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Why Tobacco Is Legalized in the US but Not Marijuana?


Despite tobacco affecting our health, it gets legalized in the USA. It raises the question, why, after proof that marijuana can be beneficial to our health. Research indicates that smoking tobacco poses a higher lung-health risk than smoking weed. Also, unlike tobacco, marijuana is renowned for easing chronic pain. It can also get taken without smoking. 

Today, though over 30 states in the US have allowed the use of marijuana, it is still illegal by the federal government. If you want to know why marijuana is illegal in the US while tobacco gets legalized, continue reading.

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Unknown Aspects of Marijuana

Though cigarettes have been renowned for lung cancer while marijuana has nothing to do with it, studies on marijuana qualify it on the controlled substances list. According to the report, cigarettes cause heart illnesses, but it’s unclear whether marijuana could cause strokes or heart attacks.


Harmful Tobacco Effects

Harmful Tobacco Effects


Unfortunately, it got discovered that cannabis can cause chronic bronchitis and worse coughs if taken for long. The study also found that when marijuana gets used during chemotherapy, it causes chronic pains in adults and nausea. It also gets linked to making people develop schizophrenia, a major cause of traffic crashes.

Recent studies have found marijuana to be a significant cause of emergency visits in Colorado after its legalization. The studies linked high-potency pot to causing psychosis. Despite marijuana having more benefits than tobacco, it isn’t legalized because its fate isn’t fully known. All is clear about tobacco and its effects, but not with marijuana. 

Scientists and researchers are still studying the potential and effects of marijuana. The US government is not ready to legalize something it’s not entirely sure.

Regarding this, tobacco is a known enemy; it is easier to reign over an enemy you know. But despite such unclear aspects of marijuana, some health officials advocate for the use of marijuana. 

According to them, due to its immense medical benefits, it’s wise to legalize it but with some guidelines around it. But the Association of County Health Officials based in New York is against its legalization, even the recreational weed.

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According to Amy Tikkanen, marijuana hasn’t gotten legalized in the USA like tobacco because of racism. Marijuana is known to have been introduced to America by the Mexicans in 1910 during the Mexican Revolution.

Before then, it got known as cannabis in America, and its use was low. The revolution saw many Mexicans migrate to America and were responsible for introducing marijuana smoking.

The marijuana smoking culture got faced by hysterical claims and allegations, such as it made people thirst for blood. The allegations spread like a bush fire, making many states ban the pot, by then known as cannabis. 

Later, in the 1930s, some scientists like Harry J. Anslinger claimed marijuana was not dangerous. He even confirmed with his fellow scientists through a survey, but his claims fell on deaf ears because of the spread allegations.

Following a campaign led by Anslinger, and based on racism, the federal government banned the drug. According to his campaign, the marijuana smokers consisted of the minorities and the Black Americans, and the drug could negatively affect them. The cited effects included insanity and violence.

According to him, the drug would make the black people perceive that they are equal to the white men. He claimed that white women would sleep with black men if allowed to take the drug. In 1937, the Marihuana Tax Act was passed following this propaganda and was made officially illegal in the US. It was declared unconstitutional in 1969, but the Controlled Substances Act established the following year still enforced controlled marijuana use in the USA.


Marijuana Short Term Effects

Marijuana Short Term Effects


Unfortunately, racism was evident while enforcing this act. According to some studies, at the beginning of the 21st century, a black man was likely to get arrested four times more than a white man for the same marijuana-related charges. But from the end of the 20th century, movements have raised and advocated for the legalization of marijuana. Today, some states have legalized medical marijuana.

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Both tobacco and marijuana have their pleasures, but only tobacco has gotten legalized in the USA. As discussed above, it may not make sense because marijuana comes with many benefits compared to tobacco. According to scientists and researchers, the journey of learning the benefits and effects of marijuana is not yet over.

It may be risky legalizing an unknown substance. Everything is clear about tobacco, making it easy to manage. As discussed above, some claim the failure to make marijuana legal in America is a result of racism.

But medical marijuana has been legalized and is working wonders in relieving chronic pains from patients. If you require medical cannabis treatment or certification, feel free to contact us today or click the banner below. Our skilled physicians on medical marijuana will sort you out.


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