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Learn about Medical Marijuana and what medical conditions can be treated with medical cannabis in New York. Find out the latest cannabis news, research, therapy and much more! Explore symptoms and conditions that could be successfully treated with medical marijuana!

How New York patients struggling with weight can get help from Medical Marijuana

How New York Patients Struggling with Weight Can Get Help from Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been approved for the treatment of several chronic and life-threatening illness in more than two dozen states. After a contentious debate, New York became one of the jurisdictions that now allow its use. In 2016, the Empire State implemented the plan passed a little more than a year prior. While many saw […]


Navigating New York Medical Marijuana Laws – Where To Begin?

New York passed the landmark legislative bill in July of 2014, Senate Bill S7923, legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Following the example set by other states, the governing body felt that with all the evidence supporting the potential benefits for chronically ill patients it was time to put healthcare in the hands of doctors […]

Is medical marijuana right for my condition?

Is medical marijuana right for my condition?

The term medical marijuana can be confusing. On the surface, individuals may hear “marijuana“ and question how this can be used in a medical setting due to its status as a schedule 1 drug. The fact is, despite the perception of how marijuana affects an individual, clinically, it is no more addictive than alcohol or […]

Where can I legally consume medical marijuana in New York?

Where can I legally consume medical marijuana in New York?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in New York since 2014 and fully implemented as of January 2016. Since that time, several changes and additions to the rules have been made to make sure that as many patients as possible can benefit from the law. While every state has differences, most have defined when, where, and […]

How can the New York medical community benefit from the alternative medical treatment of Cannabis?

How can the New York medical community benefit from the alternative medical treatment of cannabis?

When conventional western medicine does not seem to have a positive effect on disease progression or when debilitating complications associated with treatment are possible, patients often look to alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has become a hot button topic that is slowly finding its way into mainstream America.  By definition, it is any practice whose aim […]

Combating Opioid Addiction with Medical Marijuana in New York

Combating Opioid Addiction With Medical Marijuana in New York

Drug addiction was once thought only to affect individuals who took illicit drugs, but in recent years, we have learned that they are not the only problem. With the rise in prescription drug use, mainstream America has found that addiction doesn’t only happen in darkened alleyways and abandoned houses. In truth, the fastest growing addictions […]

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease is on the rise in NY; how can medical marijuana help?

Can Medical Marijuana Help with Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease?

Dieting and weight loss are one of the largest industries in America today. With the rising cost of healthcare and the expansion of the average American’s waistline, it’s no wonder that everywhere we look there is some new diet aimed at helping us lose weight. Dieting is big business. But what if your dietary needs […]

Medical marijuana and kids; A New York mother’s guide to effective treatment options.

Medical marijuana and kids; A New York mother’s guide

Medical marijuana has helped many patients who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Everything from cancer to epilepsy, PTSD, and opioid addiction can gain some benefit from cannabis. There are countless stories and patient-based evidence that can be drawn upon to help adults make the decision to use such an influential treatment option, especially […]

Is Medical Marijuana the new wonder drug for New Yorkers?

Is medical marijuana the new wonder drug for New Yorkers?

The use of medical marijuana has recently gained momentum in the United States. With more and more states deciding to legalize its use for some of the worst conditions, that trend isn’t likely to decline any time soon. So what is pushing this unprecedented growth? Could it be that medical marijuana is the new wonder […]

Is PTSD an approved condition for medical marijuana treatment?

Is PTSD an approved condition for medical marijuana treatment?

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a serious, often life-altering condition that affects an estimated 31 million Americans.  Individuals who experience or witness a traumatic event such as a sexual or physical assault, unexpected death of a loved one, accident, war, or natural disaster can develop PTSD as well as emergency personnel and rescue workers. […]

When should I talk to my doctor about medical marijuana?

When should I talk to my doctor about medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is one of the hottest topics in healthcare today. While many individuals feel that cannabis should be illegal, others believe that like other plant-based products, marijuana has a purpose and should be used as a treatment when all other methods fail. Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, there is […]


Medical Marijuana Treatment For Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

What Is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis? Discovered and named in the 19th century, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS, and popularly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a degenerative disorder that results in the body’s neuron’s failing. This is also why the disorder is also known as motor neuron disease (MND). These dying neurons contribute […]

Medical marijuana doctor in Buffalo


Like most towns in New York, Buffalo has its fair share of individuals who need access to quality treatment for chronic and life-threatening illnesses. These illnesses are often so debilitating that individuals who suffer are left unable to work, and in many cases, their quality of life suffers tremendously. Thanks in part to the dedicated […]

Medical marijuana doctors in Rochester


All across America medical professionals and government officials have been working hard to determine if there is a need to change the laws regarding medical cannabis. Many states have made the hard decision to allow individuals who are suffering some of the most horrific diseases to seek relief from pain and other life-altering changes. To […]