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Medical Marijuana License Qualification

To qualify as a medical marijuana cardholder, you will need to prove that you are a legal resident. You can use verification documents like your birth certificate, your driver’s license, or your utility bill. You will also need to show that you have a particular condition that needs to be treated through medical cannabis and your state has verified it.

Physician Evaluation Process

You do not have to go for an in-person appointment with the physician depending on your state laws. The physicians are able to make an evaluation of your condition using your health history and find out what is causing the condition and how medical marijuana will help you. You can do all this online from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Obtaining Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

1. Higher possession Limits.For medical marijuana, the dosage is vital. It is because many patients need high-strength cannabis to abate symptoms.

2. Greater dispensary access. As a medical marijuana cardholder, you get priority services at almost all dispensaries within your state.

3. Opportunities for In-home growing. You can use the medical marijuana card to purchase seedlings and other growing materials easily.

4. Access to all products. A medical card will give you access to medical marijuana access and ensure you get the products for use anytime you want them.

5. Access to special state programs. There are states with programs, particularly for medical cannabis patients.


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Medical Cannabis Card FAQ

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What Happens During An Online Medical Marijuana Consultation?

Prior to meeting with a medical marijuana doctor, you will be asked to complete a few medical forms, answer a few questions, and enter your credit card information. Once your medical documents and payment information are accepted, you will then connect with an online marijuana doctor via video chat to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have. More importantly, the doctor will help you understand the options you have with medical marijuana treatment and how it can help you with your qualifying conditions.

What should I do if have not received a recommendation?

Please check if you emailed us a copy of your state ID or DL. Typically we need to have a copy on file before we send a certification document.

What are the acceptable payment forms?

Cash and CC only
* For cash-only patients: suggest to use a gift card/prepaid master, visa, amex and discover cards online, available in local stores. Patients can always pay cash in person at our clinics (Mango and Ezcare)
*We don’t accept PayPal for online payments.

What if I don’t have any documents/records?

If you are unable to provide any record from a healthcare provider that says you have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition for the medical marijuana treatment, our qualified physician may still be able to help you and evaluate you to see if medical marijuana treatment is appropriate.

Can a patient get their card renewed before the expiry date?

Yes, but the new card will start from the day they have spoken with a doctor The cards are generally renewed by a respective state agency, not by a doctor.

Can foreigners apply for MMJ if they live in the US and what ID is required?

Only if they have a valid state ID or DL, or if they can prove their residency in the state (utility bill, bank statement)

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