Medical marijuana prostate

Can Medical Marijuana Be Used to Treat Prostate Cancer?


The use of medical marijuana has had mixed reactions over the years from doctors and society. It has been associated with crime and idleness until recently when a group of researchers took a different view on its use. 

Marijuana has two major compounds: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). TCHs are mostly used for recreational purposes, while CBDs are focused on medical reasons. If you are a prostate cancer patient, cannabinoids are a great deal in treating the disease. Here is how it helps:



Medical Marijuana in Pain Management

Since prostate cancer has intolerable pain, especially when in its advanced stages, it requires some intervention. Your body contains various receptors that have different functions. The CB1 receptor is responsible for pain relief.


Medical marijuana prostate cancer

Medical marijuana and prostate cancer


To manage pain associated with prostate cancer, the CB1 receptor has to be stimulated. Cannabinoids stimulate them from the highly concentrated part of your brain, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Preventing Cell Division

Radiation is the most common form of treating prostate cancer currently. This treatment aims at preventing the multiplication of cancer cells in your body. However, radiation has some side effects which can be severe depending on your body. They include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite

Medical marijuana works on cancer cells without causing these effects. It stimulates another receptor in your body known as CB2. When the CB2 in your body is activated, apoptosis takes place. This process is biological and slows down the multiplication of cancer cells by causing self-destruction of the cells.

Medical Marijuana helps in Managing Insomnia

Prostate cancer creates a lot of body changes. One of them includes insomnia, which can be draining. When you are sick, you need to rest so that your body can repair the worn-out tissues. Otherwise, you become weak, and your rate of recovery becomes slow.

In cases of insomnia, medical marijuana becomes handy. It contains strains such as Indica that help you get a good sleep. These strains act as sedatives to your body, and the moment you wake, you feel relaxed and energetic. So, you are able to carry on with your activities productively.


Medical marijuana prostate cancer

Medical marijuana and prostate cancer complications


Medical Marijuana Improves Appetite

As noted earlier, when you are on radiation treatment, you lose appetite. This treatment causes inflammation in your digestive tract. As a result, you avoid eating and drinking since it agitates the inflammation. Here is where medical marijuana works for you. It has anti-inflammation properties that allow you to down your food as the body requires.

To reduce inflammation, cannabinoids suppress the production of inflammation-causing cytokines, cell proliferation, and production of the T-regulatory cells (Tregs). When all these are controlled, you are able to give your body enough nutrients to help in fighting cancer. 



Medical Marijuana Reduces Stress

It is common to feel stressed whenever we feel sick. For cancer patients, the stress levels are high due to the treatment processes involved and their effects. This can lead to depression, which increases the mortality rate.

The cannabinoids have psychoactive components that bind with the CB1 receptors. These components make you feel happy and relaxed, reducing your stress levels. Your body regains its energy in fighting prostate cancer cells.

How Medical Marijuana is Used

Using medical marijuana does not involve sophisticated methods. You can use it at your place without waiting for the doctor after getting the right quantity. These methods are:


This method is the oldest and common. You inhale marijuana in the form of smoke, and you can feel its effects almost immediately. The downside of this method is that it comes from respiratory complications.


It is one of the most recent discoveries of using marijuana. Oils focus on specific compounds of cannabis, and you can consume them in food.


These are patches you use on your skin for medical purposes. When treating prostate cancer, you need something that will reach the affected area. Medical marijuana is used in the form of topicals and slowly but effectively serves the purpose.


If you are not comfortable using other methods of using marijuana for prostate cancer treatment, you can settle for pills or tinctures. They are available in this form where you put tincture under your tongue or swallow the pills. Make sure you specify this need to your pharmacist.


It is a safer form of consuming medical marijuana than smoking. This option eliminates most of the toxins that are found in smoke. Although it is not free from toxins, it helps in reducing the harm caused by smoking to your lungs.

If you are considering trying this form of treatment, you should do it with a reputable practitioner. At MDberry, you can relax, knowing that you are receiving the best help for your treatment. 



You can reach out and let the professionals take you through the process at your convenience.

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