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Medical Marijuana

5 Tidbits to Get Legal Medical Marijuana in NYC

For a long time, the use of marijuana in NYC {New York City} was illegal. Thankfully, this was overturned on June 19, 2014, when the state legalized marijuana for medical use, and all penalties associated with it in the past were removed. You are now considered eligible to legally use marijuana if you have a […]


Is Medical Marijuana Effective in Treating Lupus? 

  Lupus, lengthily known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, is among the common autoimmune conditions affecting patients globally. This condition’s severity is in its figures, affecting more than 5 million people globally, with an estimated 1.5 million Americans, and 16,000 new annual cases. Like any other autoimmune disorder, lupus effects range from chronic to life-threatening, often […]

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

9 States with the Most Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

  The use of marijuana for medical purposes has remained a divisive topic in the United States for many years. Although now legally accepted in many states for valid medical usage, patients still need a state-issued card to access medical marijuana. So controversial is this issue that for a patient to qualify for a state-issued […]

Easy Steps of Getting Marijuana Cards Florida

5-Easy Steps of Getting your Marijuana Card in Florida

  In 2016, Florida voters passed the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, otherwise known as Amendment 2. And since then, more than 300,000 Florida residents have been using medical marijuana to treat various medical conditions. Avail medical marijuana benefits by clicking the button below!     Later in 2018, smoking medical marijuana became legal. And if […]

Reduce Symptoms of Autism

Can Medical Marijuana Help Reduce Symptoms of Autism?

  Medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms of both autism and Asperger’s disorders. These conditions adversely impact a subject’s social skills, nonverbal expressions, and unvarying behavior, and thus, can impede your quality of life. Get your medical marijuana card today!     Medical marijuana can provide reprieve for primary symptoms of the conditions, including anxiety and tics. Read […]

Nail Patella Syndrome Treatment

Medical Marijuana Benefits for Nail-Patella Syndrome Treatment

  Marijuana for Nail-Patella helps alleviate symptoms such as joint and knee pain, glaucoma, and kidney complications associated with the condition. What Is Nail-Patella Syndrome? Nail-Patella is a genetic syndrome that affects a small percentage of the population. Sometimes it is also referred to as Fong Disease, Onychoosteodysplasia, Turner-Kieser Syndrome, Iliac Horn Disease, or just […]

Legal Tobacco Not Marijuana

Why Tobacco Is Legalized in the US but Not Marijuana?

  Despite tobacco affecting our health, it gets legalized in the USA. It raises the question, why, after proof that marijuana can be beneficial to our health. Research indicates that smoking tobacco poses a higher lung-health risk than smoking weed. Also, unlike tobacco, marijuana is renowned for easing chronic pain. It can also get taken without […]

2 health benefits of Marijuana by 15 Marijuana consumers

Marijuana predates modern medicine for several centuries. This wonder plant provides several benefits that its users are grateful for. Marijuana has more medicinal value than some of the drugs that the FDA approves. It’s a natural remedy for various ailments. Unlike other types of medicine, this herb has never caused death.

Treating Sjogren's Syndrome

Medical Marijuana for Treating Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune condition that is characterized by dry mouth and dry eyes.  This is because the syndrome affects the glands in the body that produce moisture, that is, exocrine glands, notably the salivary glands and the tear glands. The syndrome can also attack moisture-producing glands in other parts of the body, including […]

Top 10 Medical Marijuana Myths Dispelled

Top 10 Medical Marijuana Myths Dispelled

  There is certainly an increasingly overwhelming amount of information out there about medical marijuana. Some of it is true. The rest of it, a myth. Here is a delve into some of the most common myths around medical marijuana and the truth from a scientific and legal standpoint. Looking for medical marijuana card? Click […]

Medical Cannabis for Autistic Children

How Effective is Medical Cannabis for Autistic Children?

  The use of medical cannabis in treating autism is still shrouded in mystery. While studies show that cannabis can reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms in autistic children, the American Academy of Pediatricians is still against the legalization for both medical and recreational use. Read on to know more about the efficacy of […]

Medical Marijuana Industry

Breaking into the Medical Marijuana Industry

  On 5 November 1996, California made history by becoming the first US state to legalize medical marijuana. Proposition 215, the ‘Compassionate Use Act,’ made it possible for patients who meet specific requirements to obtain and use marijuana legally with a doctor’s recommendation. The legalization of medical marijuana created a business opportunity, and, as a […]

Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoid System: How It Works and Its Roles in the Body

  There has been a lot of talk about cannabinoids in recent years, and you may be asking yourself: what is it about the endocannabinoid system that you need to know, or what is its significance in the human body? This article offers a brief overview of the endocannabinoid system including what it is, how […]

Cannabidiol Oil

Improving your Vision with CBD Oil

  For decades, there had been plenty of speculations with the use of marijuana as medicine to cure a number of diseases. But thanks to cannabis research advancements and testimonies from patients, it’s now clear that cannabis has medicinal benefits. The results of different studies have changed the public perception of marijuana, helped many patients […]