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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain


MDBerry wants to ensure that all patients, no matter their situation and no matter their age, get the relief they deserve. It can be difficult finding effective treatment options, whether you have a serious condition or a more minor ailment. But we know how helpful medical marijuana is for patients, which is why getting medical marijuana is easier than ever. If you want to get an MMJ card, all you have to do is get in touch with MDBerry and make an appointment with one of our licensed doctors.

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1. What Is Medical Marijuana?

Recreational marijuana is a fairly well-known thing, as has been seen in pop culture during the 20th century. It has associations with people either taking it easy, being lazy, or more rarely, committing serious crimes. For the most part, though, marijuana is seen as just a recreational drug that is smoked.

Medical marijuana has allowed for cannabis to broaden both its appeal and its use, no longer only being relegated to being a recreational blunt passed around at a party. While still coming from the same plant, medical marijuana is used as a treatment option for many different health conditions and disorders. Many well-known conditions and symptoms can be treated with medical marijuana, along with some that are very difficult to treat otherwise.

Patients who would rather not be taking chemically created pharmaceutical pills will find much appeal with medical marijuana. Its extremely low rate of side-effects, along with its natural origin, makes it among the safer and recommended forms of treatment for people with minor and severe health conditions. It has been proven, through research and patient testimonies, to be extremely effective; in some cases, it’s the most effective treatment option.


2. Medical Marijuana Products

There are a few medical marijuana products that are easily purchased at a dispensary. Each one comes with its own set of benefits, and it will always be up to you, the patient, to decide which one is best for you.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana product forms


If you are interested in treating a specific part of your body, creams and oils can be best, as they can be easily applied to the skin. Oils can also be used with tinctures so that you can take droplets of the oil under your tongue during the day. If you are more traditional in your medicine ways, you can always get capsules.

There is no more famous way to consume marijuana than to smoke it, and in that realm, vaping is the most popular. The medical marijuana oil you get can be used for vaping, so that also works as an option with versatility. If you would like to smoke marijuana from the flower, you will have to go to another state, as New York does not have it legalized.



3. Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Many people around the world have chronic pain, and depending on their situation, they may take medication for it. A person with chronic pain may not be receiving the relief they want from this medication, and they may wonder what other options they have.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana and pain


Chronic pain can be treated with medical marijuana, although some patients may not realize this. It is listed among the conditions that a person needs to qualify for medical marijuana, which some people are unsure of. After all, what counts as chronic pain might differ from person to person.

Rest assured that, if you have chronic pain, you can be evaluated to get a medical marijuana recommendation. Your doctor will go over your situation and help you figure out which product types might be best for you. And if you already think chronic pain can qualify you for it, don’t wait to set up your appointment with a licensed doctor.


4. Getting Your MMJ Card

It really has never been easier to get recommended for medical marijuana. Remember that a doctor cannot legally prescribe you for medical marijuana, but they can recommend it to you. You can be evaluated in-person, over the phone, or via video chat. Either way can get you a recommendation, as long as the doctor in question is licensed to do so in your state. If you do not directly speak with a doctor who is licensed in your state, your recommendation cannot be legitimate.

Once you have been recommended for medical marijuana, you can register with the New York Department of Health to get your MMJ card. This is the way in which you receive your MMJ card; any other way won’t work and isn’t genuine. Once you have an MMJ card, you can legally and freely purchase medical marijuana at any state dispensary.



Choosing MDBerry

If you are going to choose a service for getting your medical marijuana in New York, you should go with MDBerry. We understand the needs of patients, what they’re looking for, and how best to take care of them. Every patient deserves relief that truly recovers and makes the lives of the patients better.

When you come to us, we ensure licensed doctors who will work on your terms and help you get health treatments that work. Get in touch with MDBerry and make your appointment by calling us or visiting our web page today.


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