Medical Marijuana Card Service Oklahoma Guide

Medical Marijuana Card Service Oklahoma Guide


Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma. Even so, you need a doctor’s recommendation and a medical marijuana card to acquire, possess, and use marijuana therapeutically freely. The process of getting the Oklahoma medical marijuana card is swift and uncomplicated. Here is everything you need to know.

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You qualify for the Oklahoma medical marijuana card provided you are of legal age

Other states have stipulated the illnesses for which a person qualifies for treatment with medical marijuana, but not Oklahoma. The state knows that this is a ‘doctors’ jurisdiction,’ and that they can decide better which conditions warrants the use of medical cannabis. As such, regardless of your health condition, you can be eligible for medical marijuana treatments. Just speak to your doctor for further guidance.

Kids have not been denied access to this kind of therapy. They have their cards

If you are a parent with a child that is struggling with chronic pain or ADHD, for instance, you can apply for a medical marijuana card on their behalf. Speak to a qualified podiatrist to obtain a recommendation for the minor, and then follow the application process on Please note that even with the card, minors need the close supervision of parents or guardians in their use of medical marijuana.

Finding a doctor is the first step to getting the medical marijuana card


Doctor for your medical marijuana card

How to find the right doctor for your medical marijuana


There are many medical marijuana doctors across the state. But the Oklahoma state requires the doctor who issues the prescription to be registered with the medical board.  In your search, you can also consider other conveniences such as telehealth capabilities that enable you to do a video consultation.  The latter saves you money, and you get your medical recommendation in record time.

Then you need proof of residency when you apply for the medical marijuana card

Every state has its laws when it comes to the use of marijuana. The freedoms created for the use of this therapy in Oklahoma only apply to residents (and some visitors in special cases). Therefore, when applying for the medical card in marijuana, prepare the necessary documents. These include any of these items:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license
  • Oklahoma identification card
  • Oklahoma voter identification card
  • A utility bill for last month (except mobile phone and internet bills)
  • Oklahoma residential property deed
  • A rental agreement for residential property in Oklahoma

You can get your Medical Marijuana Card in a few easy steps:




The application process is online and fast

Once you have your ID and doctor’s recommendation, the rest of the application process is easy. You can apply for the card without leaving your home. The cost for the whole process always comes down to $100 and sometimes less.

You get an approval letter and card within 14 days


Marijuana Approval Letter

Medical Marijuana Card Approval Letter


Before you can start to use marijuana therapy, you shall have to wait for up to 14 days to receive your medical marijuana card.  It comes with an approval letter, but where the latter comes first, it will be acceptable at dispensaries. An Oklahoma medical marijuana card is valid for two years and can be renewed after that.

Possession laws for medical marijuana in Oklahoma

If you get approved for the medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, you can use it to obtain cannabis from authorized dispensaries legally. You must, however, adhere to the possession laws as follows:

  • Carry no more than  3 oz of marijuana on your person
  • Store no more than 8 oz of marijuana at home
  • Grow no more than six marijuana plants in your private residence
  • The possession limit for cannabis concentrates is 1 oz
  • The possession limit for marijuana-infused foods is 72 oz

There are several rules you need to follow if you wish to grow or possess medical marijuana – click the button below to fulfill one rule!




We can help you get the card hassle-free

At MD Berry, we have board-certified doctors that specialize in medical marijuana therapies. Our consultation is telehealth-assisted, and so you do not need to come to us. With us, the approval process is fast. Get started now.


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