Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in New York (2020 Update)


New York has been fighting for its right to medical marijuana ever since California got its first shot. In 2019, New York decriminalized marijuana for medical purposes only. The law is still quite stringent in New York compared to other states where marijuana has been decriminalized. Get an MMJ card was not only difficult but also time-consuming.

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What is Medical Marijuana?


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What is Medical Marijuana?


  • Possibly one of the most significant benefits attributed to cannabis is its ability to ease pain and increase appetite
  • Virtually all who have consumed marijuana while undergoing treatment for cancer have reported these positive side effects.
  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are the most important components of Marijuana.
  • THC and CBD can be used to target specific types of pain.
  • Inflammation and neuropathic pain are thought to be better treated by CBD while THC excels in treating cramp-related pain and spasticity
  • CBD’s non-psychoactive properties have made it a popular component in being a natural remedy and dietary supplement.
  • Experts believe that a combination of THC and CBD is the best way to treat chronic or debilitating pain.

Why do I need a Medical Marijuana Card?

  1. To use marijuana for medical purposes legally.
  2. To purchase, transport, and consume legally.
  3. To show the legality of use when caught consuming orally, topically, or in capsular form.
  4. To prevent jail time as marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug in New York

How can I get my MMJ card in New York?

To get your medical marijuana card with MDBerry, click here, and follow the steps given below:

  1. Complete the Online Application.
  2. Talked to our licensed MD’s
  3. Get your certificate on the same day!

All MMJ card in New York has a one-year validity. You can re-submit your application by clicking the button below and get your renewed MMJ card the same day:


What conditions qualify for an MMJ card in New York?

Medicine, Medical Marijuana and MMJ Doctor

Medicinal Properties of Medical Marijuana


If you have one or more of the following conditions, you may apply for an MMJ card:

Where can I use my Marijuana?

  • You should not smoke it outside the premises of your home or in public spaces that prohibit smoking.
  • Smoking weed inside vehicles is an offense.
  • You may smoke weed 100 yards away from any school but not near it or on private property.

Marijuana is Decriminalized – not legalized?

In June 2019, the state of New York failed to legalize cannabis. However, the end result was decriminalization. The revised bill states that:

  1. The penalty for possessing marijuana was reduced
  2. Marijuana-related crimes are eligible to be expunged.
  3. Marijuana can be used for medical purposes.

If you are a patient who has one or more of the diseases, which qualify you for medical marijuana, click the button below to get your card today!


Qualifications of a Medical Marijuana Doctor

The law places stringent rules on marijuana users. But it doesn’t forget that medical marijuana law comes with a responsibility towards the patients’ health. Therefore, MMJ doctors are allotted after a thorough screening in the following ways:

  • They must have a certification course.
  • They must apply for a license after certification is completed
  • They must report all patient certification to the New York Department of Health
  • They must certify that patient medical cannabis usage is within legal limits
  • They cannot themselves as patients.
  • Only doctors who are licensed to practice in New York are eligible to be MMJ doctors.
  • Medical providers include physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners.
  • Medical providers are answerable if any law is broken as per CCA condition.
  • Lack of co-operation with the law can result in medical license suspension as well as the program.

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