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Medical Marijuana: How to Make Edibles


The general public’s stance on medical marijuana has changed over the past few years. Today, it’s common to meet people who openly admit to using medical marijuana to treat different conditions. Edibles are a popular marijuana byproduct since they’ve reinvented the way patients consume weed. 

Knowing how to make edibles requires considerable knowledge of marijuana strains and how to cook/bake. The combination will go a long way in helping you make the most potent marijuana edibles. That said, here’s the ultimate guide on making marijuana edibles.

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Why Edibles? 

Before looking at the process of making weed edibles, it’s best to understand why you might want to consider this marijuana consumption method. There’s something special about marijuana edibles, which makes them trounce other consumption methods such as smoking and vaping. 

For starters, edibles guarantee a more relaxing and longer-lasting experience. When you consume edibles, it takes a little longer for the marijuana to get absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike smoking or vaping. Besides, edibles hit differently compared to other consumption methods. 

Most notably, edibles pass through the liver during the digestion and absorption process. Therefore, your body also gets to metabolize THC. This explains why eating edibles leave you feeling higher compared to other consumption methods. What’s more, it’s never a bad idea to make edibles for yourself!

How to Make Edibles: What Do You Need?

If you’ve got some cannabis and you’d like to start making edibles, you first need to know what you’ll need. Most people are more adept at handling the cannabis aspect than cooking/baking. However, rather than thinking about your edible’s potency, you should be more concerned about getting yourself a delicious treat. 

You can make dozens of edibles, but cookies and brownies remain the most popular ones. Some of the ingredients you might need to make cookies and brownies include: 

  • Unsalted butter
  • All-purpose floor
  • Sugar
  • Baking powder
  • Vanilla extract

From a practical outlook, you’ll need a weed grinder, two large pots, a cookie sheet, and a food processor. 



Health benefits of marijuana edibles.


Yummy Edibles Recipes

If you’ve always wanted to make your weed edibles, here are top recipes to consider: 


As the name suggests, cannabutter is a combination of butter and weed and is mainly used to make baked edibles such as cookies and brownies. Here’s how to make cannabutter: 

  • Melt butter in a saucepan, and add some water to prevent it from burning
  • Add ground, decarboxylated cannabis, and allow the mixture to simmer for two to three hours
  • Strain the butter into a pot 
  • Refrigerate your pot of cannabutter

Once the cannabutter cools down, you’ll have the ultimate ingredient for most edibles recipes. 

Weed Bacon

If you’re into salty treats, look no further than weed bacon. This marijuana treat has been around for a while, and it seems to be getting even more popular. To make weed bacon, sprinkle ground marijuana on one side of bacon slices. Bake at 135°C, and flip the slices after ten minutes. Sprinkle the other side before repeating for another the minutes.


This is another incredible edible, which can also be an excellent foundation for many marijuana recipes. It can also be used as an oil-based salad dressing. To make cannaoil:

  1. Add 30 grams of ground weed to two cups of vegetable or coconut oil.
  2. Heat the mixture for about six hours, but without boiling it. You may add some water to prevent burning.
  3. After that, use a strainer to separate the ground-up bud from the oil. 

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Bud Brownies

Brownies are arguably the most popular marijuana edibles. They are easy to make since you only need to mix your favorite brownie mix with eggs, water, and cannaoil. After that, line up the thick mixture on a cooking sheet, then bake it at 165°C for thirty minutes. 

Marijuana Ice Cream

We all enjoy a cone of ice cream once in a while. But, did you know that you can add marijuana to this cold, refreshing treat? Well, marijuana ice cream is easy to make and can be dressed up however you want. To prepare this sweet treat, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Melt 1 pound of thick ice cream in a saucepan 
  • Also, melt your cannabutter while adding some sugar to taste
  • Mix the ice cream and cannabutter, and add whatever you prefer (chocolate chips, nuts, fruits, etc.)
  • Freeze overnight

Cannabis Tea

Nothing is as refreshing as starting your day with a warm cup of tea. You can elevate your mood a notch higher by taking a cup of cannabis tea. It’s relatively easy to make this edible since you only need to brew up tea before adding a teaspoon of cannabutter. Sweeten it with milk, sugar, or honey. 

How to Store Your Edibles after Making Them

Now that you know how to make some of the tastiest marijuana edibles, it’s best to know how to store them and ensure they stay fresh and safe. The shelf life of the edibles you bake or cook isn’t any different from regular food. Therefore, they need to be stored in the best conditions to stay fresh and safe.

Edibles ought to be stored in sealable bags or containers so that they stay tasty and fresh. Baked brownies can be refrigerated to prolong their shelf life. Likewise, edibles such as cannaoil can be packed away in a tightly-sealed container and stored in a cool, dry place. 

Always keep marijuana edibles out of reach of kids. Likewise, label your infused treats so that unsuspecting family members or housemates don’t use them unknowingly. We’ve all heard stories about housemates who helped themselves to fresh brownies without knowing they were marijuana-infused! So, label your edibles to avoid awkward moments. 


Marijuana Strains

Best marijuana strains to make edibles.


What are the Best Marijuana Strains for Making Edibles? 

Using the most potent strains will enable you to benefit maximally from the weed edibles you make. Here are the best marijuana strains for making edibles: 

  • White Widow

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular marijuana strains. Its tart flavor makes it a favorite among edibles enthusiasts. White Widow is the perfect strain for those who want to stay happy and euphoric after ingesting their favorite edibles. 

  • OG Kush

Anyone who has tried out this cannabis strain in edibles attests to its appeal and allure. OG Kush has a rich and pine-like flavor, which makes it ideal for brownies. 

  • Super Lemon Haze

This Sativa-rich hybrid strain combines the delightful flavor of lemons with the chilled-out impact of its Haze genetics. You can use it to make most marijuana edibles.

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Final Words on How to Make Edibles

People say that marijuana hits different when eaten, and it’s easy to see why. You can use weed as an ingredient for preparing just about any meal. Even so, you should know about the best strains to use and how to make different edibles. 

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