Nail Patella Syndrome Treatment

Medical Marijuana Benefits for Nail-Patella Syndrome Treatment


Marijuana for Nail-Patella helps alleviate symptoms such as joint and knee pain, glaucoma, and kidney complications associated with the condition.

What Is Nail-Patella Syndrome?

Nail-Patella is a genetic syndrome that affects a small percentage of the population. Sometimes it is also referred to as Fong Disease, Onychoosteodysplasia, Turner-Kieser Syndrome, Iliac Horn Disease, or just HOOD (Hereditary Onychoosteodysplasia).

Nail-Patella is an inherited condition. It affects 1 in fifty thousand babies. It is caused by a mutation of the LMX1B gene. This is the gene responsible for coding limb formation in embryos. If affected by mutations, it leads to the collagen abnormalities and connective tissue problems.

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The syndrome is characterized by deformed or discolored nails on the fingers and toes. But that is not all. Nail-Patella also results in joint and knee pain, kidney and eye complications. In some cases, you may even notice some skeletal deformities.

The signs of the disorder may be noticed early in an infant or during their childhood. It may also be diagnosed using genetic testing, physical examination, and X-ray scans by the professionals.


Nail Patella Syndrome Symptoms

Nail Patella Syndrome Symptoms


Nail-Patella syndrome has no cure. Still, there’s so much one can do to reduce the symptoms and complications of this genetic disorder. Marijuana is one of the drugs that can help. It is fast becoming the preferred drug among Nail-Patella patients. Even some states like Illinois and Maine have recognized Nail-Patella as one of the conditions to qualify for an MMJ card

How Can Mmj Help with Nail-Patella Syndrome?

Medical Marijuana is a great treatment option for the Nail-Patella individuals. MMJ from strains such as Cannatonic, Maui Waui, Banana Kush, and AC/DC alleviate several complications, including pain, digestive issues, kidney complications, glaucoma, among many others.

Knee and Joint Pain

Pain management is particularly essential for the Nail-Patella patients. Skeletal symptoms such as joint abnormalities cause a lot of pain. Marijuana is a truly tested and verified remedy against pain.

CBD, one of the major cannabinoids in marijuana, boosts anandamide production. This is a hormone that induces insensitivity to pain. It can be used to alleviate bones and connective tissue pain. 

The advantage of CBD is it’s not psychoactive. Unlike prescription opioids that may lead to dependency or hasten renal failure if used for long. CBD does not cause dependence or any severe side-effects.

NPS individuals have reported significant pain reduction upon using marijuana, giving them a chance to lead an active lifestyle.

Swollen/Inflamed Joints

Another symptom of NPS is swollen or inflamed joints. Marijuana can be used to treat joint inflammations. It has anti-inflammatory properties that suppress an over-excited immune system, helping to reduce inflammations.

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It also causes blood vessels to enlarge; vasodilation is suitable for heat loss from swollen and inflamed areas leading to blissful feelings.

Kidney Disease

Kidney complications are high-risk for NPS patients. Now NPS and prescription opioids are a terrible combination. Long-term opioids use only hasten renal failure. Kidney disease results in nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, chronic pain, muscle cramps, among other nasty symptoms.

MMJ can be used to alleviate all these symptoms of kidney disease. For example, in low doses, marijuana is antiemetic. It helps suppress nausea, leading to a boost in appetite and mood. 


Nail Patella Syndrome Complications

Nail Patella Syndrome Complications


Marijuana also promotes kidney tissue healing by fighting off inflammations and reactive oxygen. It is a frigging detoxifier! 

Unlike prescriptive anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil and Motrin, marijuana alleviates inflammation without depositing harmful chemicals into the kidney. 

Boosts Appetite

Weight loss is one of the major concerns for NPS patients. Due to severe pain, kidney failure, and nausea, NPS individuals have difficulty putting on weight.

Now, MMJ alleviates these symptoms, improves the mood, making eating feel enjoyable again. Marijuana activates ghrelin production. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone that leads to cravings for sugary and fatty treats. 

Helps with Glaucoma

MMJ helps alleviate ocular pressure caused by swollen tissues in the eye, thereby reducing glaucoma advancement. Glaucoma is a major symptom of NPS. Due to the swollen/inflamed tissues, fluid pressure builds up in the eye leading to reduced visual perception and even blindness in the worst case. 

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Now there are solutions for this, including eye drops, laser treatment, and surgeries. But they all carry potential nasty effects, including irritation, scars, nausea, bleeding eye, among others. On the other hand, MMJ help reduces inflammations by suppressing an over-excited immune system and promoting heat loss from swollen tissue through widened blood vessels.


There you go; MMJ for alleviating NPS syndrome is effective without the unwanted side effects of prescriptive opioids. It can be used in combination with therapies for powerful results. 

Always ask for the most potent anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving strain. For further information on anything MMJ, please keep browsing our site. Find out how marijuana may help with your condition and if you qualify for an MMJ card.

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