Types of Vapes

The Different Types of Vapes for Beginners and Advanced Users


Vaping can be advantageous in two ways. One, it’s an easy and gradual way to quit smoking tobacco. Second, vaping marijuana is better than smoking it. It allows you to get all the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without burning the potent cannabinoids. 

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If you are a beginner, the market is flooded with so many options to choose from. Despite the different designs and functionalities, there are two significant categories of vapes. 

Cannabis Vapes

These are small battery-powered or large desktop size devices for vaping weed. They use dry cannabis herb, or a mixture of THC and CBD concentrates instead of vape juice. 

Nicotine Vapes

These are small battery-powered devices that allow you to simulate the feeling of smoking tobacco. Nicotine vapes use a vape juice that comprises nicotine, glycerol, and vegetable glycerin. 

Other things that people vape range from vitamin herbs to coffee. The concept of a vape or vaporizer is the same across the board. Whether it is nicotine, cannabis, or coffee vaporizer, they all work on convection and conduction principles. 

Convection Vapes

If you roll up weed or tobacco in a foil or piece of paper and light it up, that is combustion. Inhaling the smoke can jeopardize your health in many ways and may not be ideal for those with respiratory illnesses. Vapes solve that through convection. 

Convection denotes the transfer of heat through gas or liquid. The cannabis or nicotine is not burned directly. Instead, the vapes work by heating the surrounding air in the combustion chamber such that these substances are steamed. The user inhales the resulting vapor. 

The biggest advantage of convection vapes is their high efficiency and less risk of combustion. They deliver uniform heating and are comparatively easier to operate. The major caveat is that it takes a long to obtain the right temperature. 



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Conduction Vapes

If you cook an egg on a frying pan, the heating through the solid metal is called conduction. It is not direct burning. Conduction vapes work similarly. The vape juice or herbs are heated on a heating surface until the active compounds gradually turn to vapor, which is inhaled by the user. 

Most vaping devices in the market work via conduction; these are cheaper vapes compared to convection vapes. However, the main caveat is uneven heating and usually has to shake the device many times through the process to attain even heating.

The Popular Vaping Devices You Will Come Across

E-Cigarettes – Great Alternative to Smoking

The most common type and perhaps the earliest form of vape is the e-cigarette. They are small and battery-powered and designed for ready and easy use. An e-cigarette may be suitable when you are trying to overcome a nicotine addiction gradually. 

Pod Vapes – Great for Beginner Vapers

The pod vape is a two-part vape, with one part being the battery chamber and the other the refillable cartridge. Pod vapes are relatively affordable and easy to use. They work well with vape juice, a mix of nicotine, and flavor-enhancing ingredients.

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Box Mods – Bigger Clouds for Advanced Vapers 

When it’s time to upgrade to giant vape clouds, try the box mods. They are built for longer battery life and high performance. Box mods produce a large volume of vapor with great flavors. Additionally, users get adjustable controls for wattage and temperature, leading to the ultimate vaping experience. 

Squonk Vapes – High Capacity e-Juice Tank

Squonking is the new cool. Squonk mods have a singular design with the juice tank and the battery in one bottle. With this design, you can pump the vape juice up the coils and wicks with ease—the liquid is pushed upward via the atomizer base and vaped through a drip tip.

The most significant advantage with squonk mods is their high capacity. They can store more vape juice to last you many days, depending on your daily vaping frequency. You can choose regulated or unregulated squonk mods

Unregulated squonk mods feature an atomizer with the unrestricted power of the battery. Many models have in-built features for minimizing resistance and shorts. 

Regulated squonk mods have VW/VV chipsets that enable users to customize an ideal voltage for vaping. These vapes have safety features for preventing shorting and extending battery life. They are the safest. 

Desktop Vapes – For Advanced Cannabis Vapers

Desktop vaporizers are large scale vapes designed for advanced individual use or vaping parties. You will need to set them on a bench or table. Portability is not possible here. The devices feature a large heating chamber where you place the e-juice or flower concentrates. They have a dial for temperature control, a heating element, and a mouthpiece attachment for vaping.

The most significant advantage here is the size and convectional efficiency. The heating chamber can hold many days of supply of cannabis or vape juice. The self-contained design of the heating chamber and versatile temperature control makes it possible to produce vapor of desired quality and potency.



Popular Vaping Devices


THC Oil Pens – Great for Recreational Vaping 

They are glorious in their simplicity. The THC vape pen typically comprises of a cartridge and battery chamber. They are sleek and shaped like a writing pen and are designed to work with specially formulated THC distillates.

The vape battery in these pens is mostly cylindrical and either button or button-less. The 520 thread is the most popular vape pen battery and is compatible with an extensive range of pre-filled cartridges.

On the other hand, the cartridge housing the THC or CBD juice features a chamber for heating, the heating element, and a mouthpiece. Contact with the battery activates the heating element. The heating chamber is filled with the cannabis distillate.

Dry Herb Vaporizers – Great for Vaping Fresh Weed

CBD and THC vape pens are forms of weed vaporizers. However, these two entail vaping marijuana liquid extract, therapeutic CBD, or recreational THC. Dry herb vaporizers are a portable type of weed vaporizer that allows you to vape weed in its raw un-extracted form.

Dry herb vapes feature a combustion chamber for holding marijuana flowers or leaves, a battery, and a heating element. Newer models of dry herb vapes have temperature control functionalities. 

Users can operate these devices by the turn of a dial or click of a button, which activates the battery and turns on the heating element. The marijuana flower is heated up and turned into vapor, then sent to the mouthpiece for inhalation. 

CBD Vape Pens – Great for Medical Use

CBD is excellent for pain, anxiety, and depression. CBD vape pens use CBD vape juice—heating it up into an inhalable cloud. The pens are well designed, affordable, and made for compatibility with many vape juice cartridges.

The CBD vape juice is CBD oil mixed with thinners and made for use in vape pens. This form of vape juice often comes pre-packed in vape tanks that can be screwed into the pens. A battery on the pen heats the liquid producing a white cloud that can be inhaled via the delivery chamber.

Vape pens are small and light and are convenient for the discreet use of medical marijuana. You can choose the option for mouth to lung vaping (sucking via the mouth) or direct-lung vaping (breathing through the atomizer).

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There are countless designs and models of vapes. Before making a purchase decision, consider your specific use case, and find a design that accommodates your product. 

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