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7 Medical Marijuana Sativa Strains That Are a Must Try!


If you have heard of marijuana, then the term ‘strain’ must have come up somewhere. Now, you start to wonder, what is a marijuana strain? How many varieties of marijuana exist? Why are there so many strains? Does each strain work the same when consumed?

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And to Answer These Questions:

A marijuana strain is a pure or hybrid type of marijuana plant. And to understand it better, you have to break it down.

First, there are two main sub-species, Indica and Sativa.  Hybrid species are a cross between Sativa and Indica. The subspecies further branch into strains that differ in smell, taste, chemical composition, and sometimes color.

  1. Indica – This cannabis strain sedates the body, making it perfect for relaxing. That is why many physicians recommend taking it before going to bed.
  2. Sativa – If you are looking for an uplifting cerebral effect, Sativa is the go-to strain. Consumption of Sativa prompts creativity, physical activities, and a more relaxed experience in social gatherings.
  3. Hybrids – These cannabis strains offer a balance between the effects of Sativa and Indica.

Although some people claim that Sativa strains are not as potent as their Indica counterparts, you can find up to 30% THC in some Sativa, which is quite strong.

Sativa packs a cerebral high that gets you through the day. And if you desire an intense euphoria, this is the strain of choice.



Medical Marijuana Strains


However, there are a lot of Sativa strains that are unknown to many people. And it would be a shame if you missed out on the uplifting effect because you did not know about these strains.

Below are 7 Sativa strains that you cannot afford to miss:

Number One: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is the most common strain of Sativa, mainly found on the East Coast. It contains about 90% Sativa and almost no Indica. With its high THC concentration, you can use this Sativa strain to relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Due to the uplifting and energizing properties of Sour Diesel, it is the most common recommended strain for patients dealing with depression and mood disorders.

Origin and Chemical Composition

Sour Diesel derives its name from its pungent diesel-like aroma. This Sativa strain is a cross between Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Others claim it is a cross between the Original Diesel (Northern Lights× Super Skunk × Chemdawg) and a Skunk phenotype containing Hawaiian strain Skunk.

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Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It contains 90% Sativa and 10% Indica, with 18-22% THC and almost no CBD.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

This Sativa strain has a pungent gasoline-like odor, hence the Diesel in the name. It also packs a punch of lemon and subtle undertones of pine and musk.

Sour Diesel has a sour and skunky flavor with some grassy notes. When smoked, it emits heavy smoke, which often leads to coughing.

The buds of Sour Diesel are medium-sized and dense. The leaves have a pale green and yellow undertone appearance. The pistils on this plant tend to range from a mute amber to bright shades of orange.

Effects of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a fast-acting Sativa strain that delivers an energizing and dreamy cerebral effect. It induces a feeling of happiness, euphoria, creativity, and uplift. Also, it offers long-term relief from stress, pain, and depression, making it a favorable option amongst medical marijuana patients.

This strain of marijuana leaves your mind calm and light and does not affect your daily work. And due to its versatility, it has gradually gained popularity amongst users, both medical and non-medical.

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What Makes Sour Diesel Special?

Sour Diesel is a medium-difficulty type of weed to grow. And this can be done indoors or outdoors, provided you create that humid, Mediterranean-like climate.

Once you know the necessary conditions for growth, the sour diesel plant can grow up to 4 feet tall, and it shoots up during flowering. Pruning evens out the branches, making it easier to manage the plant.

The flowering period for Sour Diesel takes about 10-12 weeks, with yields being an average of 1-2 pounds per square foot.

Sour Diesel and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an immune-related, progressive neurological disorder that diminishes the function of the spinal cord and brain.

