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Because MDBerry offers round the clock medical marijuana card consultations, we’re always online when you need us.

MMJ doctors are trained just like other physicians. That means they go through medical school just like a physician you might visit for a common ailment like the flu or a cold. The difference between them and our doctors is that our staff understands and believes in the genuine benefits of medical cannabis.

Here at MDBerry, we have strict standards on who can be a part of our team. We’re committed to the furthering of cannabis as medicine and fully believe it can treat a wide variety of ailments. Marijuana doctors all stand by one guiding principle – cannabis is useful but needs to be administered and monitored by board-certified medical marijuana doctors.

All of our doctors adhere to the state laws. During our interview process, our physicians will ask you a series of questions to supply you with the best treatment possible. 

There are so many scams out there. You might think that an online doctor’s recommendation isn’t enough for you to get your medical marijuana card. That’s simply not the case.

Why MDBerry Doctors Are Your Best Choice

MDBerry is the medical marijuana clinic – we just happen to be online. Our doctors all have active medical licenses in good standing, and we carefully review our doctor’s records twice a year. That means that you’re always going to get the best treatment because we hold our doctors to high standards.  

When you’re searching for a medical marijuana card doctor located near you, you might have some questions.

At MDBerry, you’re our top priority. When you call or chat with us, we know that you are unique and have your own needs and reasons for seeking palliative care. We know that developing a good relationship with a medical practitioner is the first step toward the right treatment plan. Our physicians are trained to ask the right questions and uncover the ways that you can best benefit from medical cannabis. 

MDBerry currently have licensed specialists in the following states:

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Medical marijuana can offer you many of the same benefits as prescription pharmaceuticals – without the chemical side effects. Our doctors all believe that marijuana has the potential to revolutionize the face of modern medicine. We help propel this vision forward by connecting you with trusted healthcare professionals. Our team of experts will help guide you on your path to living your best life. Find out more about our mission on our Home Page or check out the steps you need to take to get a medical marijuana card.