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Medical Marijuana for Spinal Cord Injury


There can be a lot of unknown factors related to getting medical marijuana, but it doesn’t have to be that way. MDBerry wants to help patients from all walks of life with getting a medical marijuana card so that they can reap its benefits. Medical marijuana has proven itself as an effective form of treatment for people with all sorts of medical conditions, from minor to severe. If you think you could benefit from medical marijuana, consider making an appointment with a licensed doctor.

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1. What Is Medical Marijuana?

In recent years, medical marijuana has proliferated as it has become legalized and normalized in many parts of the country. While marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, both medical and recreational usage has become decriminalized and legal in specific states. At this point, medical marijuana has become an accepted form of treatment, as many patients are able to get recommendations and ID cards for legally purchasing at dispensaries.

Personal anecdotes have long been the way to know how reliable and helpful marijuana is for the body. It was already known how cannabis had the ability to make a user feel relaxed and calm, but not too many people were aware of its health effects. Later stories talked about how marijuana was effective for treating stress and anxiety, as well as helping users stay focused. It was also found to be a very good pain reliever, sometimes preferable to traditional painkillers.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana products


2. Medical Marijuana Products

It is not uncommon for someone to not realize that marijuana can be consumed without being smoked. Indeed, many would believe that marijuana is always smoked and there is no other way of getting its effects. This, however, is untrue. Cannabis is a very versatile plant, which allows it to be consumed in a variety of ways.

If you want to get your medicine in a way that is both traditional and familiar, you can get capsules, which is essentially marijuana in a pill-shape. It allows users to take their medication in a routine way, which can be more helpful for some.

Oils and creams are other options that can be best if you want to use medical marijuana for a specific part of your body. If you have chronic pain in your joints, you may want to get a cream or oil that you can apply to those specific parts. It might also be your preferred method of ingestion, regardless of your ailment. Extracted oils can also be used for tinctures, which are applied beneath the tongue.

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While the smokable flower is not allowed in many medical marijuana states, vaping most certainly is. You can easily vaporize extracted oils and get similar effects through inhalation. Whether a full-blown rig or a simple pen, vaporizers are typically easy to use and bring with you.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana and spinal cord injury


3. Medical Marijuana for Spinal Cord Injury

Also known as SCI, a spinal cord injury can either partially or completely immobilize parts of a person’s body. It can also cause intense pain, along with a variety of symptoms and side-effects, making it much harder for someone to go about their day. Additionally, motor functions can be affected, making SCI a very severe condition for many.

Medical marijuana has been among the most popular types of alternative medicine for those living with SCI. This is mainly because medical marijuana has found itself to be one of the preferred treatments for pain. In general, medical marijuana has been a very popular pain treatment for a variety of and ailments.

While prescription medications can be helpful, those who prefer to take medical marijuana have found the results to be exceptional. In many cases, taking medical marijuana is the best route for them, as it provides the same relief as prescription medication. For some, the appeal of medical marijuana is that it will not have the type of side-effects or issues that can be so common among prescription pills. 


4. Getting Your MMJ Card

Compared to previous decades, it has become much easier to get an MMJ card that you can use within the state. It might still appear complicated, but it really is an easy process.

If you want to get your MMJ card, you first want to make sure you qualify for a medical marijuana card. It’s easy to check and see if you qualify, and it is often presented in a list format. Once you have looked it over and think you fall under one of the conditions, you should set-up your appointment. Keep in mind that, even if you are not completely sure whether you fall under the conditions or not, you can still set up an appointment. It is up to the licensed physician to evaluate you and determine whether you can be recommended for medical marijuana.

You can decide whether you want to speak with the doctor in-person, over the phone, or via video chat. Medical marijuana recommendations in New York are unique in this way, allowing patients to have their evaluations and meetings in the comfort of their homes. Once you have been evaluated, you can use your recommendation to apply for an ID card with the New York Department of Health. After a few days, you will receive your MMJ card, which you can use at any state dispensary.

Choosing MDBerry

When it comes to getting an MMJ card, advice, and recommendations from medical professionals you can trust, you can count on MDBerry. We make sure our patients are carefully evaluated and that their individual situations are fully understood. Everyone deserves medical relief and we intend to provide to each and every patient that comes to us for assistance.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our licensed doctors, you can call us or visit our appointment webpage. You can also freely contact us by phone or online chat with any questions or concerns you may have.

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