The symptoms of MS include:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Urinary Problems
  • Weakness
  • Sensation and Numbness Throughout the Body
  • Muscle Stiffness


Sour Diesel

Sativa-Dominant Strain


Sour Diesel, an effective pain reliever, is recommended by many medical marijuana doctors to treat MS. It has some favorable properties, such as:

  1. Easing stiffness and muscle spasms.
  2. Help ease sleeping problems.
  3. The neuroprotective property, which halts neuro-inflammatory effects in MS patients.
  4. Antiseptic effects that help MS patients battle the nerve damage.

Side Effects of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel has a few side effects, some of which include:

  1. Paranoia, when you take into account the average THC concentration.
  2. An overdose could result in a worse case of paranoia.
  3. Dryness of the mouth.
  4. Red eyes.
  5. Cottonmouth


Number Two: Strawberry Cough

The Strawberry Cough draws its name from the sweet scent of fresh strawberries and a sensation that is sure to make you cough. This Sativa-dominant strain (containing about 90% Sativa) has an uplifting effect, with a sense of euphoria and a cerebral high.

Origin and Chemical Composition

This fruity and light Sativa strain originates from a crossbreed between a Vermont Strawberry Fields Indica female and a pure Haze male.

Once the Strawberry Field crosses with the Haze plant, it results in the Strawberry Cough, which delivers a hybrid of a soft and sweet taste and a solid cerebral high.

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The average THC composition of this Sativa strain lies between 15% and 20%. However, from the Emerald Cannabis Worx Tests, THC content as high as 22.98% was discovered in 2018.

The Strawberry Cough has no more than 1% CBD.

Cultivation and Appearance

This Sativa strain has large and chunky leaves. And despite its Sativa-dominant chemical composition, its bud appears to be a typical Indica-buds structure. The leaves are solid and densely-packed.

The buds are tapered, with conical shapes, and could be mistaken for tiny pinecones. The leaves of Strawberry Cough have thick amber trichomes that make it appear to be slightly yellowish.

The Strawberry Cough’s red pistils thread through the sticky leaves. A waft of the plant carries a strawberry and peppery scent. This Sativa strain gives off a herbal cloud of smoke when combusted, a significant feature in the Haze strain.

The plants start flowering after 9 weeks.

Effects on the Body

If you are looking for an uplifting feeling of euphoria that leaves you happy and filled with joy, then go for Strawberry Cough. Strawberry Cough also offers a strong sweet flavor without compromising its potency.

Some of the common effects include:

  • An excellent cerebral calm.
  • Creative thoughts.
  • A wave of joy.

However, a single puff could cause coughing, even to the most experienced weed smokers.


Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry cough is great for anxiety.


This Sativa strain is ideal for relieving symptoms of anxiety, nausea, depression, and other mood-related disorders.

Strawberry Cough has a high THC content and an evenly-distributed imminent strawberry flavor throughout the plant. Therefore, you get a blissful flavor-packed high every time you consume this strain.

Migraines, Anxiety, and Strawberry Cough

You might be wondering why anyone would consume Strawberry Cough. The answer, severe migraines, and anxiety.

The fast-acting Sativa strain calms the mind and gives off a cerebral euphoria that eases the throbbing pain caused by migraines.

From reviews of Strawberry Cough, many users claim that this strain eases intense migraines and anxiety symptoms. It also energizes without fogging the mind, hence the common use among experts and novices. This strain is ideal for socialization, as it helps patients with anxiety disorders. It dulls the fear and anxiety while exciting the mind and floods you with waves of joy.

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The Strawberry Cough can also help in sparking creativity, inducing appetite, and enhancing focus and senses.

Side Effects of Strawberry Cough

There are a plethora of benefits gained from smoking Strawberry Cough. However, as the name suggests, it can easily result in a chronic cough, especially if it is your first time smoking. For this reason, avoid this Sativa-dominant strain in public areas. Other effects include:


Number Three: Green Crack

After Snoop Dogg, a renowned Cannabis connoisseur tasted the intense Sativa effects in this strain; he renamed it from Cush to Green Crack. And while the background on its origin might be disputable, users praise the fruity and earthy flavors packed in Green Crack.

