Do Psychedelic Drugs Treat Depression and PTSD?


Post-traumatic stress is a medical condition that arises from several neurobiological changes. Since the beginning of the new millennium, scientists have narrowed down on two measures: sertraline and paroxetine. Nevertheless, both have shown little efficiency, and PTSD continues to wreak havoc. As a result, people have proposed additional treatments.

The majority of current treatments concentrate on physiotherapy. These treatments use imaginal visualization procedures to test for the presence of fear. The idea is to learn how to control that fear by making people aware of their fear stimuli. Consequently, any medical officers’ role in treatment is to help patients come up with cognitive frameworks. While some patients overcome depression and other PTSD symptoms, more than half of the patients remain untreated.

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Psychedelic drugs have shown immense promise in the last few years. The FDA and other organizations have even recommended them. But what exactly do they offer? Read on to find out.

What Are Psychedelic Drugs? 

Psychedelics are drugs also known as hallucinogens. They are recreational substances for enhancing neurobiological processes such as thought processes and sensory perception. Some common psychedelic drugs include plants and LSD. People have been using psychedelic drugs for hundreds of years. Many remain the mainStay of some religious rituals. However, they entered the common usage in the 1990s when people realized their ability to offer pleasure.

LSD is a hallucinogenic agent from a type of mold that grows on grain. The Swinging 60s were the heyday of LSD, but it was made illegal before the end of that decade. Nevertheless, that did not stop its usage, and underground markets continue to sell it. 

DMT is another popular psychedelic drug. The drug is common in South and Central America, with many trees containing it in their barks. Unlike other medications that change your neurobiological processes for a long time, DMT effects last less than an hour.

Magic mushrooms are another form of psychedelic drugs. Those that occur naturally are called psilocybin. Users find them in specific fungi. There are so many types of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world. Because of their wide variety, it’s not clear whether they are legal or illegal in certain countries. Unfortunately, this makes them appealing to youth. It is important to note some mushrooms can be dangerous because they have high levels of toxic substances.



Types of Psychedelic Drugs


How Does Psychedelic Drugs Rebuild Broken Brains?

It has even been rumored that psychedelic drugs such as MDMA have healing powers. Although scientists have dismissed this idea for many years, recent research shows that that myth may be a fact.

LSD was fronted as a treatment for mental illness in the 1960s. Before long, more than 40,000 individuals were using LSD treatments. Recipients claimed to be healed from depression, addiction, and schizophrenia. But when psychedelics begin to be used for pleasure, authorities in Europe, Canada, and the US banned them.

However, recent research has shown that they can indeed give a mental illness. MDMA is one of the drugs that has been undergoing extensive scrutiny from scientists. It has been proven that MDMA can increase the number of serotonin hormones in the brain. Serotonin changes the mood and makes people happy. This can reduce PTSD symptoms. 

In addition to releasing serotonin, psychedelics can direct the body to manufacture more oxytocin. This is a social hormone that increases confidence and trust in patients. Ultimately, MDMA can reduce anxiety levels and eliminate nightmares.

Scientists have used resonance imaging to study the effects of psychedelic drugs on the brain. They found that LSD increases activity in certain sections of the brain. It also connects parts that rarely work together. As a result, some neurons are released simultaneously. LSD also reduces the effect of the ‘default mode network’ in the brain by reducing these networks’ linkages. This part of the brain is responsible for the ego. Consequently, without ego, people become more assertive and loving.

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Where Are Psychedelic Drugs Legal?

Despite the growing evidence of psychedelics’ healing powers, many countries and states are yet to legalize psychedelics. Nevertheless, a growing number of countries are relaxing their laws. Brazil is one of the countries with the most psychedelics-friendly laws in the world. Magic mushrooms can be distributed and sold anywhere in the country. There are many websites where anybody can buy psychedelics. Other drugs such as ayahuasca were legalized in the 1990s.

The Netherlands has many legal loopholes, and it is one of the few countries in the European Union with psychedelic-friendly laws. While magic mushrooms are illegal in that country, you can purchase substances derived from those mushrooms. Similarly, ayahuasca has been a popular and legal psychedelic in Amsterdam.

The DEA has banned the use of psychedelics throughout the United States. This does not mean that you cannot legally take psychedelics in the United States. In the 1960s, several native American communities launched civil rights cases against the US government. They maintained that they had been using psychedelics for hundreds of years. They won the legal challenges.

If you are a registered member of the Native American Church, you are allowed to consume psychedelics in any native American reservation. However, this is not possible in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.



Effects of Hallucinogens


Psychedelic Drugs Which Distort Perceptions

Hallucinogens and other types of psychedelics can distort your perception of reality. Some people have confessed to hearing sounds and saying things that are not real. The fundamental component of all psychedelics is high amounts of nitrogen. Consequently, they are grouped with other alkaloids. Psychedelics contain a structure that is similar to most natural neurotransmitters, such as serotonin.

LSD changes the working of serotonin-2A receptors. This is a receptor in the brain that controls sleep mode and other operations. Therefore, LSD can change how information is transmitted in your brain. Ultimately, it will create thoughts and perceptions that did not result from natural processes.

Psychedelics change awareness and consciousness because they can control receptor neurons. It is believed that receptors in the thalamus region of the brain come under the influence of psychedelics. The localized interaction changes the mechanism of transmitting and analyzing information in the brain. Eventually, these will change neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Who Invented Psychedelic Drugs?

The history of psychedelic drugs began in the 1930s. This was when a Swiss chemist called Albert Hoffman started experimenting with LSD. His work began in the 1930s, but he did not get a breakthrough until 1943.

Albert was working in Basel with professor Arthur Stoll. The two were researching the fungus ergot when they stumbled upon its unique chemical structure. This made them curious about its effect on circulatory and respiratory systems in the human body. 

At some point, Albert accidentally inhaled small amounts of the drug. That was when he became dizzy and excited. This encouraged him to experiment on himself the following day. That is when he discovered that LSD changed perceptions and feelings.

Albert’s discovery was the first time a psychoactive substance had been scientifically documented. Hoffman believed that the drug could change medicine, but he didn’t foresee its future recreational uses.

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