Medical Marijuana and Huntington

Medical Marijuana for Huntington’s Disease


Medical Marijuana is a plant that has been revered for its medical properties. A few years ago it was discriminated against due to its historical connection with racism towards black people. However, racial tolerance has increased over the years, as well as, thirst for scientific knowledge.

Scientists have started to realize the medical benefits of using marijuana and have also called it a novel approach to achieving health. It must be noted that marijuana was used for medical purposes as far as 5000 years ago.

There are several varieties of medical marijuana. But not all are beneficial on an individual level. Therefore, state-licensed dispensaries have been set up from where MMJ users can get more than one type of medical marijuana.

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Huntington’s Disease

There are many medical conditions that affect people for life. Many of these conditions have no cure and result in death. Still, they are often treated with a variety of medications to make living with the disease more comfortable. One of these is Huntington’s disease, which is often contracted because of genetics. Around 10% or less of cases are because of independent cell mutation, making HD strongly associated with past cases in one’s family.


Huntington's disease Symptoms and causes

What are the characteristics of Huntington’s Disease?


A person who gets HD will find their brain cells dying over time. This means that the actual effects related to the disease may not be sensed for a very long time. While most of the people affected are between 30 and 50, it can happen at any age. It’s a disease that suffers from denial, where patients who have it do not want to acknowledge the symptoms. This can lead to apparent problems later on, such as being diagnosed too late or not taking care of symptoms sooner.

Symptoms and Testing

Symptoms for the disease can happen early and not be very apparent, adding to the issues associated with coming to terms with having HD. Common symptoms can include physical ones, such as unusual body movements. Others, such as cognition, are subtler and may not be as noticeable at first. Over time, symptoms can worsen, and by then, a person with HD may need outside aid to live a healthier life. Associated symptoms involve memory loss, which can be for common everyday things as well as more deeply rooted memories from one’s life.

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Because of the complications involved, you cannot be diagnosed unless you are tested by a medical professional. This requires you to undergo genetic testing, which will reveal the likelihood of any other diseases you may have through DNA. This type of testing can be a problem in itself, as the test can be done at any age. This means that a parent can have their child tested, which raises ethical issues related to disclosing or withholding information. Other issues involve who is allowed to request tests for the disease and who to tell and withhold it from.

The controversy with testing has much to do with the realization for the person who may have HD. If a child is being tested, and they turn out to have HD, the parents may not want to tell their child, which creates an ethical quandary for all involved. It can then be said that those who have the cognitive ability to accept the results are best suited to being tested and told the results. Considering when and how the disease can come about, it continues to be an issue that many face when looking into testing and reveals.

Treating Huntington’s Disease

Like any other major disease, there is medication to help treat patients and their symptoms. However, we at MDBerry want to make sure you are informed about other alternatives to treating HD. We understand how hard it can be finding the right treatment that can actually produce positive results. Patients should not have to suffer more from the medicine they take or be unsatisfied with the results. There are multiple ways to find relief and live a healthy life, even with a severe disease like HD.


Treating Huntington's Disease with Medical Marijuana

The benefit of Medical Marijuana for Huntington’s Disease


Medical Marijuana for Huntington’s Disease

Medical marijuana has become a significant source of relief for many seeking alternative medicine. While it has had some trouble gaining traction over the decades, more recently, it has been proven as a valid alternative to more traditional medication. It is still illegal on a federal level, but many states like Washington, Colorado, and California have legalized it recreationally. States such as New York and Florida have only legalized it medically. While it has yet to be fully endorsed by the scientific community, states like New York have officially allowed HD patients to use medical marijuana.

Combined with the physical and mental symptoms, having HD can bring stress upon the patient. Medical marijuana can not only relieve this stress, but it also takes care of the noted symptoms. HD patients have been known to take medical marijuana products and find themselves in a much better place, treatment wise, then if they had taken prescription drugs. By avoiding the side-effects associated with prescription drugs, patients have a cleaner and safer chance at improving their situation. Dealing with HD is hard enough, and many endorsers of medical marijuana know that the products offered to patients provide very positive results.

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Medical Marijuana Products

Medical marijuana comes with a variety of products that can help many patients who have HD. While it is easy to think that most, if not all, marijuana are smokable, there is a wide variety of available products. While smokable marijuana (via the flower) is an option, a patient can intake marijuana products via capsules and tinctures. These are oral types that can be very well suited for those who like to take their medicine on a routine.

If you would prefer to inhale, you can still get smokable flower or vaporizers. Vaping may be considered a better choice since it can be easily used and be taken on the go. Getting the oils and using them is also an easy process, as oils are sold independently. Getting the flower is more difficult than vaping, as it requires patients to first try other forms before confirming that the flower is their best option. If you are insistent on getting the marijuana flower, be sure your physician is aware of this.

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