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Did you know that one in ten adults in the US has some form of depression? That means that there are almost twenty million people who suffer from this condition. There are significant medical marijuana benefits for depression, but some people don’t know about them.

Living under the weight of depression is tough. It affects nearly every part of your life, and you might feel like there’s nothing that will ever change that. The truth is that medical cannabis can be a viable treatment option, but you need to trust your treatment plan to a dedicated professional. 

Research about depression and medical cannabis is still in the early stages, but many people who self-treat with cannabis can attest to its positive effects. A recent study out of the University of Southern California showed that of people with depression, those who use medical marijuana have fewer symptoms than those who don’t. 


There are many questions about getting a medical card for depression. One of the most common questions our team is asked is about the best strains to help treat depression. That ultimately depends on the types of symptoms you have, and our trusted dispensaries can help guide you to the best possible strain. There are many different ways you can use medical cannabis to treat depression. Smoking and vaping can offer immediate effects and provide you with almost instantaneous relief from your depression symptoms. Drops and sprays are a great option if you need access to medical cannabis and can’t smoke or vape. Another great choice is using a transdermal patch to help release a slow controlled dose of medical cannabis. 

Now you don’t have to wonder how to get a medical marijuana card for depression. At MDBerry, we’re committed to making the process simple and smooth. Take a look at the guidelines for getting a medical marijuana card, as well as the costs. We don’t want there to be any surprises during the process. We’re committed to helping you get the best treatment available because you deserve it. 

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You can get a medical card for depression by speaking with our licensed, trained doctors. During your evaluation, our team members will discuss your depression and the ways in which it negatively affects your life. Your appointment consultation will help establish your need for a medical marijuana card. Call us today to schedule your virtual appointment or chat with us now. 

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