Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Severe or Chronic Pain


If you are interested in getting true relief, then get in touch with MDBerry. We understand how difficult it can be getting treatment that truly helps you with your health condition. With the mass of options out there for patients, it can sometimes be difficult knowing which one is best for you. Our licensed doctors are able to evaluate you and determine which treatment options could be most beneficial.

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With the greater acceptance of medical marijuana, MDBerry makes it easy for you to receive your MMJ card. No more prescription meds or unruly side-effects! You can get real and fast relief from a medical marijuana dispensary in your state. With a variety of options and effective results, it has never been a better time to get an MMJ card and be a medical marijuana patient.


1. What Is Medical Marijuana?

Some people only see marijuana in one way, and that way includes recreational use, smoking it, and maybe being very lethargic. It’s a look that has followed marijuana for a long time and has remained a prevalent look among some circles. This has been part of the reason why medical marijuana legalization, as well as recreational marijuana legalization, took so long to happen.


Medical Marijuana

About Medical Marijuana


With the greater acceptance of medical marijuana, along with recreational, more research, studies, and tests have been done to better understand the plant’s effectiveness. While people have been saying how great it is for decades, doctors can now legally recommend medical marijuana to patients. It has been shown that patients with severe conditions respond very well to medical marijuana and that some products are more effective than others for some patients. There are even some health conditions where medical marijuana is either the most effective or the only working treatment option.

There is also the appeal of marijuana products being all-natural. This is a strong contrast to pharmaceutical prescription medication, which is chemically made and can have serious side-effects. Marijuana, in general, is not known for having any real side-effects, which can make it more appealing for some patients.



2. Medical Marijuana Products

Medical marijuana products come in different types, and each one can be more effective than another for some patients. This variety allows for a person to choose from something familiar to traditional medication or something more unique to cannabis. In the end, the choice of which product you go with is up to you.

If you have pain that can be accessed easily on the surface of your skin, creams or oils might be best. This is especially true with patients who suffer from arthritis, as the cream or oil can be applied easily on the skin. Among the oral options are tinctures, which use cannabis oil, as well as capsules, if you want something a bit more routine.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Products


Since marijuana is so often associated with smoking, many people will think they can get a smokable flower. However, a smokable flower is illegal in New York, so this is not an option. But vaping is; it is among the most popular types of marijuana consumption and can be used with marijuana oils.


3. Medical Marijuana for Severe Pain

Medical Marijuana can effectively help treat chronic pain. This severe pain could be coming from a major disorder or ailment, such as a terminal disease or a physical injury. In these cases, medical marijuana can be highly recommended for being more effective than prescription medication.

Many patients who have chosen medical marijuana over prescription medication have said how much more effective it is. Even research shows how it can be a better option for some patients with certain conditions. This part of why medical marijuana is recommended to terminally ill patients, as other forms of treatment might be unpleasant or detrimental to the recovery process.


4. Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Some people may think that they can get a medical marijuana recommendation for having chronic pain. Others may think that only severe pain can warrant a medical marijuana recommendation. Even when you look over qualifying conditions, it can be confusing, since pain is such a vague and varied sensation.

The truth is, you can get medical marijuana for both severe and chronic pain. If you experience recurring pain, whether minimal or major, you can be evaluated by a licensed doctor to see if you can get a recommendation. For example, if you are recovering from an injury, and you think medical marijuana can treat you better, you can make an appointment with a doctor to be evaluated. Chances are you will be recommended and you will be able to register to get your MMJ card.


5. Getting Your MMJ Card

The beauty of medical marijuana is that it’s another treatment option for people who do not want or do not benefit from prescription medication. If you want to get medical marijuana, all you have to do is make an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in your state.

First, you make sure you can qualify by seeing if you fall under at least one medical condition. Don’t worry if you aren’t completely sure; if you think you could benefit from medical marijuana, it can still be worth it to make the appointment.

You can speak with a licensed doctor in-person, over the phone, or via video chat. Any of these is a legitimate way to speak with a doctor to be properly evaluated. Once you have been approved, you can register with the New York Department of Health for an MMJ card. As soon as that card arrives, you can go to state dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana.


Choosing MDBerry

You can trust MDBerry to provide genuine service for getting your medical marijuana card. Our licensed doctors will evaluate you and help you understand medical marijuana so that you’ll know what to look and ask for at a dispensary. 

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