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Medical Marijuana Schizophrenia

How Medical Marijuana Helps Curb symptoms of Schizophrenia?

  The term Schizophrenia was first documented in 1910 by a Swiss-based Psychiatrist, Paul Eugene. He derived the term from two Greek words “Schizo,” and “Phren,” meaning split-mind. Since then, scientists have been on a research venture to try and unearth the disease’s cause and cure.  Get your Medical Marijuana Card now!   However, to date, there […]

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana’s Role in Controlling Diabetes

  Over 100 million Americans suffer from diabetes or have prediabetes, according to recent CDC research data. Diabetes is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood glucose. Although there is no magic pill to cure the illness, patients can manage their condition with physical activity, better nutrition, and medications for controlling blood […]

Growing Marijuana

5 Steps of Growing Marijuana as a Beginner

Ever since legalization, the number of people using marijuana across the world rises every day. While some use it for recreational, a considerable proportion of these subjects use it for health purposes. Get your Medical Marijuana Card now!   According to medical journals, the use of cannabis can help alleviate chronic pains, improve your lung […]

Medical Marijuana Card

Want a Licensed Medical Marijuana Card? Get It the Easy Way

  It’s 2020, and you’re probably thinking, do I need a medical marijuana card? Well, unlike for recreational use, medical marijuana carries more weight in the cannabis industry. There are several benefits of a medical marijuana card: from lower purchase costs and legal protection to getting the right prescription that will be effective in treating […]

Marijuana Edibles

Top 5 Marijuana Edibles to Try Out

  Marijuana edibles are a more convenient and healthy alternative to vaporizing and smoking weed. They have also become a popular choice in the health sector as they provide great relief to chronic pain and other ailments. The best part about marijuana edibles is that they come in varying forms and flavors to select one […]

22 Most Demanded Marijuana Experts You Should Follow

22 Most Demanded Marijuana Experts You Should Follow Marijuana is probably one of the most controversial topics today, both from the health and legal stand. As marijuana becomes more widely accepted, the industry is growing rapidly thanks to the amazing people who have worked so hard to ensure the benefits of marijuana are known and […]

Indica vs Sativa

Sativa Vs Indica Strains: 5 facts that makes them amazing

  Indica or Sativa? A question old as time itself, yet one that remains a big dilemma to every cannabis user looking for the ideal marijuana strain. Patients need to be well-informed of their options when it comes to medical marijuana. This is because some cannabis strains are more effective in treating particular ailments than […]

Medical Marijuana

Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Improving Your Sex Drive

  Does medical marijuana improve your sex life? According to a CDC survey of more than 50,000 people, it increases sexual frequency without impairing it. What’s more, these encouraging results are positive for all genders and various other demographics. Cannabis heightens sensitivity to touch, arousal, and erotic pleasure. It also lowers your inhibitions, which makes […]

Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Fighting Breast Cancer

  The continuous increase in individuals with breast cancer in the United States cannot go unnoticed. The disease has touched many lives, directly and indirectly. Scientists are yet to succeed in finding a cure that can end this nightmare completely. Patients are forced to undergo harsh procedures such as radiation and chemotherapy to manage the […]

Medical Marijuana

7 Facts You Should Know About Marijuana Dabbing Tools

  Tons of people have probed the medical benefits and usage of medical cannabis since it got legalized. Numerous studies have shown that marijuana can treat different ailments. This explains why the medical industry has been embracing it in recent years. Nevertheless, the most appropriate consumption method of cannabis remains a topic of deliberation among […]

Women Health

5 Ways of How Cannabis Improves Women’s Health

  As a woman, your health plays a risk card in every stage of your life. Why? You naturally give you up to care for others, including your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, with this trend, female health issues surge while others are mother nature induced as you will read later below. Treating some of them […]

Medical Marijuana

How Does Medical Cannabis Help Heal Bone Fractures?

  Millions of Americans struggle with bone fractures due to car accidents, falls, and osteoporosis, among other reasons. Because dealing with these fractures is considerably distressing, many people are always looking to find a safe, affordable, and effective therapeutic option to deal with the different types of bone issues. One of the promising solutions is […]

Medical Marijuana

Analyzing the Safety and Efficacy of Marijuana as a Medicine

  Over the decades, there’s been growing interest in the medical application of cannabis. Researchers keep uncovering evidence that supports its safety and efficacy as a remedy for various ailments. They include: Neuropathic pain Anxiety, Appetite loss, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Eating disorders, and cancer. A large number of health organizations in the US today either support […]

Medical Marijuana

Treating Hepatitis-C Symptoms with Weed in New York

  Recent research by experts at the University of California shows that medical marijuana has the potential to reduce the symptoms and growth of the Hepatitis C virus. The study shows that medical marijuana can help patients adhere to often painful and challenging Hepatitis C medication. Get your medical marijuana card today!     Hepatitis […]