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Key Steps to Getting a California Medical Marijuana Card


Cannabis is currently the buzzword in medical and recreational circles. In some jurisdictions, cannabis is still illegal but not in California. California initially legalized medical cannabis, and in late 2020, it also legalized recreational cannabis. The state allows cannabis purchase for those above 21 years, but if you are below this age, a caregiver can get the drug for you. In both cases, you should have a medical marijuana card. Other than being allowed to possess and buy medical marijuana, your card exempts you from the taxes that are associated with the drug’s purchase. Moreover, you are allowed to get high CBD strains of cannabis from medical dispensaries when you have the card.

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Even with this information, you might have several questions on the purchase, laws, use, possession, and qualifying medical conditions for marijuana in California. This article will dig deeper into all questions on marijuana. It also has advice from qualified medical marijuana doctors on the information you should have when looking for a recommendation for your card.

Number One: The California Laws On Medical Marijuana

On November 5, 1996, a vote in California saw 56% of voters vote in favor of the removal of criminal penalties associated with the possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis by patients with a written or verbal recommendation for the drug from a qualified doctor. This result of the vote heralded the passing of a law that legalized medical marijuana in the state.

The law states that all people with a recommendation for medical marijuana could benefit from the drug’s use. Those diagnosed with any disorder that would benefit from the use of medical marijuana enjoy legal protection under the Act passed in 1996.

The Possession of Medical Cannabis

According to the health and safety code under the law regarding marijuana use passed in California in 2020, patients and caregivers that qualify for the use of medical marijuana are allowed to have not more than eight ounces of dried cannabis at a time. Furthermore, qualified patients and caregivers are only allowed to cultivate or maintain a maximum of six mature and twelve immature cannabis plants.



Cannabis products are available in different forms.


Traveling outside California with Medical Cannabis

While medical marijuana is legal in California, the laws around it change if you intend to travel out of the state with it. Even if you carry a medical marijuana card, it is illegal to travel outside California with your medical or recreational cannabis. Neither recreational nor medical cannabis is allowed across state borders.

Marijuana Rules for Non-Residents

Non-resident adults are allowed to buy recreational cannabis in California. For your purchase, however, you should produce a valid state ID, federal ID, or driver’s license. Non-residents who are buying medical marijuana should have a valid recommendation from a doctor that is licensed to practice in California for them to get medical cannabis products in the state.

Number Two: Conditions that Qualify for Management with Medical Marijuana

Laws in California are not so strict with conditions that qualify for medical marijuana use. If a physician deems the drug beneficial for certain conditions, it can be prescribed. Nonetheless, California has an extensive list of qualifying conditions along with guidelines on the use of medical marijuana. Some of the conditions for which cannabis can be prescribed and is legal include:

  • Arthritis
  • AIDS
  • Glaucoma
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Anorexia
  • Cachexia
  • Spasticity
  • Seizures, even those related to epilepsy
  • Migraines
  • Chronic medical conditions that significantly limit your ability to handle activities of daily living or can cause serious harm to your mental and physical health if not alleviated.

Before buying medical marijuana legally in California, remember to get a state-issued medical marijuana card.

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Number Three: the Procedure for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

When applying for a medical marijuana card, your first step is getting a consultation with a certified physician who will give you a recommendation for the card. You can opt for the traditional or online method for your physician consultation.

With the traditional option, you have to make an appointment for an in-person meeting with the doctor. This means getting out of your house then beating traffic and other hassles to get to the doctor’s office. The online consultation, on the other hand, is quite easy since you can have the consultation right from your home’s comfort.

The Role Played by the California Department of Public Health

The CDPH {California Department of Public Health} initiated the MMICP {medical marijuana identification card program}. The program was meant to pave the way for the issuing of a medical marijuana identification card authorized by the state. CDPH also established a registry database to verify the details of qualified medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. This registry is also used by law enforcers to confirm the legitimacy of a patient’s medical marijuana card. This is because you need this card for you to grow, possess, consume, or transport medical marijuana in California.

There was an Executive Order N-80-20 issued on September 23, 2020. This order affected the expiry of current medical marijuana cards. The cards that were to expire on or before 4th march 2020 will now be valid until and on December 31, 2020.

Diagnosis of a Patient’S Condition by a Certified Physician

You should have certification by a certified medical marijuana doctor for you to get a medical marijuana card. For this, you will fill in a form then have a diagnostic evaluation with your physician. During the evaluation and the filling of the form, you will relay as much information about your condition as possible to the physician. He/she can then prescribe medical marijuana if he/ she deems it beneficial for the management of your condition.

When you are suffering and can barely travel anywhere, the telehealth platform will prove quite beneficial for you when you want to get medical cannabis. After filling the form and the completion of your diagnosis by a physician, the processing of your medical marijuana card starts.

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The Documents You Will Need to Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card

When applying for a medical marijuana card in California, you will need a few documents to back your application. A photographic ID issued by the state of California and proof of residency in the state is among the key documents needed.

Those who do not have a California state-issued ID can use a government-issued ID from another state or country. If you have medical reports detailing your condition, these can also help in your application.

If you live in California, your medical marijuana card should be obtained through a county program rather than an evaluation center or attending physician. Your county offices and contact information pages will have the contact information of the medical marijuana card program for participating counties.

The Requirements by the State of California

Other than identification cards, you should also prove that you reside in the county in which you submit your application for you to qualify for a medical marijuana card. All counties will ask for proof of residency, identification, and a medical recommendation for them to process your medical marijuana card.

