Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Apply for Your MMJ Card
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Medical marijuana is now legal in Rhode Island for those who purchase it from a licensed dispensary with a valid mmj card. Those who qualify for a card are 18 years of age or older, have a state-issued ID, and have one of the conditions that can be legally treated with marijuana such as cancer, HIV, chronic pain, or post-traumatic stress disorder. 

List of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Rhode Island

There are more than 50 dispensaries in the state of Rhode Island who can legally sell medical marijuana to those who have a valid mmj card. There are many more dispensaries in the state who are undergoing the licensing procedure and may be able to sell marijuana in the coming months. To become licensed, a dispensary must apply with the state and go through a rigorous licensing inspection and test. Not all of those that apply receive licenses. These are the only dispensaries where you can legally buy medical marijuana and you must have an MMJ card that has been issued within the past 12 months to do so.