol or CBD in cannabis might be the fairy godmother to some of these pains. This non-psychoactive compound has shown positive health benefits in women.

While it will not treat the condition entirely, it gives you the extra support to get you back on your feet, feeling energetic while you flaunt the beautiful you.

With that in mind, please read on and discover how cannabis will help you manage and improve your health.

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Alleviating PMS

Mother Nature gave women menstruation with no return address. However, the anecdotal evidence suggests cannabis oil might be the future ticket for a pain-free cycle. Cannabis and your reproductive system have an interesting and special relationship.

How does  Medical Marijuana relieve from Period Pain?

The chemical compound provides unmatched pain relief. Your body contains cannabinoid receptors and those in your reproductive tract are highly susceptible to soothing cannabis effects.

All the symptoms associated with menstruation, for example, muscle pains, headaches, and the ever-annoying bloating have found their match in the increased production of CBD products.

Some women experience excruciating pain which painkillers never beat. Fortunately, products such as CBD suppositories and CBD topical creams are recommended when on your cycle. They directly target ovarian pain with concentrated relief than a typical aspirin would.

Other conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome are manageable with CBD. Your daily routines are normalized thanks to the cannabinoid in CBD regulating your receptors in the reproductive system quietly in the background.


Medical Marijuana Women

PMS and its Effect on Women


Hormonal Balancing

While hormonal imbalance is beyond you as a woman, let’s agree it shoots up unceremoniously making you a reactive bag of emotions depending on the situation. Your endocannabinoid system, with the help of CBD, produces or stops the endocannabinoids it requires to maintain homeostasis in your body.

For example, low levels of estrogen production cause slow calories burn regardless of a good workout routine or healthy eating habits, especially in the menopausal years, where you feel frustrated and insecure.

However, cannabis has proven to work on genes directly associated with your metabolism and hormone production. See how easy it is to lose weight while feeling good about yourself with cannabis?

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Anti-Inflammatory Aid

When in pain, your body signals your brain to produce inflammatory responses to decrease the discomfort. But using cannabis calms your muscles. Its anti-inflammatory properties in the cannabidiol cause you to relax the tightest muscles releasing pain and tension.

Your body undergoes extreme changes at all times from menses, childbirth, menopause and so much more. A little dose of CBD might be what the doctor ordered to deal with all these severe changes which at times compromise your health. So go on and relax that body with some cannabidiol, right? Sounds safer and cheaper than all pharmaceutical drugs combined.

Let it Glow

Your skin plays a significant role in your overall appearance and confidence. Taking care of it is important, and CBD infused products in the market will do that for you. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in cannabis combat skin redness, swelling, and dryness.

Some studies have shown CBD reduces sebum production, and you know how when it’s in high amounts acne bacteria and blackheads can find a home on your face.

Add some in your routine care and enjoy smooth and supple skin in a good mood.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for PMS


Awesome Aphrodisiac

Society puts a high benchmark on beauty and body type. With these unrealistic expectations, your bedroom affairs are affected, putting a strain in your relationship. However, a joint can release the feel-good hormones making you feel awesome.

Weed and sex are a match made in heaven. CBD reduces anxiety and increases your libido, especially in women. Besides, cannabis-infused lubricants work wonders during sex.

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In Conclusion

Anything above 0.3 percent THC is considered cannabis and not hemp making it illegal in states with restrictions on medical or recreational use of cannabis. If you have chronic health disease or experience any of the above, your overall productivity is negatively impacted, affecting the quality of your life.

However, MDBerry might be the only solution you required. In case the other methods of treatment have already failed, maybe it’s time you choose an approach that’s quite more natural and holistic.

We are happy to walk you through the process of obtaining the medical marijuana card and put your health back into your hands.

When you choose MDBerry, you get a trusted health professional to help figure out what works best. Book an appointment today.


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