Origin and Chemical Composition

This Sativa-dominant strain contains about 90% Sativa and 10% Indica. It descended from the popular Skunk number 1, with a hint of Afghani Landrace Indica.

And if you are looking for a trippy and energetic feel from a 16% THC content, Green Crack is the Sativa strain to use.

Flavor and Appearance

The Green Crack has small, clustered, and dense buds with a classical Indica structure. The leaves appear to be pale green, almost yellow. However, in some plants, the phenotype pigment causes purple streaks to appear when exposed to cold.

The Green Crack has rust-like pistils that stand out from the rest of the flower. Buds in this Sativa strain have milky-white trichomes coatings that give them a glistening appearance and sticky texture.

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As for the flavor, you can expect a citrus flavor with undertones of earthiness and wood. Sometimes, you can experience a reminiscent of mango at the top palate and the back of the tongue. When exhaled, you can taste a vague spicy and harsh flavor thanks to its Afghani descent.

Cultivation and Growth

The Green Crack is a relatively easy strain to grow, both indoors and outdoors. With a stable source of light and consistent temperatures, between 72 and 80 Fahrenheit, your plants could reach 4 feet with strong lateral branches

Trimming is essential in the cultivation of this strain. And for a Sativa strain, the Green Crack matures fast since it starts flowering between 7-8 weeks. With proper care, you can harvest up to 1.6 ounces of weed per square foot.

Effects on the Body

Despite the classical Indica appearance, Green Cracks packs up an intense Sativa high. It is fast-acting, and delivers bursts of strength, and boosts energy.

If you are looking for a Sativa strain to bring life to the mundane task you do every day, try Green Crack. It sharpens your focus, making it easy to concentrate on creativity and pay full attention.

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Green Crack for Fatigue and Depression

Patients battling depression are often sad and lose interest in things they previously enjoyed. And in this context, you can see that this Sativa-dominant strain has energizing and uplifting effects. It also induces happiness while giving you a high that jolts you with creativity. For these reasons, many physicians prescribe Green Crack to patients with chronic fatigue and depression.

Side Effects of Green Crack

Green Crack is not the most relaxing strain to consume. Users experience slight psychedelic effects, which include visual distortion and a sense of time dilation.

Also, when taken in large doses, cerebral thinking could plunge into paranoia and panic.

Green Crack can also result in cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Number Four: Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a Sativa strain that takes its name from its original parents, the Haze and an unidentified purple-flowering Indica. These berry-like tasting buds give a mentally stimulating experience.

Origin and Chemical Composition

Cannabis enthusiasts trace the lineage of the Purple Haze to Purple Thai and Haze.

The 15%-20% THC content is responsible for the incredible psychedelic highs. Also, the Purple Haze has less than 1% CBD and some terpenes.

Cultivation and Growth

Seeds of Purple Haze are hard to come by. Instead, you could use clippings from existing plants. The Purple Haze tends to grow tall and needs trimming for a limited indoor space. Otherwise, the plant starts flowering after 9-10 weeks.


Purple Haze Strain

Purple Haze is a chatty strain.


Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

The Purple Haze develops medium to large-sized flowers with a spade-like form. The leaves tapper from a broad base to a pointed tip.

This Sativa strain is true to its roots. It has loose buds with central stems, a classic feature of the Sativa heritage. The leaves have a dark green color with streaks of dark purple, hence the name. The sticky trichomes on the leaves of Purple Haze account for the psycho-activity.

When it comes to the flavor: Purple Haze gives off a dank, musky scent at first. But, after the second puff, you notice the berry-like notes. The leaves give off an herbal aroma when adequately cured.

When exhaling, you notice a sweet and hashy taste. And despite the deep purple color, there’s no distinct grape flavor felt when smoking Purple Haze.

