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How to Get a Medical Cannabis Growing License?


Currently, 33 US states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana (MMJ). However, the herb is still illegal on a federal level. If you have a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment and hold a valid medical marijuana card, you can legally purchase medical cannabis products from registered dispensaries across these states.

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But if you’re planning to grow marijuana for your personal use or for commercial purposes, you’ll need to apply for a grower’s license. Although many states allow the cultivation of cannabis plants for personal use, anyone looking to make a profit out of their growing experience is required to have proper licenses. 


Know How Much Medical Cannabis You Can Grow

So far, 15 states have approved a certain quantity of plants that individuals with medical cannabis cards can cultivate for personal use. These are small scale cultivations and don’t require any licensing other than a valid medical marijuana card and a bit of knowledge about the specific laws and regulations in your state. 

You cannot execute this type of cultivation for profit since your product is not authorized for sale. However, there are sometimes loopholes in the regulations. For instance, some states allow you to gift or donate cannabis to another valid cardholder, creating some legal grey areas.



States where you can grow marijuana


Overall, the following 15 states allow valid MMJ cardholders to grow marijuana for personal use but with limitations on the number of plants you can cultivate: 

Alaska (no more than 6 plants per adult), Arizona (no more than 12 plants per household), California (no more than 6 plants per household), Colorado (6 plants per person and 12 per household), Hawaii (7 plants allowed per household), Maine (maximum of 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants at a time), and Massachusetts (maximum of 6 mature plants).

Michigan (no more than 12 plants), Montana (up to 12 seedlings or 4 mature plants), Nevada (up to 12 plants per household), New Mexico (up to 16 plants, and no more than 4 being mature at the same time), Oregon (up to 18 seedlings or 6 mature plants), Rhode Island (no more than 12 plants at one time), Vermont (up to 9 plants, with no more than 2 being mature), and Washington (no more than 6 plants).

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How to Get a Grower’s License for Medical Marijuana

Cultivating medical cannabis for commercial purposes requires a valid grower’s license. It’s often a profitable venture when done correctly and in accordance with state laws and regulations. 

The process of applying for a grower’s license starts with understanding whether or not your state even permits commercial cultivation licenses. Not every state that has legalized medical marijuana accepts applications for grower’s licenses, so it is important to read up your state laws and see if the timing is ripe for your application. 

Moreover, the acceptance of growers’ applications on a state-by-state basis keeps changing, so contact your commissioner directly to get the most accurate information.


Growing Cannabis

Benefits of growing cannabis at your home.


The next step is to submit your application if your state is currently accepting. Unfortunately, most states have limited spots, meaning that you should craft an outstanding application. Even those who are extremely passionate about their ventures are not guaranteed a way in, so you need to give it your all. 

Ensure that all the required documents are in place, and each state has something different in their application processes. Additionally, most states have timelines in which your application must be submitted. You need to have all your necessary licenses, authorizations, and employee details in place before applying.

Most importantly, remember that it often takes a while to have your application approved and actually begin to grow medical cannabis on a commercial scale. 

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Final Thoughts 

Remember that you cannot cultivate cannabis for profit without a valid marijuana growing license. However, 15 states allow medical marijuana cardholders to grow marijuana for personal use but with limitations. Some states even allow you to gift or donate cannabis to other cardholders. If you plan to do that, study your state’s specific medical cannabis laws or consult a lawyer. 

At MDBerry, we will be glad to help you obtain your medical cannabis certificate and begin cultivating a few marijuana plants if your state allows it. By working with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment possible. Our certified medical cannabis physicians are skilled and training on the efficacy of medical marijuana in addressing a wide array of conditions. 

We always strive to make this process simple and quick and to get you out of chronic pain. You deserve the treatment that works, and our mission is to make it happen.

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