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Medical Marijuana Card

Can I Use My Medical Marijuana Card in Another State?

  Can I use my medical card in another state to purchase medical marijuana? This is, undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions, and rightly so. In this article, we will explore the facts and everything you need to know about the out-of-state use of your medical marijuana card. Traveling with Marijuana Across State […]

Medical Marijuana

The Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Medical Marijuana Online

  Thanks to tech advances and the ever-growing popularity of e-commerce, you can buy anything over the Internet and have it delivered at your door, including medical cannabis. Even after its legalization in most states, a significant stigma is still attached to marijuana use. Perhaps, this is why more patients and their caregivers are opting […]

Medical Marijuana

Obstacles In Getting Medical Marijuana Card NYC

  The use of medical marijuana is roaring in NYC. Most patients with qualifying conditions are opting for cannabis to alleviate severe symptoms. Despite the government offering a lenient stance and legalizing medical marijuana, the marijuana card NYC acquisition process can be quite intimidating. Get the therapeutic benefits of marijuana for various diseases. Click the button below […]

Medical Marijuana

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Growing License?

  Currently, 33 US states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana (MMJ). However, the herb is still illegal on a federal level. If you have a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment and hold a valid medical marijuana card, you can legally purchase medical cannabis products from registered dispensaries across these states. Grow […]

Types of Vapes

The Different Types of Vapes for Beginners and Advanced Users

  Vaping can be advantageous in two ways. One, it’s an easy and gradual way to quit smoking tobacco. Second, vaping marijuana is better than smoking it. It allows you to get all the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without burning the potent cannabinoids.  Get the therapeutic benefits of marijuana for various diseases. Click the button […]

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Anxiety: Is it an Effective Treatment

  In recent years, the growing popularity of medical marijuana has left many Americans wondering whether it’s the long-awaited remedy for the various ailments they’re battling. For starters, research has proved that marijuana is effective in treating different physical and psychological disorders. That’s why it’s been touted as a calming and user-friendly antidote with minimal side effects […]


9 Best CBD Oils for Vaping That Are a Must – Have in 2021!

  2020 has been a tricky year with a bunch of things going on. There have been revolutions, protests, a worldwide pandemic, and crisis. And while you are looking forward to having a new start when you crossover to 2021, you should do it to the fullest. One way to make sure you have a […]


Is CBD Legal in NYC – Where Can You Buy It?

  Even with 33 states legalizing the use of medical marijuana, different states have different laws governing the production, sale, consumption, transportation, and packaging of marijuana. Due to all this confusion, users find it challenging to keep up with all the regulations. New Yorkers have a confused standpoint when it comes to medical marijuana use. […]

Leading Women Entrepreneurs Ruling the Marijuana Industry

The legalization of marijuana in the US has shifted landscape and impacted the economy favorably. Buyers are moving from black and grey markets to buy from licensed sellers. In return, the tax revenues turned over to the government increase.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: How to Make Edibles

  The general public’s stance on medical marijuana has changed over the past few years. Today, it’s common to meet people who openly admit to using medical marijuana to treat different conditions. Edibles are a popular marijuana byproduct since they’ve reinvented the way patients consume weed.  Knowing how to make edibles requires considerable knowledge of […]

Marijuana Seeds

5 Basic Methods of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

  You might be seated in your room one day enjoying a good roll of Kush when you realize that growing your marijuana would be a dope idea. However, like most people, you might shelve this idea believing the process is challenging and best left to the experts. Well, the good news is that you […]

Medical Marijuana

Minimum Age to Use Medical Marijuana

  Medical marijuana provides relief for various medical conditions. Although medical marijuana has come a long way in legalization, there are specific rules and regulations that users need to adhere to which include age limitations. If you are a teenager and wondering whether you can obtain a medical marijuana card to help you purchase medical […]

Medical Cannabis

How Medical Cannabis Help to Treat Migraines

  Migraine prevalence statistics show that 1 in every 6 Americans suffers from migraines. After a rather involving diagnosis process, the focus then shifts to managing and treating the migraines. Standard management and treatment protocols include avoiding triggers, lifestyle changes, medication, and in some cases, surgery. In recent times, medical marijuana and CBD oils have become […]

Marijuana Dispensaries

8 Dispensaries You Must Visit for Top NYC Medical Marijuana

  New York legalized medical marijuana in mid-2014, but due to its progressive laws around marijuana, it took eighteen months to become available to patients. Citizens were not so pleased by the harsh limitations and restrictions of the New York Compassionate Care Act. However, the conservative governor, Andrew Cuomo, opened doors by making a convenient […]