Muscle spasms

Medical Marijuana and Spasticity

Spasticity is a condition that can affect anybody- young or old. In this condition, certain muscles are continuously contracting. This contraction causes extreme stiffness or tightness of the muscles and can greatly interfere with not just regular movement, but also speech and gait. This condition stems from damage to portions of the spinal cord or brain that controls voluntary movement. Extensive damage causes a change in the way signals are transmitted between the muscles and the nervous system and results in increased activity in the muscles. Spasticity adversely impacts the muscles as well as the joints of the extremities which can be harmful to growing kids.

Marijuana has been used for hundreds of years for pain management. Today, medical cannabis is used in the treatment of several other health ailments- simple as well as complex. Even the FDA has approved THC, a component in marijuana to treat conditions such as nausea, pain, and to improve appetite. Read on to know how marijuana can be used to treat spasticity.

Symptoms of Spasticity

Spasticity may cause mild to severe symptoms. A feeling of tightness in various muscles of the body is a major symptom of spasticity. This can be severe and cause rather painful and uncontrollable spasms of the extremities of the legs and arms. This condition may also cause tightness and excruciating pain in and around your joints that can cause lower backache.

Some of the most common symptoms that patients suffering from spasticity complain of include, muscle stiffness that can cause movements to be constricted and make certain chores hard to perform, involuntary crossing of the legs, muscle fatigue, muscle and joint deformities, inhibition of muscle growth in children, and inhibition of protein synthesis in muscle cells.

Patients suffering from spasticity may also develop other complications such as urinary tract infections, pressure sores, chronic constipation, and also fever among other systemic illnesses.

What else it could be?

Spasms can be due to several reasons. Patients suffering from spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and multiple sclerosis often experience muscle spasms. However, extreme dehydration, fatigue, and electrolyte abnormalities can also cause muscle spasms. It is therefore important to diagnose the underlying cause before treating spasms.

How Medical Marijuana helps treat Spasticity?

The endocannabinoid system is a very important part of the nervous system that helps maintain a balance between synapses. Synapses are structures that help nerves, tissues, and muscles communicate with each other. Damage to synapses can occur due to injuries or diseases such as lesions from multiple sclerosis.

One of the cannabinoids, THC, that is found in medical marijuana helps improve spasticity in persons suffering multiple sclerosis. THC is absorbed by the endocannabinoid system and helps in blocking the inflammatory action of the lesions. This helps improve communication between the nerves and muscles of the body. Cannabis also helps reduce inflammation, controls pain, and curbs the degeneration of nerves. This helps slow down the progression of the disease dramatically.

Why Medical Marijuana treats Spasticity better than Alternative Treatments?

According to the AANS, over 12 million people across the globe suffer from spasticity. Many of these people may only experience mild symptoms that do not require treatment. Severe spasticity can cause pain, involuntary muscle movements, fatigue, joint and bone deformities. Traditional treatment for those suffering from severe spasticity includes muscle relaxants like baclofen, injections of botulism, physical therapy and in some cases surgery too.

These methods have severe side effects. Baclofen, can cause side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, depression, and also muscle weakness. Botulism has been linked to muscle weakness, injection-site infection, headache, and dizziness.

Marijuana can effectively treat muscle spasms without any severe symptoms. It can lower the frequency and intensity of spasms in patients suffering from spasms due to multiple sclerosis in just a few weeks.

How to get Medical Marijuana to treat Spasticity?

Medical marijuana is legal in California and many other states in the US. However, to be able to use cannabis in a treatment plan, a patient still has to prove that he has a medical condition or disease that is treatable with medical marijuana. According to research, in addition to conditions such as  Crohn’s disease and Alzheimer’s, cannabis can also treat conditions such as spasticity. Medical marijuana doctors across the world treat this condition with regulated doses of medical cannabis.

If you wish to purchase medical marijuana, you are required to have a state-issued ID card. Without this ID card, you aren’t permitted to buy marijuana, even for medical reasons. Thankfully, these cards can be obtained by visiting a reputable and certified medical marijuana doctor. Once you have consulted with a board-certified doctor and discussed your condition in detail, he will decide if you can use cannabis as a form of treatment. If he opines that medical cannabis can be used to treat your condition, he will approve your card which will be mailed out to you. Using this card, you can purchase cannabis from any approved dispensary in your locality. If you have the time and patience, you may also grow marijuana at home to reap the best benefits of this potent herb.

If you or somebody you know of has spasticity due to MS or any other disease, you can consider trying medical cannabis. Visit one of our certified medical marijuana specialists in San Francisco or San Jose to discuss your health condition as well as treatment options best suited for you. Not only is the process 100% legal, you are also assured of complete privacy. Our doctors will listen to your symptoms and diagnose your health condition. Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan will be charted. You can discuss any apprehensions that you may have in mind regarding the treatment or the use of cannabis with our specialists. If you haven’t used cannabis before, or do not know the many benefits of this medical miracle, our physicians will gladly guide you and educate you on all the details that you should be aware of.

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