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With 56 marijuana dispensaries per 100, 000 residents, Oklahoma is a thriving medical marijuana state. But the ease of doing business has also led to a price war, with stiff competition among the more than 2,200 licensed retail cannabis shops across the state.

So how do you navigate, Oklahoma’s booming cannabis scene? Here are some of the stores to step into for your cannabis fix in Oklahoma. They claim to have a combination of bigger selection, quality service, great prices, and a new environment in general.

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1. Kind Love Oklahoma

Kind Love Oklahoma at 3rd and Elgon between Boxyard and Fassler Hall in downtown Tulsa is the ultimate stop for all things cannabis. You can find the quality flower, edibles, clones, beverages, concentrates, seeds, topicals, tinctures, vaporizers, oils, and stuff like accessories and books.

With deals like 10 % Off on all online or Call-Ahead Orders, 20 % Off All Edibles on Sundays, and $10/gram all flower every Fridays, it’s easy to see why this is the best goddamn marijuana shop downtown Oklahoma. The store opens until 8 PM every day, and prices start at $13 for 1g flower.

2. Strain

At a great spot on the 3637 Northwest 10th street, is the STRAIN wellness center with a badass flower selection in 3 classic strains plus a handful of cannabis-infused products like cartridges and edibles in stock, and cool music playing in the background to accentuate the mood. You are surely going to love this store. Product prices start at $8.00


Medical Marijuana

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana


3. Origins Cannabis

Origins Cannabis dispensary on the 2500 NW 23rd street has 81 cannabis products on offer. From the mind-bending $5 Trainwreck that blends potent Mexican and Thai Sativa to the sweet-tasting Cookies & Cream and the lemon-scented Fire OG, Origins Cannabis has a product for everyone.

And the prices are on par too; you can get your fix with as low as $ 5 or go premium with the $175 Sativa-potent Mindscape for an intense high and great focus.


4. Oklahoma Home Grown

You can enjoy exclusive Oklahoma home-grown flowers from OHG stores in the East and South Tulsa. The store in South Tulsa is located on 6908 South Lewis Avenue, while the one in East Tulsa is on 9954 East 21st Street.

There is over 300 badass product selection at affordable prices from reputable cannabis crafters such as Craft Buds, PHB Growers, Kind Supply, and Pharm Aide. Expect great customer support and fair prices. Pricing starts as low as $5.00 for 1g cannabis buds.

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5. Cure Oklahoma

With highly trained dispensary staff and caringly priced marijuana products, Cure dispensary in Oklahoma is committed to giving Oklahomans medical marijuana enthusiasts their fix.

The store on 7105 N May avenue is a safe and friendly environment with over 200 cannabis products on sale. Products include flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Prices start at $12-1g packets.


6. Oklahoma Roots

Another great cannabis dispensary with excellent service and a kick-ass selection of products is Oklahoma Roots on 5825 N Harrison, Shawnee. They have over 200 products on offer. Just ask for Pete’s recommendation, and you are certainly going to blow the best smoke in town.

The store opens till 8 pm every day of the week, and prices start at $5 for the 1g buds. The brands in stock include High Sunshine, LSWR, Oklahoma Roots, TrueVine, and more.


Final Word

While we have avidly listed various dispensaries in town for your medical marijuana needs, we’d like to add that the most reputable marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma are The Peak, Minerva Canna, and Fireleaf. Not only you will get properly evaluated for your condition, but you’ll also get the prescription and placed on a solid treatment plan by medical marijuana physicians.


Medical Marijuana

MD Berrys Dispensaries in Oklahoma


There you go lovelies; Oklahoma is a thriving medical marijuana state. Cars pack the dispensaries’ late into the night, and you can hear the catchy flower, edibles, and vape products name in the streets.

Cannabis retail shops ads pop up everywhere too. It’s easy to get lost in the state’s cannabis scene, but with the above guide, you can easily navigate the state’s cannabis scene. Just get your MMJ card at MDBerry and get your fix in the above cannabis retail shops. MMJ card consultations are done via video calls. How cool!


Medical Marijuana

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