Top 10 Medical Marijuana Myths Dispelled

Top 10 Medical Marijuana Myths Dispelled


There is certainly an increasingly overwhelming amount of information out there about medical marijuana. Some of it is true. The rest of it, a myth.

Here is a delve into some of the most common myths around medical marijuana and the truth from a scientific and legal standpoint.

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Myth #1: It’s All Just an Excuse to Get High

There are many studies and research-based evidence to back the pain relief effects and other health benefits of using medical marijuana in the management and treatment protocols of various conditions. These benefits are real, and for marijuana patients, they are the ultimate goal.

Medical marijuana contains hundreds of chemicals, with THC and CBD being the main cannabinoids. THC is psychoactive, and for medical marijuana strains that contain this chemical in large quantities, patients do experience a feeling of euphoria, but according to experts, not so much that it would be considered a high. On the other hand, medical marijuana strains with a higher concentration of the non-psychoactive chemical, CBD, produce no such euphoric feeling.


Famous Cannabinoids Identified in Marijuana

Famous Cannabinoids Identified in Marijuana


Myth #2: Medical Marijuana is No Different From Marijuana From the Streets

The medical marijuana that you get from the dispensary is grown under strictly controlled conditions and is tested for safety. Unlike the marijuana you’d get from the street, what you get from mandated dispensaries is free of contaminants such as heavy metals.


Myth #3: Same Strain, Same Experience After Use for Everyone

The same strain may produce different results for different patients, even if you are using it to help with the same condition. There is no one-fits-all, and you may need to try several strains before you find the one that works best for you.


Myth #4: You Just Need a Prescription From Your Doctor

You will not require a prescription from a doctor to get medical marijuana. Instead, you need a state-licensed doctor to certify that you have at least one of several qualifying conditions. It is this certification that you can then use to apply for a medical marijuana card.

There are strict measures in place to avoid document falsification and subsequent misuse of medical marijuana. Penalties apply if you are found to do so.

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Myth #5: Once You Have the Card, You Can Buy Medical Marijuana Anywhere

It is still illegal to buy marijuana, even if it’s the medical-grade marijuana from the street, even if you have your medical marijuana card.

Regarding using your card for out-of-state purchases, you can only do so if your state offers reciprocity. Reciprocity is essentially an agreement between states to allow out-of-state medical cannabis cards.


Myth #6: Laws on Marijuana Use Are More or Less the Same Across the Different States

Presently, there are no universal laws or standards on the use of medical marijuana across different states. Each state has its own laws, and you should familiarize yourself with the specific laws in each state when moving from one state to the next.


Top Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Top Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana


Myth #7: Medical Marijuana Kills Brain Cells and Causes Brain Damage

Research has disproved the theory that marijuana damages brain cells that leads to long-term brain damage. Experts argue that the compounds in medical marijuana are actually neuroprotective, and serve to protect the brain cells from damage. Some studies have shown the effectiveness of medical marijuana in stopping brain damage caused by epileptic seizures in children.


Myth #8: Using Medical Cannabis Will Get You Fired From Your Job

More and more employers are familiarizing and appreciating the concept of medical marijuana. That it is, after all, legal, and prescribed by a licensed doctor, should give you the confidence to discuss it with your employer, if need be. There are efforts to exclude medical marijuana from employee drug tests in some states.

Patients find that the benefits of using medical marijuana to alleviate pain and other symptoms improves their ability to do their work well. Employers can appreciate this boost in productivity.


Myth #9: Insurance Covers Medical Marijuana

Presently, the cost of medical marijuana is not covered by insurance and everyone pays out-of-pocket. Insurance coverage, is , of course, within the realm of possibility in the future once all states have a medical marijuana program.


Myth #10: Your Card Only Lets You Go to the Pharmacy and Order the Medical Marijuana

In some states, this is certainly the case and defines the much that you can do with your medical marijuana card. On the other hand, you will be allowed to grow your own medical marijuana, or have someone else, such as a caregiver, grow it for you, in addition to the right to order from a pharmacy.

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