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What are the Effects of Medical Marijuana on Lung Health?


Medical marijuana has been touted as a natural remedy for many ailments. Whenever one thinks of marijuana as a remedy for lung health, the first thing that comes to mind is the effects of smoking on the lungs. However, there are many ways of consuming marijuana without smoking it.

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A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association pointed out that smoking a joint daily doesn’t adversely affect your lungs. Furthermore, smoking weed in moderation improves lung function. Here are the effects of medical marijuana on lung health.

Medical Marijuana and Lung Cancer

Marijuana’s ability to reduce the symptoms associated with lung cancer is well documented. Once you embark on cannabis medication, you’ll have a potent solution to lung cancer symptoms. Although medical marijuana doesn’t completely replace regular lung cancer treatments, it can significantly counteract the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of treatment.

Studies have also established that medical cannabis can also suppress cancer cells, thus hindering their ability to mutate and spread. Marijuana contains cannabinoids, which reduce cancerous cells. Besides tackling the cancer cells, medical cannabis also addresses the following symptoms of cancer and its treatments:

  • Nausea: This is a common and unavoidable symptom of both lung cancer and its treatments. Weed has antiemetic properties, which help you to retain food after meals.
  • Fatigue: Bronchogenic carcinoma is the most common type of lung cancer. Typically, the cancer cells attack the bronchi, thus causing breathing difficulties. When you struggle to breathe, you’ll feel more fatigued. Besides, the usually intense cancer treatments such as chemotherapy leave you tired. The Sativa strain of cannabis helps you to fight fatigue by giving you bursts of energy.
  • Pain: In most states where medical marijuana is legalized, chronic pain is listed as one of the conditions that marijuana treats. Many lung cancer patients attest to the pain-relieving properties of medical marijuana.


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Marijuana and Increased Lung Function

Because smoke from tobacco and marijuana contains similar substances, including tar, many have been led to believe that marijuana reduces lung function. However, research has established that medical marijuana actually improves lung function. However, you should only smoke marijuana moderately (one joint per day), or ingest it through other methods. Medical marijuana also has pulmonary benefits. It strengthens the chest wall muscles, thus improving lung function.

The impacts of marijuana on lung function is dependent on how you consume it. Typically, those who want to improve their lung health using medical marijuana smoke it using paper-wrapped joints, bongs, pipes, and devices that vaporize or heat it. Therefore, how marijuana affects your lung health depends on the preferred consumption method.

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How to Safely Consume Marijuana

Before you choose smoking or vaping as your preferred mode of ingesting medical marijuana, it’s best to consult your doctor about the available options. Since smoking marijuana, especially in excess amounts, can negatively affect your lung health, here are some alternative consumption methods that you should consider:

  • Edibles: This is a preferred option for medical cannabis patients who are non-smokers. Although little is known about the benefits of marijuana edibles on lung health, this method of consumption can lessen the symptoms of poor lung health, including chronic pain.
  • Topicals and Lotions: Some patients choose to use medical marijuana in the form of topicals and lotions. These can improve breathing besides offering relief when applied to different parts of the body, including the chest region.
  • Vaping: This mode of consumption provides the same instant relief that you’ll get from smoking weed. However, when using vape pens to ingest marijuana, you should also be wary of the quantities you consume because vaping can also have similar respiratory effects as e-cigarettes.


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Getting Started on Medical Marijuana

You can’t walk into a marijuana dispensery and purchase the drug without a marijuana card. Once you choose medical marijuana as your preferred treatment for the lung issue that you might have, you should get a recommendation letter from a licensed doctor. The recommendation letter allows you to purchase and use medical marijuana in your state legally.

The process of obtaining a marijuana card can be complicated. From registering as a patient with the state medical marijuana authority to getting a written recommendation, there’s so much that you need to do. There are medical cannabis physicians who can help you acquire your medical marijuana certification and ensure that you get the best treatment available. As a patient who requires cannabis medication, you need to get started on treatment as soon as possible. However, like anyone else, you may not know where to start.

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