Effects of Purple Haze

The Purple Haze is a fast-acting Sativa strain that works magic soon after inhalation. Once the rush abates, you gain access to the part of your brain responsible for creative thinking.

Also, this Sativa strain serves as an icebreaker when forming new acquaintances. It sparks conversation among like-minded people in social gatherings. And rather than the relaxing and calm effects observed in some Sativa strains, the Purple Haze stimulates.

That is why it is easy to lose focus after taking Purple Haze. But, if you are looking to engage in activities that involve the body and an active mind, Purple Haze is the strain to choose.

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Purple Haze for ADHD and Mood Disorders

The stimulating and thought-provoking properties of Purple Haze are preferable among medical marijuana patients. When taken in recommended doses, this Sativa-dominant strain can help patients dealing with attention deficit disorders focus on one task.

Purple Haze has mood-altering properties, making it favorable for treating mood disorders. The long-lasting euphoric effects and uplifting effects are helpful to people who want to distress and chill.

Side Effects of Purple Haze

An overdose of Purple Haze could result in paranoia and anxiety. It also causes dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Number Five: Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain containing up to 80% Sativa. It is famous for its cerebral effects and a sudden acute awareness of your surroundings. And despite the high THC potency, it does not leave you with impaired memory.

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa strain that offers fresh and fruity flavors.

Origin and Chemical Composition

The Amnesia Haze is a crossbreed between the staple Haze and several landraces, including Thai, Afghani, and Hawaiian. And although it has a misleading name, this strain of marijuana drives inspiration rather than forgetfulness.

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Amnesia Haze contains about 20-25% THC and no more than 1% CBD, which makes for a well-balanced cerebral high.

Cultivation and Growth

When growing Amnesia Haze outside, the plants require a predominantly hot climate with temperatures 72-80 Fahrenheit. Their bushy statures grow to a maximum of 4 feet. You should trim your plants at the top to allow light to reach the flowering nodes and lower branches.

Amnesia Haze takes an exceptionally long time to flower. The first flowers appear after about 10 to 12 weeks, making it an unfavorable strain among commercial weed growers. With a fruitful harvest, growers can harvest up to 2 ounces per square foot.

Despite its long growth period, this marijuana strain is resistant to mold, mildew, and diseases.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

The distinguishing feature of the Amnesia Haze is the chunky, dense flowers. And although lightly packed, the Indica and Sativa synthesis bud structure makes the Amnesia Haze buds appear more conical than round.

Depending on how you cure your buds, they appear to be greenish, with a yellow tint. Also, the rust-colored pistils stand out from the leaves.

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When harvesting the Amnesia Haze, you notice the leaves giving off a citrus scent. This tang mellows with earthiness and notes of wood, especially cedar. Once you break off the bud, a spicy scent characteristic to the Haze family strains fills the air.

Amnesia Haze has smooth smoke, which packs a rich spicy and citrus-infused flavor during inhalation and exhalation. However, there’s a chance that the smell of smoke might linger since Amnesia Haze is a pungent strain.

Effects of Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is famous among many users due to its outstanding qualities. It opens up your mind to more thoughtfulness. The high comes with an acute increased awareness of your surroundings and induced cerebral thinking.

This mental sharpening can lead to a euphoric feeling and mood improvement. Besides, the Amnesia Haze has enough Indica to induce relaxation and contemplativeness.

The mental and physical effects derived from this Sativa strain makes it possible to engage in physical exercises that require energy, body, and mind.

The buzz from Amnesia haze lasts longer compared to other Sativa strains. It is also known to leave its users in a good position for social interactions.

So, if you are in an isolated setting, looking for a long-lasting effect and relaxation, go for Amnesia Haze.

Amnesia Haze for Mood Disorders

As mentioned above, Amnesia Haze has several positive effects on the human body. Since this strain induces cerebral thinking, it prompts focus and mental sharpening. As a result, moods improve, and users often find themselves in a euphoric state of mind.


Mood Disorders

Aggression is a common symptom of mood disorder.


