Marijuana Edibles

Top 5 Marijuana Edibles to Try Out


Marijuana edibles are a more convenient and healthy alternative to vaporizing and smoking weed. They have also become a popular choice in the health sector as they provide great relief to chronic pain and other ailments.

The best part about marijuana edibles is that they come in varying forms and flavors to select one that meets your preference. The effects after consumption differ depending on what type you take and the cannabis concentration in each type.

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Here is a list of the top five marijuana edibles to try out.



Capsules are the most common marijuana edibles for supplements and prescriptions. Although most individuals do not perceive them as edibles, they are the best choice for consumers who want to take medical marijuana without feeling the taste of cannabis. Although they are not as sweet as cookies, chocolates, and candies and are not as refreshing as cannabis-infused beverages, capsules are the perfect choice for people who want to get the job done without additional enjoyment. They are not people who want to snack on weed.


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The amount of THC in capsules is said to have strong effects that last longer than smoking and most edibles. It is therefore advisable that you seek the help of an expert before consuming the product.

Cookies and Candies

You can all agree that you have come across delicious-looking cookies in your friend’s house at some point, and as you were about to munch on them, they warned you that they were not just cookies. Cookies and candies are most people’s favorite form of marijuana edibles due to their versatility.

You can consume cookies at any time, may it be during breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a cup of milk and enjoy the same effects. Moreover, they are easy to pack, especially when going out, and you can consume them discretely. Candies, on the other hand, are the go-to edible if you are sweet-toothed. You get the same taste as you would when consuming regular candy.

The cannabis in these two edibles is baked, and therefore, the effect is not as strong.


Imagine enjoying your favorite snack while taking your medication. Chocolate edibles are a fantastic treat, and you will not even realize that there is a weed in it. They are a great way of making weed legally accessible for medicinal use without making users feel odd about it, especially those that are into marijuana consumption. They are a healthy alternative compared to smoking. Even better, the chocolate contains minimal THC, so you do not have to worry about getting high after consumption. They offer versatility as you can consume them wherever and whenever you wish.

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If you love sweet things, but you are not into chocolate and candy, you should try out cannabis-infused gummies. These products have become the most common edibles in the wake of cannabis legalization. Although it is hard to determine how much marijuana is contained in the gummies, especially if you buy them in unregulated places, they can barely get you high.

If your state regulates medical marijuana, gummy bears are among the most recommended choice because they contain minimal THC. They are a prevalent choice that you can find anywhere with ease, and they offer maximum discretion.

What’s more? Gummies come in numerous flavors, including strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, peach, and blueberry, to mention a few. This means that you get to take your medication while quenching your cravings. The edibles also give you a pleasant breath.


Marijuana Edibles

Difference Between Marijuana Edibles and Flowers



You can enjoy cannabis in the form of a drink such as water, energy drink, and soda. Beverages are a conventional and most conservative way to consume marijuana, and you can take it from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the drinks come in various flavors.

Marijuana-infused drinks are legalized in some states and discriminated in some so you should research before stepping out with your drink. You may find cannabis fruit punch and cola being sold freely in kiosks in some states. Others have legalized cannabis-infused coffee as a way of letting people calm their nerves after a stressful day. The other common marijuana-infused drink is beer, and you can, therefore, select whichever choice fits your preference.

However, most cannabis-infused drinks are potent, and you are advised to consume them in small sips if you are not looking to get high. You should also avoid taking any sip in an empty stomach. This will save you from strong THC effects.

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Final Thoughts

Marijuana edibles are an easy and accommodating way to consume weed and enjoy the health benefits of the product. Most of these edibles are readily available, and you can acquire them whenever you wish, but you should use them under the regulation of experts.

If you would like to try marijuana edibles for medicinal benefits, you should start by getting a prescription. At MDBerry, we will help you acquire a medical marijuana card online to acquire your prescriptions fast. Book an appointment with us today for fast services.


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