In your county, the identification document can be a driver’s license issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, an ID card, or any other government-issued ID card with a photo. Your proof of residence for the county office could be a mortgage agreement, utility bill, or your California DMV car registration.


Medical Marijuana Card

For medical marijuana cards in CA, documents are necessary.


You will pay a fee to your county for the processing of your medical marijuana card; these fees vary in different counties. After paying the fees, most counties will take a month to verify your application and five days to make your medical marijuana card available. You must physically visit the county offices’ health department to make your application for the medical marijuana card.

After the issuance of your medical marijuana card, you are now allowed to buy, possess, and grow cannabis according to the law in California. When going out to buy marijuana, do not forget to carry your registry ID card and certification to your chosen registered dispensing facility to access approved medical marijuana products.

Number Four: Renewing a Medical Marijuana Card

In California, your medical marijuana card is effective for a year after its issuing. To be on the safe side, it is best to renew your card thirty days before it expires. This is the approximate time it will take your county offices to evaluate your recommendation. Renewing the card a month before its expiry ensures you do not miss out on medical cannabis as you await the approval process before its renewal.

Why Should a Medical Marijuana Card Be Renewed?

A medical marijuana card allows you to get the cannabis you need to manage certain conditions as per a doctor’s recommendation. The state does not necessarily expect that the cannabis will cure your condition in the twelve months for which your card is valid. The renewal process is just meant to assess whether or not you still need medical marijuana. Most patients who are put on marijuana have chronic conditions that will not resolve in a year. As such, the renewal process is quite straightforward, and all medical cannabis card holders go through it.

There are several websites through which you can quickly and easily renew your medical marijuana card. Not all of them are, however, legitimate. At MDBerry, we can legally renew your medical marijuana card inexpensively and quickly. When you start the process on the website, rest assured that you will get your medical marijuana card in no time. This is because your card will get to you before the other one expires.

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How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card?

Thankfully, renewing your medical marijuana card will only take a few minutes. When you start the process, the following are a few things to keep within reach since they will be required at some point in the process:

  • Prior medical records
  • A California state-issued ID card
  • Your previous medical marijuana card

After gathering these documents, here are the next steps in your card renewal process:

  1. Getting a medical marijuana renewal form and filling in your personal information.
  2. Submitting copies of your prior prescriptions for medical cannabis and your ID.
  3. Meeting a certified medical marijuana physician to assess your need for the drug.
  4. After getting your prescription for medical marijuana from the physician, you will get a copy of your application’s approval.

Once you get your approval, you will typically get the new medical marijuana card in your mail a few days later.

Is It Illegal to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

No, it is not illegal to get your medical marijuana card renewed online. The authorities in California understand that not all patients who need medical cannabis can personally visit a medical cannabis physician. They thus encourage the use of telemedicine facilities whenever possible. This also reduces the long queues in doctors’ offices by those who need to renew their cards.

If you can do so, opt for an online renewal for your medical marijuana card. Compared to the traditional option of visiting a clinic, online renewal is faster, cheaper, and more convenient. Most importantly, the renewal is legal.

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Additional Information

Like most humans, you will often conduct a cost-benefit analysis before getting a medical marijuana card. You want to know if the hassle you go through to get the card is worth it.

  • Are there any benefits you will get with a medical marijuana card seeing as the drug is now legal for recreational use in California? 
  • Will you be placed under surveillance by the government once you sign up for the card?
  • Are there any benefits you will get when you have the card?

Let us discuss a few answers to these and other questions you might have so that you have peace of mind when applying for or renewing your medical marijuana card.

The Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

As is well-known, those using medical marijuana are protected by several legal precedents. In California, you will be more protected under the law as a medical cannabis user than as a recreational cannabis user.

Furthermore, there are a few states in the U.S like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine that recognize the medical cannabis cards issued by California. Though you can buy medical cannabis in these states when you produce your California-issued medical cannabis card, you should also have reciprocity or visiting qualifying form to get the drug from the dispensaries there.

With a valid medical marijuana card, you will enjoy some legal protection in other states when you are caught with cannabis. Even so, remember that it is illegal to carry your marijuana across state lines whether it is for recreational or medical use. This is the case even if you are traveling from one state that allows the medical and recreational use of marijuana to another where medical/recreational marijuana is legal.

Cannabis is still listed as a schedule 1 drug and will be regarded as such at the federal level until there is a change in the law.


Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana card gives legal protection.


Being under the Government’S Radar when Using Medical Cannabis

Information on the patients receiving medical cannabis is not shared with law enforcement agencies. At MDBerry, for instance, we are HIPAA-compliant, and the medical data of our patients is confidential and secure. The government might keep an eye on dispensaries, recreational cannabis users, and organizations handling large loads of cannabis but not on one patient using a small amount of the drug to manage a condition. 

Buying the Recommended Medical Cannabis Product

As a certified medical cannabis user, you can buy recommended cannabis products from registered dispensing facilities in California. However, the products are only sold to those who can produce their certifications and ID cards. If you do not have your medical marijuana card yet but have been approved for the same, you can download its soft copy and use it for your purchase.


With the information above, all your questions on the medical marijuana laws in California have hopefully been answered. You thus can now purchase and enjoy the drug with the peace of mind you need. You can trust the doctors at MDBerry to issue a new medical marijuana card or handle its renewal. Our services are quick, private, inexpensive, and of high-quality.

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