ADHD and Marijuana Use

Does Marijuana Help with ADHD: All You Need to Know


A startling number of people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) use marijuana for self-treatment. Advocates claim that this drug helps victims suffering from this disorder handle severe symptoms. But the big question is, does marijuana help with ADHD?

Cannabis use is now a famous drug among people living with ADHD. It is the most commonly consumed recreational drug in the U.S., which is known among young adulthood. They eat or smoke this plant to produce some “high.”

The plant has recently made headlines as an optional treatment that cures various health conditions such as mental health problems and pain. 

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What Does the Research Say?

A small number of advocates for marijuana oil say that it has gentle effects on your body that is more effective than other medications for ADHD since it’s a natural plant.

Note that people who have ADHD might feel uncomfortable in every social setting and use marijuana to fit in among their peers. 

The study claims that more than 50 percent of cannabis daily and non-daily users have the disorder. A report says that one-third of adolescents report cannabis use. However, it has lesser side effects on people.

The person living with ADHD finds it challenging to focus on work, signs of restless behavior, or unable to keep calm most of the time. This neurodevelopmental disorder has interfered with relationships, academic work despite having superior or standard intellectual abilities. 

The primary reason why people believe that both ADHD and marijuana have an effective relationship is that, when taken, the plant will trigger a product of dopamine in your brain to manage the levels of neurotransmitters. Dopamine promotes mood regulation and relaxation. To many, it is an appealing solution to those living with ADHD. 

The practitioners always prescribe stimulant medication such as Adderall or Ritalin to control dopamine, although they have some side effects.  

To get rid of these adverse effects, ADHD people will use marijuana. The drug is said to have a similar effect on dopamine levels as prescribed medication.

The use of marijuana to help with ADHD has little research done regarding its safety and usefulness to young people and children. Most researchers claim that people should use it in small doses to avoid any risks. 



ADHD Causes


Symptoms of ADHD

People living with ADHD claim that the drug has helped them manage severe symptoms such as anxiety, lack of restraint, agitation, irritability, rejection-sensitive dysphoria, social awkwardness, poor judgment, hyperactivity, and poor sleep. These issues are known to disrupt people’s daily routine and impair their functionality. 

Experimental use of marijuana has helped reduce the impulsivity symptoms. However, people should know that excess cannabis consumption has dangerous or adverse risks known as cannabis use disorder, disproportionately affecting the ADHD brain. Hence it should be used in moderation.

The majority of marijuana supporters claim that it’s a safe drug with zero risks of addiction. At the same time, the opponents have named it the ‘gateway drug’ that has potentially led to the consumption of other dangerous drugs.

Marijuana may lessen some of these symptoms, such as hyperactivity, but may worsen attention, motivation, and focus issues for many people. Using ADHD will only provide a short, temporary marijuana ADHD effect. However, these risks of self-medicating with a mostly unregulated and unstudied drug might outweigh its short-term benefits.

Ultimately, according to the little data regarding the interactions between ADHD and the drug, the plant has affected users differently. An author of Psychology says that the relationship between marijuana and ADHD is too personalized and varied to find a definable youth group that uses or doesn’t use it.

Anecdotally, most ADHD patients mention the drug’s positive effect on focus as part of the reason they use it. Until further research is done, the burning question on, “Does marijuana help with ADHD?” lacks a simple answer.

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Potential Benefits of Use of Cannabis

In 2016, a study covered the relationship between depression, ADHD, and marijuana consumption by individuals. The researchers discovered that some people use marijuana to deal with depressive symptoms. However, its full effect on these symptoms was unclear.

Another study explored the cannabis consumption and ADHD subtypes and delivered very outstanding results. After the researchers collected data from a given number of pot lovers, they realized that the people who use it daily reported hyperactivity-impulsivity signs if not using cannabis.

Therefore, more research should be done to honestly know more benefits of marijuana to pose in ADHD management.

What are the Positive Effects of Cannabis?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabis active compound that inhibits the neuronal connections, which effectively derails your brain’s signaling process if used in excess.

The right amount of marijuana positively affects the dendrite architecture for people with ADHD. This has a great responsibility to control learning, processing, and the overall health of your brain. Unfortunately, science hasn’t entirely determined if you can reverse this compound’s effect; however, you’ll find that some brain parts will show healthy neuronal growth when one regulates the amount of cannabis.

Studies support that marijuana breastfeeding ADHD should use it in small amounts. The best step a mother is supposed to take is to protect the young ones. This drug, if used in excess, can have a long-term effect on your baby. The breastfeeding mother should smoke the pot on the low. If it’s hard to quit, they are advised not to lactate. 



ADHD Symptoms Treated by Marijuana


Note that it sticks around inside your body longer than other drugs. The doctors recommend such mothers to express and trash the milk if they want to breastfeed once they get clean.

Marijuana consumption helps people with ADHD to boost their motivation. People who are under 25 years old will use cannabis for jogging their memory. It awakens the functions of your orbitofrontal cortex and hippocampus. Here, much memory is processed.

There is an uptick in consuming the natural cannabinoids that lead to decreased hyperactivity and reduced anxiety.

Researchers have studied several doses for symptoms such as anxiety. They have recommended that a single 300-mg amount is adequate to help tone down anxiety.

Therefore, new ADHD should begin with the lowest amount of dosage possible. With time, they get to increase the amount gradually to allow your body to adapt. It reduces the risk of side effects.

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In summary, both ADHD and the use of marijuana have no shown results that they are linked with cognition deficits, as some medics claim. ADHD can be associated with cognitive impairment such as inhibition, impaired attention, and executive that is treated through consumption of marijuana. 

Individuals are advised to use marijuana in a more regulated manner to avoid exacerbating ADHD symptoms but instead make them better. Surprisingly, this far, the research hasn’t shown that even after a few pieces of research.  

On the other hand, some research hints that marijuana helps with ADHD, despite the widespread belief.  

With the recent scarce data, marijuana is the most recommendable natural medication to help with ADHD. The use of this drug is inevitable, and its increased use has solved anxiety symptoms. At best, it is considered as the first-line therapy after other conventional treatments.

However, researchers state that ADHD treatment with marijuana has helped most pregnant women fight morning sickness. It has fought the vomiting and nausea feelings. 

There is sparse research on marijuana oil ADHD treatment. Therefore, for this ongoing disorder known as ADHD, individuals should first keep in mind that it helps in ADHD management.

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