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How Medical Marijuana Helps Curb symptoms of Schizophrenia?


The term Schizophrenia was first documented in 1910 by a Swiss-based Psychiatrist, Paul Eugene. He derived the term from two Greek words “Schizo,” and “Phren,” meaning split-mind. Since then, scientists have been on a research venture to try and unearth the disease’s cause and cure. 

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However, to date, there has been no tangible report on the condition. As of 2019, the disease was said to affect over 3.5 million people in the USA. Of this, a majority were men, within an age bracket of 16 to 30 years. Experts recommend the use of Antipsychotic drugs to help cure some of the symptoms. The antipsychotic agent can be found in many substances, with recent research directing it to CBD in Marijuana. Below is a detailed analysis of the disease and how Medical Marijuana can help reduce its impact. 

Signs and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

There is no specific cause for the disorder, though researchers believe that it’s mainly caused by genes or childhood trauma. Patients can experience a plethora of symptoms, affecting their psychosocial relations and general body movement. The symptoms are primarily divided into three main types, which include;

  1. Psychotic– These symptoms majorly affect your way of thinking, and can include hallucinations, delusion, disorganized thought trail, inability to move.
  2. Negative– With these symptoms, it becomes challenging to express your emotions, and often leads to stress and subsequently, depression.
  3. Cognitive– They affect your thinking process and can derail your ability to pay attention, receive, and decode information.

Different Treatment Methods for Schizophrenia

Since the disease can have adverse effects on the patient, doctors recommend the following treatments to help cure some of the common symptoms. These include:

  • Psychosocial treatment-For patients who don’t respond well to medicated treatment, doctors opt for systemic rehabilitation sessions to try and bring back their life to normalcy. The method has no side effects and can be very useful to patients with a lesser severe condition. Some of the psychosocial treatments include rehab sessions, Individual therapy, and Social training. The main objective of this method is to regain the patient’s societal habits.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy– This treatment method is useful to patients who aren’t responsive to drugs and can effectively treat depression. However, it also has a fair share of side effects which include memory loss and confusion.

Antipsychotic Treatment

This is the most popular of all treatment methods. According to researchers, any substance with an antipsychotic effect can help cure Schizophrenia. Doctors have approved several pharmaceutical drugs available in chemists. However, these drugs have immense health hazards on the patient, including weight gain, increased depression, diabetes, and movement problems. This has prompted scientists to seek an alternative to the drugs, leading them to CBD, a component found in Marijuana, and is said to be an antipsychotic agent.

Medical Marijuana Treatment

According to researchers, Marijuana contains a component called Cannabidiol- CBD. This component helps activate CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system, which offers an antipsychotic effect. This treatment is as effective as traditional antipsychotic drugs. Moreover, it helps curb the rampant side effects caused by drugs. In this regard, it can be justified to claim that Marijuana treats a particular impact of Schizophrenia.



Symptoms treated by Marijuana


How Safe Is Marijuana Treatment In Treating Schizophrenia?

When the question of safety on Marijuana treatment pops up, most people tend to focus on the addiction menace and oversee the curative benefits of the drug. However, research conducted in the USA showed that 90% of Marijuana smokers don’t get to addiction. Moreover, no ultimate dosage of the drug can lead to death; hence there’s no health hazard associated with the drug. Therefore, it’s not dangerous to use it for medical purposes.

In our case with Schizophrenia, it is said to reduce some effects of the disorder, while on the other end, it can burgeon the impact on other symptoms. For instance, Marijuana is known to increase the cognitive symptoms of the disease. Most patients tend to lose their attentiveness and social responsibility.  

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Tested Marijuana Strains Used To Treat Schizophrenia

Marijuana primarily contains two components, THC and CBD. The former is a compound in medical Marijuana that helps stimulate a patient, which is dangerous while treating Schizophrenia. With the latter, being used to treat Schizophrenia due to its antipsychotic effect. It is hence imperative to get Marijuana with higher CBD and THC to help you cure the disorder.


Marijuana Strains

Popular Marijuana Strains


These are laboratory tested with a THC level of below 1% and CBD of about 20%.

How to ingest Medical Marijuana

For a long-time people have associated Marijuana with smokers alone. However, this narrative is slowly changing with more ways of consumption popping up daily. This has adversely helped in reducing the health impact associated with smoke. Some of the common ways to consume medical Marijuana to treat Schizophrenia include:

  • CBD oil-the oil is free of any THC, hence doesn’t make you high, this way reducing any psychological, and physiological side effects. This is a perfect technique for people who detest smoking.
  • Smoked– If you like smoking you Marijuana, you can go for more secure smoking techniques including Vaporizers, Droppers, tinctures.
  • Edibles– you can consume your CBD in edibles like cookies, capsules, or cakes.

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