All these mood-lifting and energizing properties are the reasons why Amnesia Haze is a viable option for patients with mood disorders.

Also, people with attention deficit disorders can use Amnesia Haze to focus.

Amnesia Haze is a potent appetite stimulant, making it a go-to option for people with eating disorders like anorexia.

Side Effects of Amnesia Haze

Patients prone to panic attacks are advised not to use this strain of marijuana. This is because the increased awareness of the surrounding could result in paranoia. Also, you might end us with a sense of worry, which requires care for first-time users.

As mentioned, Amnesia Haze has a slight relaxation property drawn from the Indica content. However, due to the high Sativa composition, which causes energetic effects, you might fail to relax.

Finally, like most Sativa strains, Amnesia Haze causes dry mouth and dry eyes.

Number Six: Jack Herer

If you have read the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes; you are probably familiar with Jack Herer. The cannabis activists fought for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in the 1980s.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid derives its name from the famous activists.

Origin and Chemical Composition

Jack Herer originates from the cross of staple Haze, Northern Lights number 5, and Shiva Skunk. It contains about 56% of Sativa.

This Sativa strain contains about 15-24% THC, with less than 1%CBD content.

Cultivation and Growth

Sensi Seeds provide Jack Herer seeds, making them easy to grow. However, you can also grow the plant from clippings cut from healthy plants.

When growing outside, growers should maintain Mediterranean-like climates, with daily temperatures between 72 and 80 Fahrenheit.

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Since the plants can grow as high as 8 Ft., indoor growers should trim their plants.

Jack Herer has lower than average yields. Also, it takes about 8-10 weeks to flower, making it unfavorable for commercial farmers.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

Jack Herer’s flowers are not visually appealing. They are pale to medium green and form in densely-packed buds. Jack Herer plants contain high trichomes count. Therefore, they are very sticky.

And although the plant lacks in visual appeal, you cannot miss out on the scent. The flowers have a deep floral scent with hints of orange and lemon zest. When you open the bud, you experience a more pungent citrus smell, with a peppery kick to it.

Burning Jack Herer results in a clean and herbal scent that is easily mistaken for sage. When smoking, you notice a smooth and easy smoke that leaves a spicy-floral odor behind.

Effects of Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the fast-acting Sativa strains. You get an intense head rush soon after smoking. However, it is essential to note that this effect is more energizing than it is disorienting.

Continued consumption spreads the tingly feeling to the rest of the body, starting from the neck. This feeling induces relaxation without immobilizing the user.

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What follows is increased focus and creativity, making Jack Herer one of the best brainstorming and visualization strains. The sense of euphoria leads to extreme pleasure, followed by a rapid flow of artistic energy.

Also, the relaxed, creative feeling allows you to improve your conversational skills in a social gathering.

Jack Herer induces relaxation and a buzz for the mind. Also, it leaves you in full control of your actions.

All these effects make Jack Herer a potential remedy to anxiety, stress, and depression. Also, the low CBD concentration in this Sativa strain can help people fighting chronic pain and aches.

Jack Herer as a Remedy for Stress and Loss of Appetite

As mentioned above, Jack Herer packs many health benefits. From relaxation to improved focus, these Sativa-dominant strains make useful medical remedies to many mental disorders.

For instance, the CBD content allows your body and mind to relax, making it a good prescription for dealing with stress, anxiety, and PTSD.

On the other hand, it induces a euphoric feeling, which can help you battle depression. Also, by stimulating your creative and artistic side, you can find interest in a physical activity, which suppresses depression. Jack Herer also helps numb underlying pain and aches.


Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain.


Jack Herer consumption is also associated with an energy burst, which often leads to improved appetites. So, if you have trouble eating, you could try this Sativa strain.

Since Jack Herer stimulates thoughts and energy bursts, it is better when used as a ‘wake and bake’ option, rather than evening medication.

