How to Get Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island

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Are you a resident of Rhode Island and suffer from a chronic illness or conditions such as glaucoma, cancer, hepatitis C, or a condition that causes seizures, agitation, or severe nausea? If so, you may be able to qualify for the use of medical marijuana under the state’s Medical Marijuana Act. Certain qualifying medical conditions now allow patients in Rhode Island to legally purchase marijuana from dispensaries that are licensed through the state if those patients have valid MMJ ID cards. 

It has been proven that the prescription medications used to treat a variety of physical and mental health conditions can be addictive or lead to dangerous side effects. Medical marijuana can prove to be a useful alternative to these drugs that poses no risk of addiction and can actually have beneficial side effects such as stress relief and improved sleep. 

The requirements for getting a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island are simple and straightforward. This is the information you need to know on the state regulations and laws so you can apply for and receive a medical marijuana card.


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