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Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Fighting Breast Cancer


The continuous increase in individuals with breast cancer in the United States cannot go unnoticed. The disease has touched many lives, directly and indirectly.

Scientists are yet to succeed in finding a cure that can end this nightmare completely. Patients are forced to undergo harsh procedures such as radiation and chemotherapy to manage the symptoms and eliminate cancer-causing cells.

Luckily, researchers have found an effective and mild product for use during treatment; medical marijuana. The use of marijuana for medical purposes has been a controversial topic for many years, but with research and proof, the FDA approved its use to manage nausea and vomiting. Medical marijuana comes in numerous forms, including cookies, mints, gummies, mint, creams, and oils, to mention a few.

Women of all ages who have used the product have reviewed it positively as a super-effective way of eliminating breast cancer symptoms and cells. However, very few understand how it works and the science behind it. If you are among the skeptical individuals, read on to understand how medical marijuana helps fight breast cancer.

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Marijuana for Pain Management

As mentioned, breast cancer patients have no choice but to undergo harsh treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation to eliminate cancer cells. This procedure is accompanied by unbearable pain, which discourages most patients from undergoing the treatment. It may also cause other side effects, such as damages to the nerve and organ tissues.

Some signs of damaged nerves include numbing or tingling sensation on the feet and hands. The patient may develop neuropathy, a condition resulting from legs’ nerve damage. This is where marijuana comes in to help manage the pain, and in return, the patient can go through with chemo. The product has proven its effectiveness in pain relief, and the best part about medical marijuana is that patients must follow the prescribed dosage, hence minimal chances of side effects.


Breast Cancer

Symptoms that can be controlled by medical marijuana


Under pain management, medical marijuana helps fight breast cancer by relieving pain and boosting the users’ strength to undergo chemotherapy for fast recovery.

 Inhibits Id-1

Among the scariest breast cancer symptoms is metastasis. This condition is characterized by the spread of cancer-causing agents from their original site to a different area within the body. For example, a patient could have cancer on one breast, but with time, the problem shifts to the other breast.

Metastasis makes it hard to manage the growth because it keeps shifting, and when the experts think they have found a solution, another issue comes up. One of the causes of this condition is the Id-1 gene. This gene is responsible for the initiation of cell differentiation and is also the common cause of cancer cell growth in breasts.

One of the components of marijuana is cannabidiol, which inhibits the functioning of the Id-1 gene, making breast cancer management easier. Besides inhibiting the cell differentiation function of the gene, cannabidiol can stop migration, preventing breast cancer from spreading to other parts.



Prevents Angiogenesis

Cancer is characterized by tumors, and like any other tissues in the human body, they require constant blood supply for survival. Breast cancer patients need a blood transfusion from time to time because these tumors take a lot of blood to survive and develop more tumors. This process is referred to as angiogenesis and is among the leading causes of increased deaths in breast cancer patients.

Cannabis is effective in preventing blood vessel formation in tumors. This means that the cancer tissues will be short of blood supply and cannot spread further. This, in return, makes it easier to manage the already existing breast cancer tumor.

Nausea and Vomiting Management

Nausea and vomiting are common effects of chemotherapy, and if not managed sooner, they could result in dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Chemotherapy is carried out using strong drugs that alter the brain’s functioning. The brain might perceive them as foreign bodies and trigger the patient to vomit.

Medical marijuana’s components have antiemetic effects, and patients can count on it to manage and stop nausea and vomiting when undergoing other cancer treatments.


Medical Cannabis

Prevalence of Breast Cancer


Stops Proliferation

While there are numerous lifestyle changes that individuals can adopt to stop the spread of breast cancer cells, research has shown that the THC in medical marijuana is capable of inhibiting the reproduction of the cells. This makes the product super useful both for cancer patients and those looking to take preventative measures.

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Take Away

Breast cancer is both draining and frustrating, but all hope is not gone. Patients no longer have to endure the pain and discomfort associated with the disease. They can undergo treatment without fear of side-effects, all thanks to medical marijuana.

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Medical Marijuana

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