Side Effects of Jack Herer

Taking small doses of this flavorful Sativa strain is fine. However, higher doses could result in paranoia, especially among patients with a psychological disorder. And like any other Sativa-dominant strain, you can expect a dry mouth and dry eyes after consumption.

Number Seven: Blue Dream

Blue Dream, also known as Azure Haze, is a potent cross between Blueberry and Haze. And with its history wiped off the books, many people speculate it to be a dream. Once introduced in the medical marijuana field, no one knew where it came from, and most suspected it to be from Santa Cruz.

We have a more refined breed of Blue Dream, all thanks to the legendary breeder, DJ Short.

Origin and Chemical Composition

No one knows where the Blue Dream came from, with some people tracing it back to California. What is known, however, is that it has good looks and intense flavors, borrowed from Blueberry Indica and Sativa staple Haze.

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The Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a relatively high THC concentration, ranging from a 17% low to a 24% high. It also contains about 2% CBD and 1% CBN.

The CBD content makes this strain favorable among patients due to the calm and euphoric effect.

Cultivation and Growth

Several factors contribute to the fame of the Blue Dream among commercial growers. It is mold and disease resistant, with high yields and fruity flavors.

Blue Dream flowers in 9-10 weeks in an indoor setup. However, it takes longer to flower when grown outside.

The plants can grow up to 5 feet tall. Therefore, it is advisable to top them early to let in light to the buds and leaves.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

This Sativa strain has long and bushy buds coated with deep blue hues, amber, and blue hairs. Also, you find many milky white trichomes, which contribute to this strain’s sticky nature.

Blue Dream is the perfect high wrapped in a beautifully balanced, flavorful package. The delicious and sugary flavors borrowed from Blueberry Indica are long-lasting and linger in your mouth and air long after smoking.

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Effects of Blue Dream

Don’t let the name fool you into believing that this is a lazy strain. Blue Dream packs all the benefits of its parent strains.

Since Blue Dream is super potent, it is beneficial to patients with chronic fatigue and appetite loss. This Sativa strain is primarily a stimulant, hence the mood-lifting effects. Therefore, it is a good remedy for patients with depression.

The Blue Dream high fades into a relaxed state, which leaves you calm. So, if you want to ease the muscle spasms and pain, Blue Dream is the strain for you. It also helps you get through your artist’s block by promoting creativity.

Blue Dream also induces motivation and heightened focus, making it suitable for patients with attention deficit disorders.

Blue Dream as a Remedy for PTSD

Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder often experience anxiety, fear, and depression. All these symptoms arise from their previous involvement in a traumatic event, such as war, torture, or personal assault.

All the effects of Blue Dream point to a happier, relaxed, and focused effect. That is why marijuana doctors are recommending it to patients with PTSD.



PTSD is a psychiatric disorder.


Patients with PTSD have a lower level of anandamide. Blue Dream prompts the endocannabinoid system to produce anandamide, a naturally existing cannabinoid.

When taken to treat PTSD, Blue Dream helps suppress the underlying trauma. Also, it triggers the endocannabinoid system to produce enough anandamide in the body.

Side Effects of Blue Dream

Blue Dream consumption begins with a cerebral rush. And this strain tends to get you ahead quickly. Therefore, people with anxiety disorders should avoid it altogether, as it might aggravate the pre-existing condition.

Also, the consumption of Blue Dream results in dry mouth and eyes.

In Conclusion:

Marijuana is gaining attraction in the medical industry. Where traditional medicine fails, cannabis comes in and delivers the desired relief. However, to treat a particular symptom, you need to choose the right strain of marijuana.

The Sativa strains aforementioned could serve as useful additions to your selection. And as you have noticed, these strains are quite instrumental in relieving the symptoms of anxiety, loss of appetite, migraines, depression, PTSD, and many more.

So, if you are a fan of Sativa or feeling particularly adventurous, you could try out the strains listed above.

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