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Medical marijuana doctor in Buffalo

Like most towns in New York, Buffalo has its fair share of individuals who need access to quality treatment for chronic and life-threatening illnesses. These illnesses are often so debilitating that individuals who suffer are left unable to work, and in many cases, their quality of life suffers tremendously. Thanks in part to the dedicated […]

Medical marijuana doctors in Rochester

All across America medical professionals and government officials have been working hard to determine if there is a need to change the laws regarding medical cannabis. Many states have made the hard decision to allow individuals who are suffering some of the most horrific diseases to seek relief from pain and other life-altering changes. To […]

How to qualify for a marijuana card in New York

With New York’s recent passage of the Compassionate Care Act (CCA) many individuals who suffer from disabling illnesses may be eligible for the state’s medical marijuana card. Even though the laws are considered quite extensive, once all requirements have been met, obtaining this drug is relatively easy. Since the Act became law in 2014, the […]

New York Medical Marijuana Card FAQ

What is marijuana? Marijuana or cannabis is a natural plant that is cultivated for its psychoactive properties. Once used across the globe as an integral part of religious ceremonies, marijuana is more often linked to illicit drug use. Thankfully, after many years of being shunned and outlawed, a better understanding of this plant and its […]


Thanks to an increased understanding of the benefits that can be seen when cannabis is used during medical treatments, marijuana has experienced a wave of popularity across America. Several states have already changed their laws to allow certain individuals with complicated and complex medical issues the right to use marijuana legally. Although the requirements vary […]

Medical marijuana doctors online

Individuals living in New York and who suffer from specific life-threatening or chronic conditions may wish to consider medical marijuana as a treatment method. Since the passage of the Compassionate Care Act in 2014 that choice became possible. Although the rules and requirement may be considered more stringent than those of other states, New York […]

Black market weed Mdberry

Since the passage of the Compassionate Care Act in 2014 legalizing medical marijuana in New York, many people would falsely believe that the illicit drug trade had lost its grip on cannabis users. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are several reasons illegal cannabis will remaining a multi-billion-dollar industry in America, but the underlying […]


New York is one of the approximately two dozen states that have revamped their laws regarding marijuana possession, consumption and sale. Although the Federal Government still has marijuana on the list of Schedule 1 Drugs that are considered illegal, it has by default given the states the ability to make cannabis legal for medical purposes. […]

Where to get a marijuana card in New York

The use of medical marijuana in New York was legalized by the passing of the Compassionate Care Act (CCA) in 2014. This act was designed to ensure individuals living in the state had access to a treatment designed to ease the suffering of individuals and make the use, sale, and distribution of marijuana safer. The […]

Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in New York

For many years the effects of some of the most horrific diseases were believed to be lessened by marijuana use. Without the ability to adequately test it affects, the medical community has been unable to offer credible evidence that would either approve or disapprove that theory. In recent years, a push to expand the use […]