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Obstacles In Getting Medical Marijuana Card NYC


The use of medical marijuana is roaring in NYC. Most patients with qualifying conditions are opting for cannabis to alleviate severe symptoms. Despite the government offering a lenient stance and legalizing medical marijuana, the marijuana card NYC acquisition process can be quite intimidating.

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Governor Cuomo in 2014 passed the Compassion Care Act into law, which gave patients in NYC authority to purchase medical marijuana strictly from licensed marijuana dispensaries.  However, to qualify for a marijuana card in NYC, you must be approved by a physician registered with the department of health (DOH).

Major Challenges in Acquiring Medical Marijuana Card NYC


1. Physician’s Attitude

The first major obstacle is the attitude of physicians in NYC. In the state, a physician registered with DOH has the authority to certify a patient with a qualifying condition. The certification allows you to access a medical marijuana card from the state.  The stringent guidelines concerning the use of medical marijuana cause constraints for medical professionals.

Notably, most physicians are reluctant to recommend the use of medical marijuana. The doctors view the schedule I narcotic drug as a threat to your health. The effectiveness of cannabis in managing certain symptoms is still in the research’s immune stages, and little evidence is present.  Thus physicians are ambivalent when certifying its use or the acquisition of the medical marijuana card.

Additionally, the DOH requires physicians to enroll in medical marijuana classes to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the NYC marijuana laws about marijuana use. The medical practitioner is required to complete certain classes to qualify to certify the use of medical cannabis.  Thus most medics are less likely to be involved in the tedious lessons and comprehensive procedures. Ultimately, a few qualifying doctors have the authority to recommend the acquisition of the medical marijuana card.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions in NYC


2. Financial Implications 

To acquire a medical marijuana card in NYC, you must incur a specific financial cost. Consequently, you incur regular renewal costs after the expiry of your card. If you don’t have enough disposable cash or a reliable insurance cover accessing the medical marijuana card can be quite a hassle.

Other costs you are likely to incur are getting a physician’s recommendation and the costs of buying the products from licensed dispensaries. Typically, for you to acquire a marijuana supply for a period of 30 days, you must part with over $50. 

However, individuals who qualify for assistance programs such as Medicaid may receive the card and products at a subsidized fee.  Despite having qualifying conditions, others who are economically disadvantaged may not register for the NYC medical marijuana programs.

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3. Patients Fear of Stigma

Residents in NYC have not entirely accepted the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Most of them have a negative perception of marijuana products and still believe that it is associated with stoners or junkies.  Society’s view of marijuana substances is causing most patients to suffer silently despite the government offering medical marijuana programs in the NYC jurisdiction.

The fear of improper labeling or insinuation may make you, regardless of having a qualifying condition, be intimidated in acquiring a medical marijuana card.  Even the initiation of a medical marijuana use conversation with a physician becomes quite difficult.  Patients’ negative perception is among the leading obstacle in acquiring a medical marijuana card.


Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card


4. The Process of Acquiring Medical Marijuana Card NYC is Procedural

The primary reason why you are not acquiring your medical marijuana card is due to the tedious process and comprehensive requirements. NYC health care requires you to adhere to the following intrinsic steps:

  • Contact a DOH registered physician who will access if you have a qualifying condition.
  • A certification from the medical practitioner
  • Online registration for the medical marijuana card
  • Purchase of medical cannabis products from licensed dispensaries.
  • Renewal of your card before the expiry date

Although the process may seem relatively simple, the technical requirements may make you shy away from the process. The NYC government is quite strict and strictly requires all patients to have full-authorization or qualifications before acquiring a permanent or temporary marijuana card.

The patient must also prove they are residents of the state by providing valid identification cards or addresses. The strict requirements may make most immigrants in the state not to register for fear of deportation.

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Contact Medical Marijuana Doctors for Assistance

Undeniably numerous obstacles are deterring you from obtaining a medical marijuana card in New York.  However, doctors at MDBerry can help you avoid all the obstacles and access your card within a few days.  If you have any qualifying conditions, our doctors will help you receive a medical marijuana certificate efficiently. 

Don’t hesitate to call us immediately; we are very proactive in assessing your conditions and recommending a marijuana certificate. We also recommend the right dosages depending on the nature of your condition.

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