Medical Marijuana Card in Maine

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If you have a condition that can be treated with medical marijuana and live in the state of Maine, you may be able to legally purchase cannabis for treatment purposes. Recreational cannabis has also been legalized in the state and dispensaries will start selling to those 21 years and over in 2020. However, those who are 18-20 years old can purchase medical cannabis if they qualify. Here is more information on the Maine medical cannabis laws and how they apply.


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How much does a medical marijuana card cost?

  • New Patient
  • $189
  • Initial patient evaluation and paperwork submission
  • Renewals
  • $139
  • Confirmation that the patient is still eligible for a medical marijuana card

*In Maine, a medical weed card costs $100 to register. Remember that this is an additional fee that isn’t included in the services we provide.

Is Marijuana Legal in Maine?

Maine patients with a valid ID can legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis. They can also cultivate up to 30 flowering cannabis plants and 60 non-flowering cannabis plants. For those who are not Maine residents, they will be able to purchase medical cannabis if they have a registration card from a different state and apply for an MMMP registry identification card. 

Recreational marijuana is also now legal in Maine and licensed dispensaries will start selling it in 2020. You do not need a medical marijuana card to buy recreational marijuana, but you must be at least 21 years old and will pay more tax on recreational marijuana than you would on medical marijuana. Besides, all state-level criminal penalties for cultivation, possession, and use of medical marijuana have been removed from state law if the person who uses, cultivates, or possesses the cannabis has a valid ID.

Medical Marijuana Rules and Requirements

To get a medical cannabis card, patients must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of Maine. They must also have a medical condition that a licensed doctor deems is treatable by medical cannabis. There is no longer a list of conditions that qualify for medical cannabis treatment and it is up to the discretion of the physician to decide if they qualify. 

Those who are under 18 years of age and who have a medical condition treatable with cannabis can designate a caregiver who is at least 21 years of age to buy medical marijuana for them. The patient must sign a form so the caregiver can submit an application for a registration card with the state. These caregivers must register with the state and get an ID card before they can buy or cultivate cannabis for their patient. The designated caregiver must not have been convicted of a drug offense to qualify. In some cases, a patient can also designate a second caregiver.



18 years old and older


Maine only

Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

To get a medical marijuana card in Maine, you must get a recommendation by a licensed physician. You can do this in person or via a telehealth platform like the one used at MDBerry. During your consultation, the physician will ask questions about your condition and medical background and determine if medical cannabis is a good treatment option for you. If so, he or she will issue a recommendation that you can use to register with the state and get an ID card. There is no charge for the card. Caregivers must have a form filled out by the patient and will pay $31 to cover a background check. If the caregiver plans to cultivate marijuana for their patient, there will be an additional charge of $300. The card is good for one year and can be used to purchase medical marijuana at any licensed dispensary in the state.

Choose MDBerry for Your Medical Cannabis Application


MDBerry works with licensed physicians in Maine and throughout the country to provide a convenient way to start your medical marijuana journey. Our physicians are available 24/7 and are knowledgeable about medical cannabis. MDBerry is HIPAA and ASA compliant and offers a money back guarantee if you are turned down for an ID card. If you ready to learn more about getting your medical cannabis card in Maine, complete the application form to begin your journey.

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