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How Does Medical Cannabis Help Heal Bone Fractures?


Millions of Americans struggle with bone fractures due to car accidents, falls, and osteoporosis, among other reasons.

Because dealing with these fractures is considerably distressing, many people are always looking to find a safe, affordable, and effective therapeutic option to deal with the different types of bone issues. One of the promising solutions is using medical marijuana.

Medical cannabis can help in treating swelling, pain, and other notable symptoms related to broken bones. Several new studies detail the benefits of cannabinoids for improving overall musculoskeletal health.

Read on and discover how medical marijuana can help heal bone fractures.

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How Medical Cannabis Works in the Treatment of Bone Fractures

Endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid compounds are increasingly becoming popular for their health-boosting impact, especially related to pain management, anxiety, mood, and sleep, among many others.

ECS refers to an intricate signaling network inside the body that uses cannabinoids to manage various bodily processes through interacting with a multitude of regulatory enzymes and receptors.

Medical cannabis triggers the ECS and causes numerous positive effects on pain, inflammation, appetite, memory, thermoregulation, metabolism, and sensation.


Medical Cannabis

Most Common Broken Bones


Generally, you’ll find cannabinoids across the human body, including your bones. This discovery has led scientists to believe medical cannabis could have positive effects beyond pain relief and improving appetite for certain conditions, including cancer.

Studies have shown that CBD, which is especially effective against pain and inflammation without getting patients “high,” helped rats in quick healing of their broken leg fractures. This research also found CBD was able to do this by improving collagen maturation, which is an essential connective protein tissue.

So, let’s consider the specific areas where bone fracture patients may benefit most from an appropriate medical marijuana prescription and dosage.

Pain Relief

Aside from helping you recover from a bone fracture within a relatively shorter time, medical marijuana, most importantly, also helps you to manage severe pain arising from your injury.

Whereas traditional drugs like Vicodin or Percocet or even pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can relieve pain effectively, they’re also considerably addictive alongside having harmful side effects.

On the other hand, medical marijuana helps ease pain safely and effectively without the severe adverse effects related to analgesics, which may bring about kidney and liver damage.

Reduce Inflammation

Cannabinoids found in medical marijuana act in your body to trigger anti-inflammatory responses. Research findings show that being in a prolonged stressful situation can contribute to a lack of adequate response to control inflation.

Medical cannabis demonstrates immense benefits in reducing your inflammation markers and thus helps reduce swelling.

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Improves the Quality of your Sleep

Bone fractures can give you sleepless nights. And while using conventional sedatives may seem like a good idea, they often leave you feeling groggy the next day, besides being quite addictive.

Many medical marijuana patients state that cannabis works considerably well as an alternative option to sedatives for improving the quality of sleep. Another benefit of medical marijuana in this area entails a refreshing and energizing impact, which leaves you eager to face a day’s tasks.

Reduce the Feeling of Stiffness

When you have a fractured bone in your body, you’ll often feel stiff. Such stiffness is especially more prominent in people with multiple sclerosis or osteoporosis, which affects their quality of life.

Fortunately, you can get back to your regular everyday routine with considerably reduced stiffness issues thanks to medical marijuana.

According to this study, medical marijuana patients can exhibit significantly less discomfort and stiffness concerns, without the side effects associated with conventional medicines like weakness and drowsiness.


Medical Cannabis

Positive Effects of Cannabidiol


How to Use Your Medical Cannabis for Bone Fractures

Mainly, there are a couple of different ways of using medical cannabis, and these include the following:

  • Inhaling – You can either smoke or vape medical marijuana
  • Oral ingestion – Edibles, tinctures, and beverages are some of the other ways you can ingest marijuana
  • Topicals – You can also apply marijuana salves, creams or lotions on the affected area for more targeted pain and inflammation relief
  • Suppositories – As an alternative delivery method, this method has considerably long-lasting and relatively quick outcomes
  • Transdermal – involves the application of medical marijuana patches on the affected areas on your skin

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The therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in marijuana is undeniable. And as scientists continue to carry out clinical trials that affirm the efficacy of these compounds, more benefits of medical cannabis to your health will come to light.

Are you struggling with inflammation, pain, and lack of sleep due to bone fractures? Medical marijuana could offer you some much-needed relief. Reach out to a marijuana doctor to find out the correct marijuana strains that can help you with your particular condition.

Our licensed doctors will help you identify the right dosage that can provide relief to your bone issues and improve your quality of life. Call us now to get started!

Book an appointment with MD Berry, and we will connect to a physician to make an informed evaluation of your bone fracture.


Medical Marijuana

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