MDBerry: Best Medical Marijuana Doctors

Apply for Your MMJ Card
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Because MDBerry offers round the clock medical marijuana card consultations, we’re always online when you need us.

MMJ doctors are trained just like other physicians. That means they go through medical school just like a physician you might visit for a common ailment like the flu or a cold. The difference between them and our doctors is that our staff understands and believes in the genuine benefits of medical cannabis.

Here at MDBerry, we have strict standards on who can be a part of our team. We’re committed to the furthering of cannabis as medicine and fully believe it can treat a wide variety of ailments. Marijuana doctors all stand by one guiding principle – cannabis is useful but needs to be administered and monitored by board-certified medical marijuana doctors.

All of our doctors adhere to the state laws. During our interview process, our physicians will ask you a series of questions to supply you with the best treatment possible. 

There are so many scams out there. You might think that an online doctor’s recommendation isn’t enough for you to get your medical marijuana card. That’s simply not the case.