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Nerve pain can be hard to identify and even harder to treat. That’s because it manifests differently for each person. However, there’s good news on the horizon for anyone who has ever wondered if marijuana relieves this condition. 

The emerging field of marijuana and nerve pain is producing some early, promising results. Nerve pain is also called neuropathic pain. It’s a chronic condition that is attributable to the dysfunctions of the peripheral nervous system or the central nervous system. This type of pain can result from other conditions that you already have, such as diabetes or MS, because nerve pain exists with other diseases. 

Each person experiences pain differently, and because the causes of this kind of pain are so diverse, it’s essential to discuss with our doctors everything that you have experienced. This allows our trusted team members to diagnose neuropathic pain as a different condition from what you already have on your medical history. 

One person might experience nerve pain as a result of diabetes, while another might have developed it as a result of an injury. In this way, medical cannabis can be highly effective for many different conditions. The conventional treatment approach is to manage the pain through harmful medications like opioids and over the counter medications like ibuprofen. However, these medications don’t target the specific areas of the body that are afflicted, and they can be habit-forming and harmful to your health.