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New York’s Illegal Weed Market – The Black Market

  Since the passing of the Compassionate Care Act in 2014 legalizing medical marijuana in New York, many people have a misconception that the illicit drug trade has lost its grip on cannabis users. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are several reasons illegal cannabis will remain a multi-billion-dollar industry in America, but the underlying cause […]

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Where Can We Buy Medical Marijuana Legally in New York?

Table of Contents Introduction1. What are the Weed Laws of New York?2. Can Medical Marijuana be bought from any Dispensary?3. How to Buy Legal Marijuana Online in New York?Conclusion Introduction New York is one of the thirty states that have revamped their laws regarding marijuana possession, consumption, and sale. Although the Federal Government still has […]

Where can we get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York?

Where can We Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York?

  The use of medical marijuana in New York was legalized by the passing of the Compassionate Care Act (CCA) in 2014. This act was designed to ensure individuals living in the state had access to a treatment designed to ease the suffering of individuals and make the use, sale, and distribution of marijuana safer. […]

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in New York (2020 Update)

  New York has been fighting for its right to medical marijuana ever since California got its first shot. In 2019, New York decriminalized marijuana for medical purposes only. The law is still quite stringent in New York compared to other states where marijuana has been decriminalized. Get an MMJ card was not only difficult […]