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Understanding Medical Marijuana Laws in NYS

If you’re searching for a green doctor evaluation, you might be wondering what kinds of conditions qualify you for a medical marijuana (MMJ) card. Well, our requirements page does a great job of providing an overview of these conditions. It’s also equally important that you have a complete understanding of how your specific condition can help qualify you for an MMJ card. After all, this is your health we’re talking about – and you owe it to yourself to know as much as you can about the benefits of using medical cannabis. 

Laws and guidelines are consistently being updated to reflect the changing opinion of medical-grade cannabis. New York medical marijuana qualifying conditions are routinely evaluated by lawmakers to find ways to serve you best, the voter. A cheap medical evaluation doesn’t always mean you’re going to get qualified. There are so many internet scams out there that prey on people who are trying to find a route to wellness. Know that when you choose us as your MMJ card provider, you’re in good hands. We pride ourselves on being honest, open, and are committed to finding a way to get you the care you deserve.

When you speak with our team, know that we’ll carefully examine all of your medical histories to uncover the conditions you didn’t think were treatable. For example, you might have suffered from chronic pain for your entire life. Did you know that chronic pain can be a foundational condition for obtaining cannabis treatment? Our staff knows how to ask the right questions to help you on your way to living your best life.

Most Common Conditions That Allow Getting a Cannabis Card

Let’s explore some of the common qualifying conditions that are routinely uncovered during a marijuana evaluation. Everyone knows that medical cannabis is helpful for those who have AIDS/HIV, cancer, and ALS. But did you know that it’s also an excellent treatment option for irritable bowel syndrome? It might seem unreal, but it’s true. Since every human body is equipped with an endocannabinoid system, the benefits of using medical cannabis are virtually limitless. Even more promising is the fact that it can help treat several other conditions, like anxiety and depression. Some research shows that medical cannabis might be useful in the management of diabetes and nausea. That’s great news for anyone who thought they’d have to take expensive pharmaceutical medications for the rest of their lives.


New York Qualifying Conditions

New York State has a specific list of conditions that make you eligible for a medical marijuana card. You can take a look at the list here, or check out our library of information to help you understand how to get an MMJ card. 

It’s easy to find a medical card evaluation when you schedule an appointment with our team. Our use of virtual appointments means you don’t even need to leave your house. 

Our highly trained staff of licensed physicians are qualified to help establish your need for medical marijuana. It’s easy to schedule a telehealth appointment or chat with our team. Contact us now to discover how you can improve your life with medical cannabis. 

At MDBerry, Medical Marijuana Doctors may be able to diagnose qualifying medical conditions that have similar symptoms to the conditions below. Schedule an in-person or online consultation today.


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Even though there are many studies proving marijuana’s positive effect on various conditions, some of them are not included in the qualifying list. Research shows that MMJ combats stress and allows patients to fall asleep easily which can help them fight sleeping problems and make them feel less depressed or anxious. Medical cannabis also helps patients with morning sickness and endometriosis, however, these conditions alongside with depression, anxiety, and insomnia are not yet considered qualifying ones.

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